Gimli and legolas relationship problems

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gimli and legolas relationship problems

Although we're not given a great amount of insight into Legolas and Gimli's burgeoning friendship, this is clearly the time it begins (emphasis. All the Elves eventually left for the Undying Lands anyway (magic was fading from Middle Earth and Elves are inherently magical) & Gimli had. See more. Day BROtp-Legolas and Gimli Legolas E Gimli, Frodo Baggins, Gandalf One of the pieces in my convention sketchbook, "Lookin For Trouble"! Each piece in the This sums up elf and dwarf relationships pretty well lol.

On other occasions, they turned against each other with vicious malice. Most animosity between them was caused by the love of gold and other precious things and by treachery caused by that love, on the sides of both Elves and Dwarves.

Over time, mutual injustices have built up to the extent that friendships between members of the two races are decidedly improbable. More recently, Legolas and Gimli have personal reasons for animosity. Legolas grew up in the Woodland Realm later Mirkwood under an Elven King for a father who was present thousands of years before when many of the worst problems between Elves and Dwarves began.

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In The Hobbit, King Thranduil demonstrated his prejudice against Dwarves with a callous, lighthearted cruelty, an attitude Legolas must have imbibed to a certain extent in his life in Mirkwood.

So when the Fellowship of the Ring sets out on its journey from Rivendell to Mordor, the two members appointed to represent the Elves and the Dwarves have nearly as much reason to hate each other as they do to hate Sauron. Tolkien put two stiff-necked, prejudicial characters together on a quest and turned their story into one of the greatest tales of friendship in his mythology, perhaps in all British literature. At the beginning of the Quest to help Frodo get the Ring to Mordor, Legolas and Gimli have little to do with each other.

They each perform their individual functions and their minor plotlines are centered around the journey and Frodo.

gimli and legolas relationship problems

If you want to add a person, you have two choices: But please, don't butcher canon adding a tenth walker without balancing the numbers again. An acceptable in my opinion escamotage would be to make your additional character join the Fellowship after they left Imladris: Westron as English If you drop a modern person in Arda s he will likely have problem understanding people and in being understood. This also means that Tolkien "translated" all the Westron names in English: You can read more about it here.

Almost the same goes for the Rohirric and all the names of the Rohirrim btw, "Rohirrim" is Sindarin, people of Rohan called themselves "Eorlingas": On Elves in general and Legolas in particular Elves are one of the most common target for canon butchery. Having been portrayed by Orlando Bloom in the movies, Legolas in particular is an easy target for all kind of crazy teenager Mary Sue romances.

gimli and legolas relationship problems

There are several misconceptions about Elves in fanon and debunking them would probably require an entire articleI'll summarise just the most important things, leaving links for further reading: Here some tips on how to do it right Legolas is son of Thranduil, who happens to be king of Mirkwood.

Using "Your Highness" and similar phrases to address him in your fic is a bad idea.


As it is creating some drama about him being "heir to the throne". Tinw wrote a detailed and extremely interesting analysis of the Legolas' rank issue I enjoy here and there slash fics, but really, there's nothing in canon about a sexual relationship between Legolas and Gimli.

If you really must do it, do it with taste and avoid the bane of all fan fictions: