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haiku wikihow how to flirt

“Sonnet 40” by William Shakespeare; “Flirtation” by Rita Dove; “Having a Coke With You” by Frank O' You can try writing a love haiku or an acrostic love poem. MediaWiki Wiki Write a Haiku Poem Pick Up Men Arrange a Dozen Roses in Board Write Fan Mail on wikiHow Begin Each wikiHow Step with a Verb Flirt. A haiku (俳句 high-koo) is a short three-line poem that uses sensory language to capture a feeling or image. Haiku poetry was originally developed by Japanese poets. To write a haiku, start by brainstorming ideas for the poem.

Alida Van Gores' novel Mermaid's Song takes the dolphin-based mermaid route straight into soft-core porn territory. Wittily averted in John Ringo 's Emerald Sea: Interestingly, it's the post-partum aspects of mermaid reproduction that form the major MacGuffin of the story.

Since the adults are about as helpless as seals on land an explicit comparison is made to baby fur seals mer babies have to be raised in protected nurseries if they're going to have any hope of survival. So anyone who seizes the nursery caves can hold the entire species hostage. Sprague deCamp short story Nothing in the Rules features a dolphin-based mermaid who was sufficiently compatible and sufficiently drunk to share a "romantic interlude' with the protagonist in the back of a limousine.

In a possibly-not-true-inside-the-overall-story story in deCamp's Reluctant King Trilogy a mermaid and a human attempt to have sex. Since the mermaid is dolphin-based, finding the opening isn't a problem. However, almost drowning is. The sea people in The Moon and the Sun are aquatic humanoid mammals and, apart from their aquatic adaptations, have a lot of anatomical similarity to humansnot hybrid creatures.

They have two "tails" actually hind limbs adapted for swimming and human-like genitalia. In fact, Sherzad shocks a 17th-century human crowd by flashing them at one point. Similarly, McIntyre's genetically-engineered "divers" which appear in a number of her novels are more like humans with a few seal or otter traits fur, claws, webbed hands than traditional merfolk.

In Francesca Lia Block's short story "Mer" from the story collection Nymph, the title character, Mer who might or might not be a mermaid and regardless stays in a wheelchair and the protagonist, Tom, solve this problem elegantly by exploring the obvious alternative. His alternative is the obvious one; hers is reach orgasm via stimulation of her nipples, which is actually how some paraplegics of both sexes actually can learn to do, and some non-paraplegics mostly female do naturally.

In Kit Whitfield's novel In Great Waters, the problem is averted by having merfolk be entirely mammal, closer to sea lions than fish. Tanith Lee 's short story "Mermaid" portrays a young man who discovers a mermaid and decides that he must have sex with her. The physical part isn't difficult; she has a "flowerlike opening" on the upper part of her tail. The problem is that she's all fish: Lucky for them, her actual genitalia are still human, and both of them are pretty flexible. The mother of an alternate version of the Doctor is a mermaid, and it's implied that he wasn't hatched from an egg.

Also, he mentions an ex-boyfriend of hers, and that he's the seventh son of a seventh son. In The Golden Globe a theatrical director in the far future complains about the difficulty of finding actresses willing to give up sex in order to play mermaids; it seems far future labor laws have replaced CGI with Magic Plastic Surgery. One character in The Ophiuchi Hotline is a spacer who has used Magic Plastic Surgery to modify her body until she's little more than a cylinder with an arm on each end.

Varley's protagonist gives her credit for coming up with a very creative solution for the question of where a crotchless woman would keep her genitals but Varley perhaps wisely doesn't specify what that solution was. The section on mermaids in The Encyclopedia Of Fantasy: People of the Light has a solution for the mermaid's point of view, should she seek pleasure: Probably this counts as Fantastic Arousalalthough for that you would expect the secret to be in the tail.

Ismael Merindol reveals that mermaids spend so much time combing their hair because it that is their erogenous zone, and a source of incomparable pleasure. However, if I scratched her scalp in a certain way she would very quickly swoon away. For what other women have between their legs, mermaids have in their hair.

Who needs privacy, anyway? Discussed and averted in Mercedes Lackey 's Fortune's Foolwhere the mer-princess heroine falls for a human and has to endure some ribald joking from her father about how it's fortunate her ancestors were sirens and not mermaids. Averted in One Hundred Years of Solitudewhich mentions that "The great swamp in the west mingled with a boundless extension of water where there were soft-skinned cetaceans that had the head and torso of a woman, causing the ruination of sailors with the charm of their extraordinary breasts.

