Fang and lightning relationship trust

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fang and lightning relationship trust

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Fang appears alongside Vanille in Serah Farron's dreamworld. . down the l'Cie herself, but does not divulge her connection to Vanille. . Lumina appears and taunts Fang for not trusting Lightning and using her. I see Lightning and Hope's relationship more as Mother and Son instead of Big And probably trust her the most out of the rest in their party. Fang - After Sazh she was my favourite character but again I think she .. I think his relationship with Vanille really helped his character for me. but his tone and voice cadence ensured that I didn't trust him one bit, which.

I mean, sure Cloud and Squall were always angry, but they opened up as the game went on, to the point where one of Cloud's last lines of dialogue was, "Okay everyone, let's mosey.

Now, in Lightning Returns she is much, much, much better. Has a sense of dry humor and even though she says she's had her emotions taken away, she has emotions. She cares about people, yells at people not out of anger, but out of anger because they're doing dumb things that could get them killed kind of like a parent scolding a childand we see that she cares about her sister, instead of just being told she does.

Did not like him in XIII. Like I said, when Lightning punches him, I was excited. Your Naruto characterization of him sums it up, except he had none of the redeeming qualities of Naruto yes, I actually liked the series. He was mostly absent in XII-2 thank goodness, but like Lightning, he seems to be a much better-written character in 3. The bottomless optimism and "We can do it guys!

A man who has carried so much of a burden for so long that he has been crushed under it and now is just going through the motions of life.


Although, to grieve over someone for years the way he has is a bit much I think I liked her look. I liked her attitude. She was missing from 2 mostly, and I have yet to run into her in 3, but I know I will.

Looking forward to it. There was even a part of her that liked them. She didn't enjoy boredom, and Vanille was never boring. But she didn't like this idea. No, she didn't like it one bit. The younger Farron grabbed her best friend and shook her around like a ragdoll.

With the camera held in front of her like a sword, she explained.

fang and lightning relationship trust

I'll hold her, and you can punch. She was pretty sure she could take Serah in a fight. It might require a bit of cheating, but, yeah, she could do it. Lightning was another story. Lightning would murder her. We don't even know if Fang will turn into Ragnarok again.

We need to find out if we can reproduce the transformation. I have a theory that Fang's… arousal was what caused her to transform.

So, we need to try and get her aroused to see if it will happen again. Her bow was still in the control room, but she could probably strangle Vanille with her bare hands. Maybe there's a certain part of Lightning's body that is responsible, or maybe it's about what clothes she is or isn't wearing.

We have to do this carefully… for science and for Fang. Vanille's theory was one of the most aggravating things she'd ever heard because it might actually be true. Fang's transformation into Ragnarok during their battle against Orphan had been driven by some powerful emotions. It would also give them stimuli to test the theory in more detail if it proved correct.

If I even think it has survived, I will kill you. She didn't like Lightning in that way, as nice looking as she was. Being the camerawoman while her sister stripped down was the very furthest thing from a good idea.

There is no way that I'm going to let Snow, Sazh, or Hope see me stripping. Serah was a step behind her. Both of them refused to look eat each other.

Both of them looked utterly traumatised. She and Serah had already sworn a pact never to speak of what had happened in that room.

fang and lightning relationship trust

It was all for Fang, Lightning told herself, all for Fang. What took you guys so long? A screen on the far side of the room lit up. Of course, Vanille's fix would probably be something crazy, but at least it would work.

Chatting with Sazh, Snow, and Hope had also cheered her up a little. These people were her family. They would look after her. Then she could have heaps of awesome sex with Lightning. An image formed on the screen. It was Lightning, and she was blushing. Then Lightning began to undress. Her cape came off first, followed by her pauldrons and gloves. Then she began to undo her belt. Fang leapt in front of the screen. She knew they had cameras in there. She wasn't about to let anyone see her Lightning getting undressed.

And how the hell had they even gotten this kind of footage?

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We can't see or hear what's on the screen, only you can. We need to know exactly what makes you transform before we can fix it. So, sit back and, well, enjoy the show — ouch!

The sooner this gets fixed…" "The sooner we can pick up where we left off. That was a cause she could get behind although, really, she'd rather be behind Lightning.

Or on top of her. Hell being under Lightning was pretty good too. And being inside her… Fang turned around and watched the screen. Despite the awkward expression on Lightning's face, Fang couldn't deny how much the sight of the other woman undressing turned her on. Each inch of flesh that Lightning uncovered left her wanting more.

As Lightning started to shimmy out of her skirt, Fang's mind went back to what they'd been doing before she transformed: A few seconds later, Ragnarok was down. Slowly, she transformed back into Fang. To Vanille, the solution was obvious. Each time she starts feeling like she is about to transform, we'll give her some time to get it under control before moving on. Our goal would be to work up to a fully naked Lightning without a transformation.

It's like how they cure phobias and stuff. You know, with science. If she can do that, then she should be able to stay as herself, and you two can have as much sex as you can. We don't have to do things my way. We just need to get it done. So, if any of you have ideas, now is the time. He raised his hand. What we're going to do is show you some film again.

But this time, I'll be talking as well. I want you to watch what's on screen but also to listen to what I'm saying.

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Can you do that? I want you to take deep, slow breaths. Make them nice and even. Now, try to find a nice, calm place inside yourself. Even if Lightning is naked in front of you, you need to stay in that calm, special place.

I perfected it then.

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Immediately, the temperature in the control room dropped. Lightning tried to kill him with her eyes.

fang and lightning relationship trust

I think she found me curled up in a ball in the bathroom once. I was so nervous. Is it possible that fear is what's making you transform, fear that once you have sex with Lightning, you'll be in a real committed relationship?

I was guilt for days. I thought I'd poisoned you with my casserole.

fang and lightning relationship trust

I'd marry her today if I knew she'd agree. Snow had to hand it to Fang. She had balls — gigantic, metaphorical balls. Fang, are you worried that maybe you won't be able to, you know, please Lightning in bed? You better believe I can please Lightning in bed. I was doing a damn good job of it until I turned into Ragnarok. Lightning folded her arms over her chest. Why don't we all take a break?

We can get something to eat and try again on a full stomach. Lightning wanted to come, but she'd been banned in case Fang turned into a monster again.

We saved the world. We can fix this. Hope met her gaze evenly. The kid had guts, and Lightning was family to him. Still, I would like to have sex, you know. We were in school together back before Cocoon fell. When we met again, everything kind of clicked.

We started going out and… yeah. They owed him big. Neither of us, you know, had, well, kind of… done it before. Serah has a plan. Lightning demanded to know whom the girl was. A smile spread across Hope's lips. There was nothing quite like family. X X X Serah was convinced that her plan would work. Fang was a peerless warrior, a perfect match for her sister on the battlefield.

A warrior that skilled must have a mind as sharp as a razor and as a strong as steel. This had gone on long enough. I'm going in there. For the longest time, anger and hate had driven her.

But when she'd awakened this time, it was by different emotions: The name was seared into Fang's soul and burned into Ragnarok's heart. The door of the room exploded off its hinges.

fang and lightning relationship trust

Ragnarok rounded on the threat.