Gerald croft and eva smith relationship trust

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gerald croft and eva smith relationship trust

The Birling family and Gerald Croft are celebrating Sheila's engagement to She was offended because Eva Smith called herself 'Mrs Birling' .. they do not really know each other and that trust is an essential part of a loving relationship. The girl was Eva Smith or who she would be known as to Gerald 'Daisy They are celebrating Sheila Birling's engagement to Gerald Croft, who is . The inspector already knew about the relationship between Gerald and Yet Gerald carried on seeing Daisy and in a way he was taking advantage of her trust, gratitude. The main characters in An Inspector Calls are the Birling family, Gerald Croft and Inspector Goole. The audience lose trust in him as a character. Priestley uses him to show the audience that the Eva Smiths of the world will continue to.

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His arrogance and complacency are made very clear. The audience, knowing that just two years after this speech, World War One will begin, see that Mr Birling is wrong on this point, and on many others, including his prediction that the Titanic is 'unsinkable'. The audience lose trust in him as a character. Patronising views about women Mr Birling makes some old-fashioned and patronising points about women and how they view clothes and appearance. Not just something to wear - and not only something to make 'em look prettier.

The fact that he thinks clothes 'make 'em look prettier' shows he objectifies women too. Capitalist Mr Birling is a business man whose main concern is making money.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship trust

This is what is most important to him and he comes across as being greedy. The fact that he sees his daughter's engagement as a chance to push for 'lower costs and higher prices' shows just how greedy he is. He does not consider the impact 'higher prices' might have on anyone else, he just wants more money.

Possessive On a number of occasions Mr Birling refers to things and people as being 'his'. He does not allow Sybil to talk for herself here.

An Inspector Calls A play by J.B. Priestley.

Social and historical context J B Priestley was a socialist When the play was written after World War Two inthere was no form of welfare from the government to help the poor. J B Priestley believed in socialism, the political idea based on common ownership and that we should all look after one another. Meets Eric Birling in November, when she takes care of him; they then become lovers. Has a six month relationship with Gerald Croft. After which, she was given money by him to see her through until the end of the year.

Mr birling sacked her from his factory for leading a strike for better pay. She was sacked from a dress shop after Sheila unjustly complained about her. She was made pregnant by Gerald Croft. She applied to a charity for help, but Mrs Birling refused that help.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship trust

She committed suicide by swallowing strong disinfectant. She had spoken up for the other girls who were on strike and was showing leadership qualities against Mr Birling. Sheila judged the girl by her appearance; she did not consider the difficulties the girl may face in getting another job: This meant meeting men in a place used by prostitutes. However, play revolves around her which makes her a leading character. We do know that she was pretty enough for Mr Birling to remember her, for Sheila to become jealous of her and to attract the attention of Gerald and Eric.

What we learn contrasts sharply with what we see of the Birling family. She worked hard, supported her fellow workers and was kind. Although she was reduced to earning her living by picking up men from the Palace Theatre bar, her honesty prevented her from considering marriage to Eric and protected him from his folly in stealing money. It could be said that she stands for all the people we meet in our everyday lives, and J.

Priestley uses her to make us think about our responsibility towards others. He interrupts the Birling family gathering. He establishes that each character did something unkind or cruel to the dead girl. He gradually takes control of the situation and, while being polite, refuses to acknowledge that any of the others is superior to himself.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship trust

He leaves them after making an impassioned speech about social injustice. He wants to do things his way: Priestley to build the play as a chain of events. At the start of the play it could be said that each character is wrapped up in their own life and have little consideration for others especially those who are not of the same social class.

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By the end of the play there are some significant changes. Who and how are the characters changed? Try to find evidence to support your theories. Finds reasons to doubt the validity of the case. His main concern is the possible threat to his chance of a knighthood.

In essence and effect, he does not change at all.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship trust

Regards himself as reasonable and pays the going rate to employees. Proud of his status and is a social climber Daughter's marriage for status.

Gerald Croft

Mr Birling is a successful businessman, who has been active in local politics, has been Lord Mayor of Brumley and is the father of Eric and Sheila.

Two years ago he fired Eva Smith from his factory. He tries to intimidate the inspector, but also tried to protect himself and his family. He becomes increasingly concerned about any possible scandal.

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He is the one who takes the final phone call. He likes to air his views and is aware that he tends to monopolise the conversation, suggesting he has a high opinion of his own importance: He expects respect as he has been a member of the town council, a Lord mayor and a magistrate: His views are made clear early in the play and they do not change.

He represents what socialists feel is wrong with society. He is a man with money, power and social responsibility, but he has no sense of social justice. Introduced as her husband's social superior. Is very snobbish, conscious of and uses social position to try and intimidate. It is clear that Mr Birling feels this marriage will be to his advantage, he boasts that he is to be considered for a knighthood.

It is important to realise that the audience of would pick up on the fact that a lot of what Mr Birling says is incorrect. He states how war will never happen and that the Titanic is unsinkable. This would indicate to the audience that what Mr Birling says is not to be trusted. It might also alert them to a few other clues that Priestley gives in this opening scene that things are not as positive as they might appear in the Birling house. Eric Birling is distracted and a little drunk, while Sheila teases Gerald about him neglecting her last summer.

During the speech, Mr Birling suggests that 'a man has to make his own way'.