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Kurogane and Fai have a complex relationship. Through their journeys across various countries, accompanied by Sakura, Syaoran and Mokona, will they be. The story begins in the Infinity arc where Kurogane, Fai, R!Syaoran and Sakura are .. during the Nihon arc, he turns to his friend Souma for relationship advice. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Kurogane, Fai - Chapters: 9 . and I can exchange love advice about our relationship with Kuro-sama!".

That night the wizard is quiet when he bids Syaoran goodnight; he reaches down to touch the kid's face briefly, and Kurogane figures he's thinking of Sakura in Clow and all the days since they've seen her. And Kurogane would think of that too, except when Syaoran said 'anyone' and he said it more than onceit wasn't in the same sombre tone Kurogane's come to associate with the kid missing his princess; Syaoran's gaze had flicked towards him, quicker than quick, and there was a hint of a smile tugging his mouth.

Fai douses the lamp, leans to kiss Kurogane wet on the cheek, and Kurogane thinks sometimes quite often that life would be easier if he was the kind of guy that didn't notice shit like that. This is where the thing comes out, right? I'm happy with my head where it is, thanks. It makes kissing much easier…' 'Tche.

Kurogane knows, because he usually ends up passing it on delivery runs for the troupe, his arms full of costumes or lumber or whatever other random fucking thing needs hauling from point A to point B on that particular day. It's here the people of this world buy the rings - bands - they exchange to be married, and Kurogane supposes the proprietor must be enjoying the recent upswing in matrimonial enthusiasm.

He pokes his head inside one day, just to have a look, in peace, without that damned manjuu singing nonsense or the kid blushing from top to toe which he's been doing a lot of in their time in this world, and Kurogane can only assume means their next visit to Clow will be even busier than the last. That's fine by him. The smith looks up when he walks in — his eyes widen briefly at the sheer size of the customer filling his very small shop, but he smiles all the same, tells Kurogane to ask if there's anything he needs before returning his attention to the coils on his workbench.

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Kurogane's pretty sure he doesn't need anything, but he takes a look anyway: There are bangles and cups, bright edged and polished, and then his eye is drawn by a strange twist of metal at the far end of the counter, stuck through with a pin, that looks vaguely familiar.

Kurogane turns to the smith, and points. The smith puts down his pliers, and comes over, frowning a bit until he catches sight of what the ninja's referring to.

I could show you if…' but then the man stops, a hand hovering near his head. His hair is short, rather like Kurogane's own, and with no-one else in the shop, a demonstration seems unrealistic. Kurogane waves the offer off anyway. He doesn't need to see, because he'd sort of figured out what it was — his mother had had something similar when he was a child. He's not sure whether Fai would like it — for someone with such long hair, the man is surprisingly careless about it, content to pull it back into a ponytail with whatever happens to hand — but he'll keep it in mind anyway.

Now he's seen what the fuss is about, it's time to get going — but just as the smith settles back at his workbench, Kurogane says, 'You sell rings here, right? The smith goes back to his workbench then and pulls out a small box; it's lined with soft cloths, and nestled amongst the folds are glimmers of silver, bright polished circles that seem to glow in the murk of the shop. Instead he pulls the box towards him and pokes cautiously at the contents.

They're all a bit different. One is a circle of clasped hands, another an impossibly intricate band of knotwork. There are some with jewels and some with etching and some with other metals worked into the silver. Kurogane looks at them all, and he supposes they're pretty, but none of them are what he'd choose.

He says, 'Don't you have anything… plainer? They stand that way for a minute, Kurogane waiting and other man silent, and then the smith goes to pull a small pouch from a drawer in his workbench. He places it on the counter with slightly unsteady hands, and Kurogane raises an eyebrow at that — a smith with a tremor kind of seems destined to fail — but then the pouch is flipped open and two bands of silver spill from its mouth.

Kurogane picks up the larger of the two rings. It looks like it might actually fit and he could just…Yeah. The band slips neatly over the third finger of his right hand as though it were made for him, and the ninja feels a rush of satisfaction then.

