Hailie mathers and eminem relationship with mother

Strange things about Eminem and Kim's relationship

hailie mathers and eminem relationship with mother

Supporting dad: Eminem's daughters Hailie, 22 and Whitney, 16 are pictured out in Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, had Hailie with his high school Half siblings: Whitney is Kim Scott's daughter from her relationship. Over the next few years, Mathers' relationship with his mother would become more In , less than a year after Hailie was born, Kim and Eminem broke up. Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Scott is breaking her silence about her Speaks for the First Time About Her 'Close' Relationship with Dad.

She got a public school education If you're familiar with the story of Eminem and Kim, you know those two had hard lives growing up. Like so many parents, they want better for their kids.

Hailie Mathers Opens Up About Relationship With Dad Eminem: ‘We Are Very Close’

But for the Mathers, better doesn't necessarily mean a whole new locale. Hailie Mathers, who goes by Hailie Scott, attended public school in Michigan, in the same county where her dad grew up. According to parents in the school system, Hailie is describe as smart, athletic, and caring.

Though she goes by her mother's maiden name — presumably for some anonymity — the community is well-aware of her very famous father.

hailie mathers and eminem relationship with mother

One parent told the local newspaper, "I think all of the kids in the district have shown respect to their family and just let her live a normal life here out of the spotlight. According to the Macomb Daily NewsHailie was crowned during a high school football game. She was escorted by her mother, Kim Scott — and poppa Mathers wasn't too far away.

hailie mathers and eminem relationship with mother

A parent who was in attendance told the paper, "Her father watched from inside the school because he didn't want to cause a scene — he wanted Hailie to have her own moment. According to the article, she's a well-liked girl who was selected by her peers and faculty on her own merits.

Hailie Mathers Opens Up About Relationship With Dad Eminem: ‘We Are Very Close’ | Music Times

She's a star student Hailie didn't fool around when it came to her grades. In fact, while in school, she was a top student. She graduated Summa Cum Laude, meaning she had a grade point average of 3. During high school, she was a member of the National Honor Society, the art club, the volleyball team, and student council. The account reportedly doled out strange nuggets of wisdom like, "Good guys are found in every corner of the earth, but unfortunately the earth has no corners," as well as repeatedly tried to get the attention of Chris Brown.

Ultimately, the game was up when Eminem's rep, Dennis Deeney told E! News"This account is a fake and Hailie has no Twitter account at all. We all know you're only doing it so you can make another album.

News spoke with a rep for Eminem who said the account was a fake. She has a boyfriend In October ofHailie Mathers resurfaced on Instagram, and while her account remains unverified as of this writing, no one has come forward to dispute it like they did with the phony Twitter accounts in the past.

So, assuming this is actually the real Hailie Scott's Instagram accountit has left fans with a few takeaways. First, Hailie seems to have a boyfriend. On December 28th,she posted the above pic of herself with her strapping as yet unnamed beau with the caption, "Couldn't have asked for a better 21st birthday celebration or a better guy to have by my side. But there's also another love in Hailie's life… She has an adorable dog Since her Instagram debut, Hailie has posted a grand total of 22 times.

Her two most recent posts, as of this writing, are from March 23, when she celebrated National Puppy Day by sharing four photos of her adorable puppy, Lottie. The first post was a slideshow featuring the above pic and three more with the caption, "Happy nationalpuppyday from the sassiest pup around. In a graduation edition of her high school's newsletter, Hailie stated that her career plans were to go into psychology or entrepreneurship.

Not long after starting college, she found her way to sorority row, where she's now a sister in the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. She grew up in a profanity-free house As amazing as this is going to sound, the rapper who once put his daughter on a track about killing her mother and dumping her body in the ocean also maintained a "no swearing" policy in his house. During his interview on 60 Minuteswhen asked about whether he feels a responsibility for his music having a negative impact on kids, Eminem said, "I feel like it's your job to parent them.

If you're the parent, be a parent. You know what I mean?

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Like, I don't cuss. But this is music, this is my art, this is what I do. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly got blackballed for saying she was hot Rapper Machine Gun Kelly found himself forever on the outs with one of his heroes when he tweeted an ill-advised comment about a thenyear-old Hailie. During an interview on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning also via VibeKelly said, "Pictures of [Hailie] had came out, and I'm like, what, 20 years old, 21 at the time? I said 'She's beautiful, but all respect due.

