Glee brittany and sam relationship

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glee brittany and sam relationship

'Glee': Romance for Finn, a Valentine's Wedding, Sam and Brittany Asked about Santana and Brittany's relationship, Heather Morris called. If you're a Brittana fan, there's no way that PDA between Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Brittany (Heather Morris) in Glee Season 4, Episode 3. his ex-fiancé's high school experience a living hell, then flaunted that relationship in Kurt's face as if anyone would ever be able to handle something like that?.

We're confident Glee fans will rectify this in due time, but the clock is ticking. They're the comic relief of the show Glee has had to juggle many story lines this year — Rachel and Kurt's struggles in New York, Marley's eating disorder, Ryder's dyslexia — but most of them have been heavy on the drama and light on the laughs.

Luckily, Morris continues to have the show's best one-liners sorry, Sue!

Glee Season 4 Relationship Speculation: Will Brittany and Sam Date?

In the wake of this season's romantic bloodbath in "The Break-Up" episode, why not put these two together and bring some cheer? Remember when Justin Timberlake had curls? Check out the most dramatic celebrity makeovers CON: They're the comic relief of the show Then again, is it wise to have two of the show's strongest comedic talents paired up with each other? Maybe if Brittany turned her attention to Joe Samuel Larsen she could actually get him to smile.

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Or maybe she and Artie could get back together and Artie could get some lines again! Kevin McHale 's comedic chops have been greatly underused this year.

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And although it might sound like an odd match, if there is anyone that could get Tina Jenna Ushkowitz out of her by phase, it would be Sam.

Santana needs to move on As much as Santana's biting one-liners and beautiful vocals are missed in the choir room, the show needs to stop conjuring up convoluted ways to drag her back to McKinley.

glee brittany and sam relationship

As much as she hated to admit it, Santana loved being in glee club, but is there really any college freshman, especially one on a full cheerleading scholarship, who would jump at the chance to stay home with mom and dad and act in the high school musical? Brittana is too important a relationship to end Brittany said it herself in last week's episode when she initially told Sam she couldn't be with him because of "all of the lesbians of the nation" tweeting at her and posting mean messages on Lord Tubbington's Facebook wall.

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Despite the hilarious "Brampocalypse" name, the lesbian community's argument is a sound one: After seeing everything Brittany and Santana had to endure to be in an open lesbian relationship in suburban Ohio, why would the Glee writers just undo that progress now?

While planning a seating chart, Rachel is hesitant about being with Sam Evans Chord Overstreet as she is unsure if Burt and his wife Carole Hudson Romy Rosemont will object, but Mercedes assures her that it will be accepted. Santana flatly refuses to allow Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch to be at the wedding. Kurt tells his friend Walter Harry Hamlin that he is going to the wedding with Blaine Anderson Darren Crissand Walter gently breaks off their relationship while encouraging Kurt to pursue his true love.

Kurt runs to Blaine's home where they confess their mutual love for one another and kiss. She asks for their blessing, which they do, though Artie initially hesitates.

glee brittany and sam relationship

Sue tells Santana that she really wants to attend her wedding but Santana again curtly rejects her. At the wedding venue, Burt tells Kurt and Blaine that he had no regrets about going into a second marriage with Carole, and she tells them to seize every moment. Brittany is still in a superstitious frenzy which is only increased when Santana comes in with Brittany in her wedding dress, but Santana calms her down.

glee brittany and sam relationship

Sue arrives, having brought Santana's grandmother, Alma Lopez Ivonne Collwho she has helped to realize that although Alma may not believe females should marry each other, family is the most important thing, and she asks to attend the wedding. Santana then forgives Sue and allows her to stay. Sue then pulls Blaine and Kurt to a room where there are two wedding tuxedos waiting for them.

Brittany explains that Blaine and Kurt's relationship inspired her, and that she would like for them to be married alongside her and Santana, who also supports the idea.