It feels good, this ring. He tears his eyes away from the thing to look back at its maker, and then he stops. The man's face is flushed with something like excitement, and the tremor in his hand has spread to his shoulders and arms. Kurogane narrows his eyes and says, 'What? I just never thought… Well, it's been so long. I never thought you'd come, that's all. It seems to be his lot in life that he gets attached to idiots that want to babble at him about things that just don't make sense, and the easiest thing would probably be to leave the rings and just walk out, forget all about this… He says instead, 'What are you talking about?

He stops laughing, pulls himself together a bit. You see, there was something I wanted, something impossible,' and here a faint smile plays at the man's mouth, 'but there was only one person who could help grant my wish. Then, 'So, how much do you want for them? They were made for you,' he says, and thrusts the pouch towards Kurogane.

His grey eyes are wide and imploring as he says, 'Take them! As he walks back towards the jinja, the rings in the pouch tucked safe in the waistband of his hakama, Kurogane thinks over the smith's story. He doesn't believe in fate or any of that shit — if fate had had its way all those years ago, he'd be a different man today, and it's not a thought he cares for much. Fate is something for those afraid to carve their own path in life, and Kurogane has never been that; he never intends to be either.

But he's lost track of how many days months, years since the wizard changed into something else for him, how many meetings of lips and exchanging of glances and how many nights slept side by side; it seems like a lot, and Kurogane hasn't regretted any of them yet.

He's willing to concede that maybe something like this was inevitable. Inevitable that he would choose it, that is. The tent is full by the time the wizard emerges from backstage, spectators packed into the bench seats and calling out here and there to the hawkers moving through: The smell is overpoweringly sweet.

Fai's face lights up at the sight of it all, and his grin is mile-wide as he threads through the din, makes his way to the place where Kurogane sits alone. Then the smile drops away.

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Fai frowns, mouth working towards a pout. He braces himself for the inevitable hands that will worm their way around his arms, that will drag him upright and away from his seat — only they don't come.

The silence stretches on, and Kurogane looks up again, wary this time; finds the wizard watching him with a thoughtful expression. Never a good sign, and Kurogane's just trying to figure out what the man's pondering, or worse still, plotting, when Fai smiles, says, 'Alright, Kuro-stubborn. I'll see you afterwards. Which is kind of unsettling. Kurogane might've chosen this seat for a reason, but the wizard doesn't know that, so why he's given up so easily… But maybe the bastard figured it out anyway.

The show starts fifteen minutes late, by Kurogane's reckoning. The crowd roars and shrieks, a roiling mass of limbs, and the tent is awash with bright, shimmering light. It bounces and dances and floats on the canvas, and then in the middle of it all, Karen-dayuu takes the stage, resplendent in flames of orange and red.

She says, 'Tonight you will see magical things. Truthfully, Kurogane doesn't pay much attention to what follows. There's a lot of… colour and noise and the crowd seems to enjoy it, if their screams are any indication. Syaoran appears at one point, his face redder than anything. Kurogane scoffs quietly at any fool who would take that for a girl — the mere cut of his shorts gives him away.

But the kid does his turn with good grace all the same: The crowd shrieks with approval, and Kurogane shakes his head, thinks if Syaoran ever pulled that shit in a real fight, he'd have his arse handed to him in three seconds flat. The show goes on. Kurogane's just wondering how much longer the idiots with the face paint will be on stage when someone drops into the seat next to him, slides up uncomfortably close.

It's not the wizard, so what the fuck? He glances right, ready to give the kind of look that will make whoever-it-is reconsider the move, and barely stifles a groan at what finds. It's you,' he says, scowling instead. The man next to him smiles broadly. His own eyes are hidden behind the tint of his glasses, and, 'It's been a while,' he says: He makes it sound as though they're fucking friends or something. What are you doing here?

