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fantine and valjean relationship help

Jean Valjean shows compassion and love toward Fantine. When Cosette first meets Marius, a type of relationship was formed which is not seen everyday. takes place in , two years after Myriel gives the candlesticks to Valjean. Fantine decides that she can best support her daughter, Cosette, in her therefore does not realize that her relationship with Tholomyès is the biggest joke of all. Jan 14, Earlier in the story, Fantine was fired from Valjean's factory. Do you want to learn more about a current relationship? her daughter, and when she called out for his help, he ignored her and he felt as if her life and blood was on his hands.

And the day when you passed before me. It was the 16th of June and the 2nd of July. It will soon be a year. For every long time now, I have not seen you at all. See, you are my angel: When Cosette first meets Marius, a type of relationship was formed which is not seen everyday. Cosette and Marius endured a special kind of love known as agape. This type of love is used for strangers when they first meet and have an instant connection Just like Marius and Cosette.

This love can be defined as an unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Cosette and Marius endured a relationship that was almost instantaneous. As soon as they both laid eyes on each other, they knew they had met the one that they wanted to spend the rest of their life with.

Share "Cosette had never been more tender toward Jean ValJean. She was in unison with Grandfather Gillenormand: Happiness wishes everybody happy. She went back, in speaking to Jean Valjean, to the tones of voice of the time when she was a little girl. She caressed him with smiles" Hugo Father are you pleased? Yes said Jean Valjean, I am pleased. Cosette attains happiness and love with Marius, even though it devastates Jean Valjean to lose cosette to the man she loves.

Cosette and Marius relationship is generated by love which makes them such a good match for each other as well as great wedding partners.

Share "Come closer, come closer, both of you. I love you dearly. It is good to die so! You too, love me, my cosette. I knew very well that you still had some affection for your old goodman. How kind you are to put this cushion under my back! You will weep for me a little, will you not? Not too much, I do not wish to have any deep grief " Hugo Jean Valjean feels the need to say his last goodbyes before he passes. He wants to make sure that he leaves the world on a good note.

Jean Valjean wants to make it clear that he loves cosette and that he would do anything for her. Jean Valjean's love for Cosette grew as the story progressed. The idea of love is emerged and refined throughout cosette and Jean Valjean's journey as they deal with hideouts, marriage and death.

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Jean Valjean and cosette stuck together through it all which is what love is really about. Javert reminded the mayor of what his detainee had done, the mayor insisted that her "victim" had been in the wrong, Javert reminded him that she'd just insulted him. Eventually Madeleine was forced to pull rank on the insistent policeman, to the point of naming specific laws that allowed him to do so. Consider it an order from the mayor. Why was the mayor so interested in this, this — common whore?

He retreated to his office, not sure what was going on but completely certain that it was no longer his problem. Madeleine's odd charity cases were not his business. Madeleine, in the meantime, had gently collected Fantine into his arms, half-carrying the woman along with him.

Relax, you're in good hands. I insulted you, the mayor of all people -" "Think nothing of it, you were feverish. But may I say that you have fantastic aim. And that's how I repay you, monsieur, I'm so sorry. He gently pushed her shoulder to encourage her to lay back, and she did, satisfied that it was behind them but still embarrassed. After all, he was the mayor. He just smiled and tipped his hat, then turned to leave.

She didn't want to be demanding, but she had to ask this one thing. As soon as you are well. Madeleine started to spend more and more time with Fantine, talking, sharing meals or just sitting together as he read or caught up on work. Usually, their time was filled with amicable conversation; they got to know each other.

fantine and valjean relationship help

For example, Madeleine learned that Fantine hated eating fish; she found that he loved potatoes. He was skilled at chess, she liked card games.

The mayor discovered that Fantine crinkled her nose when she was happy; she found out that Madeleine tended to look at his watch when he was nervous, or avoiding a question. He did seem to avoid the occasional query about his past, but she mainly found this out because there was one question he always seemed to dodge, yet she asked it at the end of every meeting: Her cough had slowed, her breathing improved.

The doctor took Madeleine aside, told him that she would be healthy enough to go in a week or less, but not to tell her, as excitement could cause a relapse. Yet she got excited nonetheless. The mayor left for several days, without giving anybody many details. Fantine, half out of hope and half as an assumption, figured that he couldn't be doing anything else but getting Cosette for her. What else could it be? Fantine was practically humming with excitement by the time Madeleine returned to see her again.

And two days later, she was still thrilled. He returned, without Cosette. When Fantine asked about her daughter, and where the mayor had been, again he deflected.

He just wanted to see her, he said, because he'd miss her. But I want to say goodbye, and see you, because it makes me happy to see you healthy.

fantine and valjean relationship help

I swear you'll get to see Cosette. The door burst open, admitting a familiar policeman. He looked like six feet of pure anger — fists balled up, face red, he came into the room with his finger pointed straight at her. Wait, no, straight at Monsieur Madeleine. Jean Valjean, you're under arrest.

fantine and valjean relationship help

Who is Jean Valjean? Has Javert gone mad? He proceeded to arrest the mayor. The yelling match between the men made as little sense to her as the last one had; this time because of what was being said, as she was perfectly alert. The inspector kept calling the mayor "Valjean. Javert, however, answered in what could only be described as a growl.

This old convict, who broke parole years ago.

Les Miserables- Fantine and Jean Valjean

He's been deceiving us all with false names and a hidden history -" She felt like she could faint, but of course that would only make things worse. She blinked, as if clearing her vision could clear her understanding.

Valjean — apparently that was his name, his real name — leaned towards Fantine. She started to move away from him, this familiar stranger. To spend two months with a person, and not know their real name — but the look on his face, earnest and honest as an open book, encouraged her to listen.

Relationship: JVJ and Fantine

She could tell that he wanted her to trust him despite what others said of him; just how he had trusted her in the police station that January. So she returned that favour by leaning towards him, listening to a brief whisper: We'll go get Cosette immediately. He's been saying that for two months. But something, she wasn't sure what, compelled Fantine to trust this man's word yet again. Perhaps it simply that this was her last chance to make it to Montfermeil, see Cosette again: What did she have to lose, save the last shred of her pride?

So she showed up, and waited for him at his home, along with Soeur Simplice, her nurse from the hospital, who hovered over her nervously, claiming that excitement could cause her to relapse. She waved the nun off impatiently; it was worth it, for a chance at seeing her daughter.

Valjean was at least good to some of his word, and appeared at the promised hour. He was barely in the door when Fantine, not able to contain her mix of curiosity and anger, started in on him.

Simplice didn't — her look of horror seemed almost exaggerated. I hope you'll forgive me for lying to you. Are you really Jean Valjean? They let me out on purpose. And my name is really Jean Valjean. Please understand that there's a lot to this story — I wasn't arrested for anything big in the first place, I stole a loaf of bread to try and feed my sister's children. They were starving, you see, and I was desperate.

I was sentenced to five years in the bagne de Toulon, but it was extended because I tried to escape. Well, repeatedly, but at that time I wasn't really myself — prison life, it knocks everything that's human right out of a person. The bagne had made me cruel. I was a nasty piece of work, angry at the world. I don't know where I would be if a true friend had not shown me mercy and kindness, had not forgiven me. That was quite a story, and she somehow felt that it was true.

Relationship: JVJ and Fantine

If he couldn't effectively lie about when he'd get Cosette for her, how could he sell this so well? It wouldn't add up. And so, who was she, a prostitute, to judge someone who had done something to save his family? It was quite similar to her, really, and she wanted to somehow express that she got it. But before she could collect her thoughts to respond, there was a knocking on the door. Valjean waved to Fantine to move into a nearby room.