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Harry and Hermione were made Head Boy and Girl respectively, effect in the guy with the lightning-bolt-shaped scar, whom she had secretly. Hermione frowned, staring rather pointedly at the files on her desk. Who was the one that made our relationship secret in the first place?". Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Adventure - [Draco M., Ginny W.] None other than Harry Potter ended up coming to her rescue, restoring her .. Anyway, this story isn't even predominantly H/Hr, it will be a Draco-Ginny fic. of canon are kept, for example riddle's diary & the chamber of secrets, the.

He looked surprised to see so many of them there. She had a feeling that he was not going to like this plan one bit, he hated the idea of putting other people in danger because of him. Hermione was glad when her feet touched the ground when they reached the Burrow. The plan had worked on her part, though she did not know how much damage had been done yet.

She was glad when she saw that her two friends were not harmed. Hermione couldn't help but hug both of them tightly before they walked over towards Molly to look out of the window. Molly was standing at the window, looking out and announced that George had arrived.

Hermione whipped her head toward the door immediately and inhaled a sharp breath. She hoped that Fred wasn't that far behind. Her eyes widened as she saw blood on the side of George's face and that one of his ears had been blown off. Weasley hurried over to mend it, but soon realized that there was no way to fix it. Fred arrived later, and Hermione met his eyes once again.

She felt like she could breathe normally when he was in the same room as her again. He gave her a small smile, and looked like he wanted to hug her but she shook her head and cleared her throat before speaking. The two were allowed to speak when there were others in the room after all.

They just tried to keep their feelings a secret from others. We do not know how bad he is yet. Snape blew his ear off. He rushed over to his twin and knelt down beside him, looking almost fearful about approaching him.

George had been fighting to stay conscious, though Hermione hoped that Fred would be able to keep him awake. She cautiously moved closer, but when she saw the look on Fred's face, she moved right behind him without thinking about the others seeing her right now. She just knew that Fred needed her support. Weasley had asked George the same thing, but he hadn't responded yet. Hermione could have sank to her knees in relief when she saw George open his eyes when he heard Fred's voice.

He peered over Fred's shoulder at her first before looking at Fred. George had spoken again though. With the whole wide world of ear-related humor before you, you go for holey? You'll be able to tell us apart now, anyway, mum. Everybody had learned that Mad- Eye had died, and Harry had looked upset again. She knew that she couldn't stay by Fred's side much longer without looking suspicious.

She knew her friends needed her too. She stepped closer towards Fred and knelt down next him. I'm really glad you are ok, George," She murmured, first speaking to Fred, and then glanced up at George.

George winked at her to show her that he understood. She met Fred's eyes again quickly. She hoped that he wouldn't say anything stupid to blow their cover right now. She glanced back at him, and he looked like he was trying to choose his words carefully.

Hermione gave him a meaningful look and nodded before walking towards Ron and Harry. Ron and Hermione glanced at each other curiously before following him.

It was well past midnight, and Hermione was tossing and turning in her bed in Ginny's room. She couldn't sleep if she wanted to though, thoughts were racing each other in her head. She remained awake, listening until the voices disappeared into the night. The adults had stayed up later than usual. Hermione was sure that they were talking about the nights events and how they turned out. But after a half an hour of listening, there was silence for several minutes.

She decided to go see Fred. She didn't want to wait until he came to her any longer. Hermione glanced over at Ginny again before carefully placing her feet on the floor and walking softly to the door. She opened it slightly and peered toward the direction of the stairs. She carefully opened the door further, and stepped out cautiously.

She closed the door finally, and started walking toward the stairs. A hand grabbed her shoulder, and she couldn't help but stiffen up in fear, thinking that a Death Eater was grabbing her. Hermione was just about to scream when she heard Fred's voice. It wasn't often when she could catch Fred Weasley off guard, though she knew that he liked it when she did manage to.

She pulled away after a moment, and Fred looked at her in shock. His expression softened when she hugged him though.

harry and hermione secret relationship fanfiction fifty

He wore a protective expression when she mentioned his twin. It would also take a lot for them to kill Fred Weasley," he told her in an assuring voice before quickly adding, "But we shouldn't be doing this here… let's go to our spot," he murmured, taking her hand in his. Hermione nodded quietly and followed him without saying another word.

They had met there on several occasions when Hermione came to visit. Fred lit a lantern once they were inside the tree house and sat down on the ground. He took her hand in his again and pulled her close. He sensed that there was something wrong with Hermione. She was quieter than usual.

She also looked deep in thought.

harry and hermione secret relationship fanfiction fifty

He ran his fingers through her hair and down to her shoulders while he tried to wait patiently for her. One-shot Harry Potter - Rated: What he tells his friends was a drunken mistake, was really the best thing he ever did.

And, what if she liked it? Shadow of a Doubt by s. And now he's smashing things, raining glass around the room in a fit of panic and rage and complete despair What comfort can she give him? Dramione Harry Potter - Rated: By the time the train halted to a total stop, normal breathing became to be a challenge.

My last juvenile act.

harry and hermione secret relationship fanfiction fifty

Sequel to In Love, I Lost. Wonderful you came by… Harry Potter - Rated: Two floundering souls—clinging onto the shred of sanity that remained. After the war, Draco and Hermione can't cope anymore. Who cares about blood loyalty, when death surrounds them all? Ron and Harry play matchmaker. I swear, I will. And if that's not enough of a threat," Hermione continued, "I'll tell my father. She threw birds at me once, you know.

You better watch out, Harry…" "Now this is just getting ridiculous," Hermione cried. Second, let me just say right now that I have no intention of marrying before I'm twenty-eight, at the earliest. I have many goals to accomplish, not the least of which include lobbying the Department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures to take proper measures to ensure house elves' equality, and who knows how long it will take for them to come to their senses? And for the record," Hermione continued, turning on Ron, "you deserved those canaries, you sexist, womanising, little…" Hermione took in a deep breath and then added, "You're lucky Luna can get through to your human side.

No doubt Ron was just trying to escape a rather long lecture.

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That's definitely going to be categorized as evidence' for my essay. What do you expect me to do? You go confront her then if she's just a sixteen-year-old redhead'! And by the way, you still owe me fifty galleons," Ginny called over her shoulder. We have some catching up to do. We still have pages until we've finished reading Hogwarts: A History - Revised Edition!

A week after I finished the above ending, I added this… Harry groaned, but complied, sighing, "I might as well. At least this way I'll know what on earth you're talking about. I never seemed to get either to a place where I was actually comfortable with it. Plus, by ending with a list, it sort of wraps everything up. You didn't miss out on something horribly romantic. Hermione was still going to snog Dean, destroying Harry's plan yes, I'm evil.

Harry and Hermione would continue to act as if nothing had changed, while Ginny and co continued to place them in situations to get them to admit their feelings i.