The clowns are gone, replaced by tumbling acrobats, and this, Kurogane supposes, must be the grand finale. And so he leans forward a bit, in part to get away from the creep at his side, but also because Fai slips out between the tent flaps, quiet and quick.

The lower stage is dark now, the lights tracking the acrobats above: But not Kurogane's eye. The acrobats tumble faster and the crowd cheers louder and above it all Kurogane can make out the steady thud-thud of a taiko in the street: Fai crouches low, hands moving quick, and then there's a bang, a puff of grey smoke.

Kurogane cranes his head in spite of himself, looking, looking — and then rising through the dark there's a flare of brilliant blue.

The crowd gasps, and as one tilt their faces towards the roof of the tent. It's a pretty show, Kurogane has to give the wizard that. Light screams through the air, exploding in flowers of blue, gold, and white. It's hard to believe this is not magic. Fai stands off to the side, his face smeared with dust, but even from his corner Kurogane can see the grin stretched across it. And from his corner, the lights look better too. As the last flare dies out amidst the roar of the crowd, Karen-dayuu returns to the spotlight.

She holds up a hand for quiet, and when she mostly has it, she smiles, says, 'On the Feast of Ashura, please make your way to the shrine for a celebration of love. Not that it matters much. The audience are on their feet and pouring from the tent, though Kurogane notes with some irritation the bastard beside him seems in no great hurry to leave. But that's his business. Kurogane stands and makes his way through the masses — not so difficult when they quake and jump out of your way — until he reaches Fai at the foot of the stage.

He says, 'You've got dirt all over your face. He smiles that smile, makes tiny dark lines in the corners of his eyes, and Kurogane's heart does something strange and quick in his chest. He laughs and steps closer alive and bright and real. But perhaps Fai can feel the grime clinging to his skin; he uses his own decidedly not black sleeve to wipe more of it away, scrubbing at his face and neck for a minute or two.

Then he glances up at Kurogane. The wizard's eyes gleam in a very particular way, and, 'Did Kuro-back row get a good view of the lights? Alive and bright and too fucking smug.

Syaoran appears then with Mokona the shorts mercifully absent. The manjuu rides atop the kid's head; she raises a tiny paw, shouts, 'Fuuma! Kurogane had hoped the bastard would get lost in the crowd — but that's probably too much to ask of a man who travels the worlds. But Yuuko-san…' 'Isn't the person I'm delivering for. But before anyone can ask what the hell that's supposed to mean, Karen-dayuu joins the conversation.

She looks around at them all, ignores Fuuma's raised eyebrows, and says, 'Aren't you going to the shrine? All the couples participating in the ceremony walk together. Kurogane shifts his weight from one foot to another.

Mokona cries, 'Getting married looks like fun! Fuuma and Syaoran should participate in the ceremony so we can drink lots and lots of sake to toast them!

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Syaoran coughs, and Karen-dayuu chuckles at that. Then Fai-mummy and Kuro-daddy should get married! Fai's eyes widen briefly ever so briefly before he laughs, high and thin. One hand goes up to tug at his ponytail, rake through the ends, and he says, 'Well, we don't have any rings, Mokona, so I'm afraid we can't. Vaguely patronising, in fact, and Kurogane would object to being fobbed off like that if it were him — with a play-pretend excuse fit for a child — but that's the manjuu's business.

He's more interested in what lies beneath it. Because if exchanging vows isn't Fai's thing - and Kurogane's not sure either way, if he's honest - well, that's fine. It doesn't change anything — they'll still sleep together that night and wake tangled in the morning — but if a lack of equipment is the wizard's only excuse, then… Well, fuck it.

He clears his throat. Kurogane looks down to dig the pouch from his waistband — because he needs to see what he's doing, not because of the utterly frozen expression on Fai's face — and then he holds up the bag, tips the rings into his hand. Such bright silver against the dark of his palm.

