Faize and crowe ending relationship

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faize and crowe ending relationship

is required for Crowe's hidden ending and it involves (from the faq and memory) speaking to Arumat and Reimi about Edge's relationship to. For each character there are additional ending scenes available when you beat the relationship with Edge in order to get those additional scenes and unlock the (Arumat & Reimi): Flight from Aeos to EN II; Goodbye Crowe (Outside Palace of Tricks For Faize (Final PA: Lymle): After Crash Landing on Nox Obscurus. Crowe F. Almedio is the commander of the SRF spaceship SRF Aquila, and a non-playable character in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Relationships In order to calm him down, Crowe told Faize that while Eldar had ceased to be, the In the hidden "Crowe ending", which is obtained by viewing Reimi's, Meracle's, .

After making amends with Lymle, and apologizing to Edge, Nox Obscurus begins to collapse, due to Faize's defeat.

Faize Sheifa Beleth

Giotto appears in a transport symbol, urging everyone to get to the symbol. Picked up by Edge, the two make way for the symbol, avoiding the collapsing segments of the Palace of Creation. Talking to Edge along the way, Faize asks Edge where he went wrong as all he wanted was to protect people. The two talk for awhile, despite the peril, and Faize realizes he should have protected people with his own power, instead of reaching for a power that was right in front of him.

As the pair get close, a floor segment collapses, causing Faize to fall. As Edge continues to hold on to him, Faize is amazed by Edge's willpower. Entrusting him with the continued safety of the universe, Faize lets go of Edge's hand, falling into the abyss to his presumable death.

However, Faize manages to help Edge even after his apparent death. Edge looks to the rest of the party and gives Giotto the signal to teleport them out of Nox Obscurus, before jumping into the abyss after Faize. Faize's Sol reaches Edge in time and takes him to safety. Edge makes many points in his argument against continuing contact with underdeveloped planets.

faize and crowe ending relationship

Much of his motivation likely stems from Faize's death. Soon after the events of the game, the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact was created. The hidden "Faize ending", obtained by viewing eight specific Private Actions over the course of the story, takes place on Lemuris. As Lymle is standing at her grandfather Ghimdo 's grave, and after she says how she isn't really lonely, she starts to silently cry.

An unknown figure greatly resembling Faize walks up to Lymle and places a daisy in her hair. When Lymle turns around and sees him, she smiles.

Affection Rating

Like the other hidden "Crowe ending", this is also open to interpretation. However, it implies that Faize did survive and has gone into seclusion on Lemuris to be with the remaining Eldarians. Personality A young EldarianFaize is the first being from another planet that Edge Maverick ever met.

His looks are indistinguishable from any Earthling. A stickler for politeness and harmony, Faize is capable of cool, calculated reasoning, and his engineering talents are vast enough that he designed the Sol an Eldarian shuttlecraft on his own. He can also use symbology. Still, he was deeply moved upon meeting Edge, looking up to his swordsmanship skills and take-charge attitude.

For example, peeping on Reimi in the shower but honestly, who wouldnt? This is a skill that Edge can acquire during the game. While tempting as it may be to pickpocket certain items, if you want to get EVERY characters additional ending in one run through of the game, dont do it. Besides, the items you get through pickpocketing are usually not worth it anyway. You have been warned. Another item made through synthesis. It has the exact opposite effect of Love Potion Another synthesis item that has the exact opposite effect then the Aroma of Love.

These are usually triggered by introducing a new character to Welch or sometimes just for the heck of it. None of these PAs have an affect on affinity for you characters.

faize and crowe ending relationship

They are just there for comedy and to listen to Laura Baileys sexy but sometimes annoying voice. Once again, follow the one playthrough guide below and you should achieve all the additional endings. List of Private Actions This section will list each PA as it becomes available and show the corresponding gain or drop in affinity points that the characters receive.

Format is as follows Name of PA Available: When the PA is first available and what requirements are needed to see it.

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When the PA becomes unavailable. If you miss it when its first available, this will state when you can trigger it again. How to start the PA and whether or not it advances to the next "leg" of available PAs. If there is a best choice to make for the PA, it will be listed here.

How the response above, or just triggering the PA changes affinity. This will state whether or not you have to see this PA to unlock "Crowe's Ending" achievement and "Faize's Ending" achivement. This will only state whether or not its required to get one of the two achievements mentioned above.

faize and crowe ending relationship

Any other miscellaneous info I need to throw out there. After promoting Edge to captain of the Calnus - Disappears: As soon as you take off from Aeos - Reappearing: No - How to trigger: Run back to the east side of Urd Falls Cave. You should see a purple exclamation point in a patch of flowers.

No - Required for Hidden Endings: If you choose the other 2 options, affinity for both characters goes down by either 1 or 2 points respectively. There should be no reason not to choose the correct one for this PA unless you really don't want to get Reimi's Ending Achievement.

faize and crowe ending relationship

Also, after viewing this PA, you can immediately pair Edge and Reimi together if you wish Good God theyre already getting it on. Before leaving Aeos - Disappears: After the fifth "leg" of the flight from Aeos to Lemuris - Reappearing: Before leaving Aeos, or anytime on the trip from Aeos to Lemuris, go activate the synthesis module in the meeting area of the Calnus - Answer to choose: None - Affinity Change: None - Affect Future PAs: Activate the Item Creation terminal - Answer to choose: I came across this PA before leaving Aeos on my 2nd playthrough of the game.

So some of the information could have been buried in there but I highly doubt it. Edge survives the fall into the nothingness on Nox Obscurus and Faize fell just a few seconds before him.

Sure Edge has some tattoo of magic but Faize has the pinkeye of doom and not to mention they don't quite mention that he lost all his powers, just that he got beat. I don't think that indicates Faize died, I think it indicates along with his ending with Lymle that he's definitely alive and so is Lymle.

The PA scenes you did to raise affection made Faize realize he wanted to live for Lymle. I do think they talk about Lymle extensively with her grandpa who explains part of her situation and then with her friend in the other town that becomes the stand-in priestess or temple guardian or whatever that role was.

I'm sure her grandpa at least explains that Lymle had a traumatic event that made her act like a kid and speak like a 'tard. As for stating ages, it probably came up in a non-scene conversation.

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I mean I doubt they were on whole days where they only spoke two lines to anyone. There had to be lots of small talk and chit-chat on those flights if not all that walking around landscapes while Edge sprints about But I'm the sort of person who likes to know all the little niggly bits of a story which is why I only ever seem to play games like Final Fantasy, and Infinate Undiscovery, because there is just so much caracter potential I'm a rabid fanfic writer, so that probably explains that obsession.

But like I said, every time I tried to look up the things I was curious about ie.