Haiku wikihow how to flirt

In the second book of The Princess SeriesLirea and Gustan prove that it's possible for the two species to have sex, although Lirea, being a royal, has two tails instead of the usual single one. At one point, Snow starts to wonder out loud about how merpeople have sex, but is cut off by Talia. The merfolk reproduce like fishes and their ways of life are completely alien to land dwellers. In addition the prince and the mermaid don't speak each other's languages and need Geralt as a translator.

The solution is simple, but drastic: Where, then, am I supposed to leave my spawn, huh? Trilogy a character with a mermaid statuette admits to himself that it's metaphor for fellatio. In David Brin's The Uplift War an human and an alien who can at will and with time modify herself somewhat are stated as not being able to get beyond petting only a few pages after it's stated that she's bothered to grow lips for him Double Subversion in the eighth Spellsinger novel.

haiku wikihow how to flirt

A mermaid offers to have sex with protagonist Jon-Tom and she's got equipment that's apparently compatible with human males But he can't figure out how Turk points to a gill and starts to get freaky. Parodied in Red Dwarf.

Mermaid Problem

When the crew were in a VR machine, Cat waved to his new girlfriend, who was a mermaid. She had a fish head and human legs. When asked, "Shouldn't it be the other way around? That's the stupid way around. He asks the mermaid girl-of-his-dreams to have sex with him — so she lays a pile of eggs and leaves him to inseminate them. Not exactly what he had in mind Barney answers, "That depends. Ricky Gervais parodies the hell out of this trope in animals.

The Night Gallery episode "Lindemann's Catch" explores this with tragic results. The Disney Channel series Pair of Kings apparently uses this trope, as there's a preview airing where one of the main characters encounters a mermaid and says something along the lines of "I prefer my women to have legs!

It gets pretty dirty: I don't really mind the fish smell Oh shit, I just said that out loud, didn't I? During her first HBO concert special, Bette Midler made a joke involving four sailors who catch a mermaid, culminating with the punch line, "The question before us is where's her clitoris. Most of her karaoke outings are this: Sometimes, her suffering is so ludicrous it oscillates between chuckles and heartbreak. At the start of the first episode she makes a point to tell the audience that she's 25 and single.

She starts making an effort to correct that a few episodes in, though not for the usual reasons. Retsuko is an adorable red panda who sings Death Metal. She's adorably polite, very friendly and tries to do right for most of the people she meets, even those who hate her guts. As stated by her friends, she's too focused on upholding people's expectations of her.

Made even worse when many guess correctly she buys stuff from stores because she doesn't want to feel like she didn't get anything or it would make the workers feel bad. When Retsuko goes into metal mode, she develops facial markings reminiscent of corpse paintin addition to a forehead marking in the shape of the kanji character for "rage".

haiku wikihow how to flirt

By default, she has the white facial markings that red pandas typically have, though the dots above her eyes serve as her eyebrows. The dots change shape to look like little horns when she is enraged. Not a mean one, a rather sympathetic one, at that, but she yearns to become a housewife, as a way to quit her job. She decides that the only way this could happen is if she starts hunting for a rich man to date, after Haida tells her that if they married, he'd like for her to keep working both because he doesn't make enough to sustain both of them and that they could support each other at work.

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Retsuko, being a Bad Liartends to get herself in trouble by revealing details to things she's pretending not to know. Like when Fenneko asks if she was the anonymous girl who went off about her boss and company on a reality TV show and Retsuko protests she's never even been to the place it was filmed, even though Fenneko never said where it was filmed.

Or assuring Ton that the CEO of their company should go easy on him because she was the one who complained even though Ton never said the CEO talked to him. She hasn't become mean or anything, but 5 years have done their job of sucking Retsuko's hopes and dreams about her job to the point where she continuously flirts with skipping it. She is normally quite polite, but both because she's in full Cathartic Scream mode when she freestyles and because it's in genre, Metal Retsuko gets sweary.

During her relationship with Resasuke, she's so bad at her job that Ton makes her sit out during a deadline when they were missing three people, knowing she'd just cause more trouble. Love Makes You Dumb: After she starts dating Resasuke, her infatuation with him makes her rather incompetent at her job and she's unwilling to realize that said relationship isn't going to last. At the end of season one, she realizes she isn't really in love with Resasuke, and the image she has of a perfect prince isn't how he is in reality.

The season finale implies she is interested in Haida, and would welcome the idea of going out with him, but the viewer is never shown or told the status of their relationship after what is possibly Haida's confession.

Retsuko's name is written with two characters meaning "Rage Child", which naturally refers to all the pent-up anger she has inside of her.

haiku wikihow how to flirt

The "rage" kanji that appears on her forehead whenever she's in death metal mode is the same one that's part of her name. Also a pun on her species name: And as people around her notice, way too nice for her own good.