Fai's face is perfectly smooth as he stares at the rings. After getting pissed off at a Jerkass nobleman, Kurogane rapes Syaoran when the latter was trying to get him to back down. It doesn't bode well for Kurogane and Syaoran when Fai finds out about their relationship without knowing Syaoran's real age. Kurogane is horrified when he destroys Syaoran's trust in him by lashing out at him in anger and threatening to rape him.

Downplayed, when Fai acknowledges that his hatred is responsible for Syaoran's withdrawal. Kurogane pins Syaoran down and implicitly threatens to rape him after Syaoran accidentally insults him by asking if Kurogane took advantage of him while he was drunk. Kurogane snaps himself back to reality before he goes through with it, but the incident destroys Syaoran's trust in him.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Fai forces an ultimatum on Syaoran and Kurogane to tell the truth to Sakura or break up what he sees as a dangerously codependent relationship. See Not Quite the Right Thing for the consequences. No Medication for Me: After he gets injured, Syaoran refuses to take pain medication because the pills leave him drowsy and unable to focus. Kurogane refuses to listen to him and starts putting it in his food.

Its offhandedly mentioned that Syaoran only leaves his room to go the bathroom during his time as a shut-in. Further averted as one of immediate problems of Syaoran's knee injury is that it's much more difficult for him to use the toilet since he can't stand or walk.

While the rest of the gang goes nameless in their first appearance, the leader Jet is named and is the one to beat up Syaoran. Jet's girlfriend remains nameless until the gang reappears later, but is described as rather bloodthirsty. They later gain importance when they are revealed to be Serial Killers. Yamura rises in prominence.

Not Quite the Right Thing: Fai tries to make up for his emotional neglect by teaching Syaoran to bake and trying to bond with him. Fai's shift from cold to caring just comes off as off-putting and exhausting to Syaoran.

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Fai forces an ultimatum on Kurogane and Syaoran to either break up their relationship or to tell Sakura the truth in hopes of ending what he sees as a dangerously codependent relationship, with the intention of preventing Syaoran from hurting himself with constantly lying. This has consequences such as: Tensions in the house imploding because Kurogane and Syaoran were the only things keeping each other relatively sane and happy, leaving them both more miserable than before.

This fanfic contains examples of:

Intensifying the severity of Syaoran's PTSD as he can no longer turn to Kurogane, who was his primary form of support. Destroying Fai's chances of making amends with Syaoran for his previous coldness, as this proves to be the straw that broke the camel's back and Syaoran decides that he'd rather starve and isolate himself than have anything to do with Fai. Fai's relationship with Kurogane reaching a boiling point as Kurogane believes that Fai had no right to get involved and thinks him to be a massive hypocrite.

It serves as turning point from acquaintances to friends when Kurogane tells Syaoran while he and his clone act similarly, Syaoran is more mature and acts more cautiously.

Kurogane also notes to himself that Syaoran is more a bookworm and has a slower reaction time than his clone. Older Than He Looks: Downplayed, as Syaoran has the appearance of a teenager when he's actually Enforced due to literary constraints.

Syaoran's clone is referred to as "the Other" while R! When Syaoran and Kurogane find Syaoran's father in Fei Wang Reed's trap, the former is referred by his real name, Tsubasa, and the father is referred as Syaoran.

Initially Kurogane is the only person that makes an effort to see Syaoran beyond the sins of his clone. It's also a portmantitle. When Fai talks to Kurogane about Syaoran's increased withdrawal from the group and Syaoran nearly developing an alcohol problem, Kurogane notes he doesn't revert to his Stepford Smiler tendencies.

Syaoran gets so used to Fai's gloominess in the first half of the story, he's actually alarmed when Fai smiles at him. When Kurogane massively screws up with Syaoran during the Nihon arc, he turns to his friend Souma for relationship advice. She's so shocked that she just stares him for a minute.

When Kurogane and Fai finally track down Syaoran's kidnappers to their hideout, Kurogane punches down the steel door and the door crumples. Kurogane does this again when he breaks down Syaoran's bedroom door to force him to come out and get something to eat. Like in Reversal Of FateMokona has been demoted to background in story to act as a plot device or to give commentary.

