Flirt with toriel ending credits

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flirt with toriel ending credits

the game on what I assume is the true Pacifist ending, so spoilers for that below. Another area is locked unless you can make it through the credits Speaking of, in said Genocide run, can I still flirt with Toriel, or is that not. Theme Credits: . I'm really curious about what made Toriel and Asgore split in this universe. And the silent protagonist is good at flirting. In the True Pacifist Ending Credits, she stands outside a school and, in the Family . Calling Toriel on her phone in the Ruins and flirting with her makes her.

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flirt with toriel ending credits

Девушка высвободилась из его рук, и тут он снова увидел ее локоть. Она проследила за его взглядом, прикованным к синеватой сыпи. - Ужас, правда. Беккер кивнул.

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