During her date with Resasuke, she sings a song in her head; however, it's a happy, soft and upbeat melody, not at all like her usual self. In fact, during the whole relationship, she starts being completely upbeat at all times, but becomes increasingly incompetent at work, this is so notable, even her mean bosses take notice of it and are lightly worried about it.

What causes her passion for Death Metal is no other than that being the best way to deal with stress when she reaches this. She goes to a secluded place and freestyles until she calms down and goes back.

Being a housewife has its own problems and should never be seen as a way out of your current situation. When she makes something to drink in the office's stove is always with a fuming kettle, the fuming and the loud sound of whistling is usually meant to represent that, behind her happy facade, she's fuming inside and ready to burst. The shoes Retsuko wears while dating Resasuke and wearing her "happy girlfriend" mask. She finally takes them off during her karaoke session with Resasuke and goes back to her usual shoes after breaking up with him.

Whenever she sings death metal, her voice is a lot harsher and more guttural than her regular speaking voice. Status Quo Is God: Her many hopeful attempts to ditch her job end up backfiring horribly because the universe doesn't like her that much to begin with. About the only things she actually gains that she enjoys are the fact she's got some powerful yet comprehensive friends in Washimi and Gori, and that there's the big implication she starts dating Haida at the end of the season.

After several yoga classes, she's the only one in the whole company who can open one of Tsubone's jars of preserves without failing or suffering massive injuries.

That or one note. One of the shorts has her curry winning over all her co-workers at a barbecue, even Ton, the pitmaster. Used at work and when dating Resasuke starts hurting her.

Retsuko's voices changes to a very harsh male voice when she sings Death Metal. Be strong, we can't show any weakness at work. A duo of women who are considered extremely successful in their company.

Gori is a Gorilla and supervisor on marketing and Washimi the secretarybird is the president's secretary. They become close friends with Retsuko after they all start doing the same yoga class and often offer her advice.

Known as Eaglette and Ape Admin in the fansubs for the original short. Washimi is effortlessly on top of everything, all the time, and everyone admires and looks up to her, as well as seeming to have her life more together than Gori outside the office.

She also has the CEO wrapped around her finger. This all appears to come naturally to her. This is how she's able to bond so easily with Retsuko once they finally managed to get past their difference in rank. They're decent people, but if you work at their company and you've been causing trouble, they have the power to get you in trouble or at least, Washimi does.

They're both older than Retsuko, but are very supportive of her. Gori and Washimi respectively form this duo. Their act to be very imposing at work makes many look up to them, though outside of work they're like any other person, except better put together at least Washimi keeps her cool better than Gori.

In fact, it's an Establishing Character Moment when they do their walk and stop away from others just so Gori can complain and Washimi reminds her to keep looking strong.

A beat-heavy electro song which sounds similar to the intro of "Hot Stuff" appears often as they walk down the hallways. Gori is pretty obvious, but Washimi's name literally means "eagle beauty". Secretary birds are called hebikuiwashi "snake-eater eagles" in Japanese. Despite the professional and aloof front they present at work, both of them are very pleasant and friendly people. Their trademark at work, and one of the things that makes them so imposing: Gori even refers to it as their "baddest bitch in the room walk".

Gori also mentions that walking like that is murder on her back. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Gori is the passionate and extroverted red oni to Washimi's calm and serene blue oni. They are aware and keep a secret about Retsuko's love for death metal as her way to cope with stress and frustration. They actually start accompanying her to the Karaoke and even try to learn how to sing it.

The duo is very close and almost always acts together, both in their workplace and practicing yoga. Washimi has one under her left eye, adding to her mature image. Push either of these buttons and she will use her powerful legs to destroy something. Washimi is a nice woman off work but she is quick to destroy anything with her strong legs when angered that the CEO is terrified of her and does whatever she asks. Washimi's eyes are almost always closed, giving her a perpetually calm and serene expression.

In one of the shorts, Retsuko gets enraged that Washimi doesn't change her facial expression when they are taking pictures of themselves making funny faces, thinking that Washimi is acting like she is better than them, until Washimi explains that she doesn't have facial muscles.

Much like an actual secretarybird, Washimi has very strong legs, which are shown by her capacity to destroy things by kicking them. She also can't make facial expressions because she is a bird.

Gori's influence is a bit unknown to the audience, but Washimi clearly runs the CEO of the company ragged, making the most important decisions and literally putting her foot down on the desk when he acts out of order. But seriously, Washimi has some powerful legs, and it's her primary form of intimidation. As mentioned above, the Japanese word for secretary bird is hebikuiwashi.