Han and gisele relationship test

10 things we want to see in 'Fast 9' (or whatever it ends up being called)

han and gisele relationship test

It was a small test for Lin, as Kang didn't feel right for the lead. . Gisele sacrifices herself in Fast & Furious 6 to save Han. The effect is instant. If you stay tuned you will also meet Han, Gisele, Tej and Roman. .. Tej had an on-again, off-again romantic relationship with the sexy Suki. We told you Wednesday why Gisele Bündchen's recent revelation about Tom Brady should bother every NFL fan. One day later, a rather.

han and gisele relationship test

Why not sic John Wick on this family? Riddick out in space? Mind you, we're not guaranteeing that any of these ideas would make for an actually good movie. We're just saying we'd totally turn up to see the results. Save Ramsay from this dumb heterosexual love triangle. An actual LGBTQ character The Fast films have rightfully been praised for their casual diversity, but it's time to up the ante even more. Let's see the franchise's first confirmed queer character. There are a few different routes the series could take here.

They could take one of their many bromances and turn them into full-on romances. I can't be the only one shipping Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. They could write a new love interest for an existing character. Or they could just invent a brand-new lead from scratch — it wouldn't be a Fast movie without the family welcoming someone new into the fold.

Whatever road they pick, the Fast series will be clear of some of the speed bumps that trip up other franchises on this front.

han and gisele relationship test

There's no source material canon that these films have to adhere to. And since these aren't really marketed as kids' movies to begin with, the usual bullshit arguments about LGBTQ content being too "mature" for children shouldn't have much sway here. I would like to see the deleted scene where Luke Hobbs spends the first 20 minutes of his prison sentence carefully ripping the sleeves off his uniform.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson's supposed beef has been the object of fascination and speculation since the moment Johnson called out a certain "candy ass" on Facebook. Either way, it's definitely riveting — and therefore, definitely good for publicity. And the story's still unfolding.

The lack of shared screen time between Diesel and Johnson in Fate raised some eyebrows, as did reports that Diesel was "enraged" about the possibility of a post-credit scene for Johnson and Statham. Let's let that drama spill over onto the screen.

If the rivalry spins out of control, even better — Ryan Murphy can swoop in in a few years and make a season of Feud about it.

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He looks like he belongs in a Fast and Furious movie already. More bald badasses Is there a finer collection of beefy bald badasses anywhere on Earth than in a Fast and Furious movie? Sometimes she'll search out his hand, entwining their fingers. And he'll return the gesture with a gentle squeeze. Other times he'll give her some space, letting her wander off lost in thought, but never losing sight of her in the crowd.

Where the Spaniards were light-hearted and loquacious, they find the Germans to be seemingly rigid and to some extent, more reserved.

Han makes the mistake of attempting to call a shopkeeper his friend in hopes that the older man will warm up to them. Dictionary be damned—apparently he insinuates that they're more than just pals.

Let's just say they don't stick around for the man to kick them out. When Gisele learns that Han has never really learned to ride a motorcycle, she decides that the situation needs to be rectified immediately. As with most things, he picks it up almost instantly. Driving on the autobahn is one thing—definitely a gratifying experience—but riding, it's a whole other ball game.

Hearing the cars—feeling them—as they whir by at ridiculously high speeds that would make any normal person's head spin; it's something he can't quite articulate. There aren't really any words. The two of them sit on their bikes, beginning the next leg of their journey—unbeknownst to them—their race against time. Somehow they end up in Amsterdam. One night she wakes up to an empty bed. She first realizes that he's gone when she feels the sudden loss of heat.

She turns to see his imprint still fresh in the mattress. Wrapping their satin sheet around herself, she makes her way to the terrace. He's leaning against the railingof the balcony, taking in the night sky. She sees a freshly-tossed chip bag on the small folding table.

She crosses the threshold, bridging the gap between them and comes to stand next to him, her form leaning against the side of his arm. Her warm breath is a welcome sensation on his cold skin. He turns his head so their gazes meet. She doesn't ask him about it either. She figures that he'll tell her—eventually, when he's ready. It dawns on her then, that she's allowed herself to think about a future with Han.

She doesn't dwell on these thoughts further though; now is not the time. The silence between them is not awkward—it never is—it simply gives each of them a minute or two to digest, reflect, decide. She manoeuvres herself so that she is now standing between him and the ledge, her back to the city. His arms come to rest on her hips, fingers tickling the exposed skin above her waistband.

She sees the goose bumps decorating his shoulders, his bare chest—the hairs standing on end. She leans in close. He moves just a little closer—not leaving any space between their bodies—nose meeting hers. They stand in comfortable reticence, each one soaking up the other, relishing in their proximity.

She's the first to speak, opting to discuss a lighter subject. He has something in mind, but it will have to wait—until later, at least. Han falls asleep to the even sounds of Gisele's breathing. She waits for him to drift off and only then does she let sleep take her.

Two weeks later they receive a letter—and a wallet-sized photo—signed by baby O'Connorhimself, thanking them for their thoughtful gift. At the bottom of the page is the smallest handprint either of them has ever see and under it are two words: They're sitting on the hotel bed, listening to the voicemail, the phone on loudspeaker lying between them.

My brother, how you been? They mod up cars and try various cars too, just to find the perfect combo that'll work. The Subaru in this picture is one of those cars.

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift: Story of Han

Question 21 True of False: Dom loves muscle cars? True False The Dodge Charger shown here keeps showing up, in almost every single movie. Of course, this has a lot to do with Dom. Somehow he manages to improve the look or shape of the care but it always maintains its legacy. This is one of the cars Dom never stops using, and it's a car that will never lose it's class.

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In Fast 5 the crew manage to steal a huge vault In the process they create havoc and damage throughout town. Question 22 Who steals this car off the train? Mia Dom Letty When the team steals the cars from the train, this is the first one to get nabbed.

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It's known as a De Tomaso Pantera. This car, and the others on the train are all very rare and unique. The theft takes place very strategically, but also very creatively - I mean stealing cars off a moving train is not child's play. To add insult to injury, the DEA are also on board this train The thee cars that were stolen are truly spectacular! Question 23 True or False: This vehicle is used in Fast 5 False True One of the three cars stolen from the train contain a very important piece of equipment.

After stripping the car they don't find much, but Vince gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar Vince found a chip in the car which contains details of Reyes criminal ring. Of course, where there's smoke there's fire, and the money belonging to Reyes eventually goes up in smoke Fast 5 has ups and downs. Mia is pregnant with Brian's son and sadly we lose Vince. Question 24 Where is Fast 5 based? Rio Europe Asia While this amazing team try and figure out how to beat the cameras in their mission, they strategically work through many different cars to find the best combo.

They also make their way down to the underground street racing in Rio. Of course, the guys get involved in the actual racing and guess what? They end up wining the car shown in this picture! Nonetheless, aren't the two hunks in this picture, in their white shirts, just absolutely gorgeous?

Question 25 Who is the man in the picture? Dom John Steve Fast 6 gets a little bit tricky when the crew decide to work for the exact same people they used to fight against, the police.

This time, they find themselves in London. There turns out to be an even bigger twist, which I think we somewhat expected