Is there a year age gap where I'm a creep for that? I was 21, dawg. Certain people took it, and ran with it and hyped it up. Certain places, you won't even hear Machine Gun Kelly on. Certain things won't even happen.

Look, a friend of mine said it best yesterday. They said 'Why do you care?

hailie mathers and eminem relationship with mother

Things became strained again soon after. This song would be only the first public strike by Eminem against Kim. Eminem released the song "Kim" http: The first song on the record was ominously titled "Kim" and exists as a narrative prelude to "97 Bonnie and Clyde.

In the song, Eminem raps, "Don't you get it, b—, no one can hear you? He talks about infidelity. In the Eminem cover story for Rolling StoneDr. Dre who co-produced the record says of the song's subject, "If I was her, I would have ran when I heard that shit. It's over the top — the whole song is him screaming.

Kim gives him a concept. Kim tries to kill herself Getty Images Indespite what had been a tumultuous relationship, multiple breaks, and Eminem's seemingly threat-laden songs, Kim Scott and Marshall Mathers got married. But in JulyKim attempted to take her own life.

What you don't know about Hailie Mathers

According to an interview she did with talk show host Dr. Keith AblowKim says the suicide attempt came after she asked Eminem not to perform his song "Kim" during a live concert in Detroit, which she attended.

Not heeding her request, Eminem brought a blow-up doll effigy of Kim onstage and began beating it while performing the song. In Kim's words to Dr. Ablow"Seeing the crowd's response and everybody cheering, singing the words and laughing and it just felt like everyone was staring at me. I knew that it was about me and that night I went home and I tried to commit suicide. In the same MTV article, it's reported that Eminem and Kim had been separated since Junewhen the rapper was charged with assault after hitting a man he assumed was having an extra-marital affair with his wife.

According to SalonEminem spotted his wife Kim kissing another man identified as John Guerra outside of the club.

hailie mathers and eminem relationship with mother

Eminem hit Guerra in the face with a 9mm pistol, after which police responded. In a letter to the Detroit Free Press— reiterated here in an article for The Telegraph —Kim spoke out about the incident, saying, "My husband came up to Hot Rocks to check up on me… Had he asked any questions before he flew off the handle, he would have realized that everyone with me were only friends.

The fact that he just jumped to conclusions has gotten him and myself in trouble. I have always taken his word on things and stood by his side. Kim and Eminem get remarried In the years following the couple's troubles in their relationship and with the law, Eminem went on release two more albums, including the record The Eminem Show, which went 10 times platinum, selling It was publicized that Eminem was dealing with a substance abuse problem during this time that continued into and which put a further strain on his relationship with Kim.

Little was reported in the news about how the two were getting along during what on the surface was a successful period of Eminem's career, and so it came as a shock when it was announced that the couple would be getting married in January of for the second time.

But less than three months after the two wed in Rochester, Michigan, Eminem had already filed for divorce. According to the divorce filing"There has been a breakdown in the marriage relationship to the extent that the objects of matrimony have been destroyed and there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved. In an interview with a Detroit-area radio stationKim pointed to Eminem's lingering drug problems as a cause of the breakup, saying, "He's having problems with, you know, his problem that he had.

I was hoping we could get counseling and work it out, you know? It's a natural byproduct of a nearly year relationship that involves one of music biggest stars of the 21st century. Between the hemming and hawing of fans and family members alike, it's been difficult to separate the honest critiques about the relationship from sensationalized tales rooted in self interest.

He's always there for her…" It's a nice moment, considering much of what the public understands of Eminem and Kim's dynamic is negative. But she goes on to say that fame is what changed the relationship forever.

hailie mathers and eminem relationship with mother

In the interview, Kim talks about her suicide attempt inEminem's stint in rehab, and why she's decided to finally speak publicly about her life with Eminem. It Octoberin a suburb of Detroit, Kim was arrested after her Escalade was found upside down in a ditch having struck a utility pole. Kim was found to be intoxicated, but little of the incident was reported at the time.

It wasn't until Kim spoke about the incident on Mojo in the Morning a local Detroit radio show that the media took interest. As it turns out, the crash was not an accident, but instead a second suicide attempt for Kim.

I told them everything that I did. I said that I was sorry and that it was intentional and I didn't expect to make it out alive.

Yes, I drank, I took pills and I aimed for a pole. Dawn had been homeless sinceand according to an interview she did with Radar Onlineshe had asked Eminem and Kim for help several times.