It turns her saying "Mokona hasn't done anything" in the climax of the Infinity Arc into Lampshade Hanging. Once Fai gets over his Irrational Hatred of Syaoran, he becomes very protective of him.

Please, I Will Do Anything! Kurogane tells Syaoran that he will do anything for Syaoran to forgive him for threatening him in his Moment of Weakness. Syaoran decides to make Kurogane turn over his sword and makes the man tell him what he truly feels for him. It's also a One-Word Title. Syaoran's higher mental process have a tendency of shutting down when Kurogane kisses him. Cassie is distinguished from the rest of the gang when she cheers for her boyfriend, Jet, to smash Syaoran's head in.

Kurogane gets so angry the first time Syaoran kisses him that he punches a hole in the wall when he was trying to open Syaoran's bedroom door to force a confrontation. Punched Across the Room: Kurogane punches Syaoran into the wall after Syaoran impulsively kisses him.

Syaoran later does this to Kurogane in a deliberate Meaningful Echo. When Fai and Sakura ignore Syaoran's attempts to engage them during dinner, Kurogane calls them out on it. I'm done with you. I'm sick of this. I'm sick of the way you're sulking like there's nothing to salvage in this world, and I'm sick of watching this group fall apart. Whether you two like it or not, we're all on this journey. If you don't shape up, we're not going to be functional when we really need it.

Real Men Dont Cry: Kurogane believes that he shouldn't cry or show weakness, instead letting his feelings twist into anger. Souma calls him out on it because he never learned to express his grief in a healthy manner, and he doesn't know how to empathize with others.

Since anger is his reaction to anything unpleasant, he often does things he immediately regrets. Unless you are extremely skilled or powerful, you will lose when fighting multiple opponents at once. After Syaoran is tortured, it takes weeks for injuries to heal, intensive physical therapy to get injured limbs working, and he is left with lasting psychological scars.

Kurogane and Syaoran start as each other's Only Friend after they make the effort to understand each other. Then they become Friends with Benefits to provide emotional and physical comfort to each other. After breaking up twice and going back and forth on their feelings, they confess their love for each other after Fai nearly kills them in the chess finals. Later, in Nihon, they eventually become engaged.

Releasing from the Promise: Sakura tells Syaoran that she wants him to be free and he doesn't have to take care of her.

Syaoran tries to release Kurogane from their agreement when he believes Kurogane's doing it out of obligation, rather than interest. Kurogane is quick to show him otherwise. Fai rescinds his ultimatum to make Kurogane and Syaoran tell the truth of their relationship to Sakura because he sees that it was making things worse for Syaoran. Remember the New Guy? While Syaoran knows how to fight because of his past training and his clone's memories, he has slower reflexes because he wasn't actually taught and he didn't gain the reflexes himself.

Right for the Wrong Reasons: After overhearing Fai and Kurogane discuss love confessions, Sakura concludes that Kurogane had fallen in love with someone. Syaoran is literally destined for Sakura. By not being with her and loving Kurogane he is overriding his destiny.

Kurogane becomes this to Syaoran. Syaoran hides a hairline fracture in his shoulder which he got when Kurogane threw him into the wall. The gang leaders, Jet and Cassie, brag that they had other victims before Syaoran.

Second Act Break Up: Kurogane breaks off their relationship when it becomes clear that Syaoran is taking it more seriously than they agreed upon.

Secret Test of Character: He does so by telling Kurogane that he hurt Syaoran when he was trying to calm him down during his panic attack. Kurogane is so horrified by the possibility that he swears to walk out if he did.

Kurogane passes, to Fai's displeasure, and the former is furious when he finds out that he was lied to. When Syaoran starts to fall for Kurogane during their Friends with Benefits relationship, Kurogane breaks it off because he doesn't feel that way.

Kurogane, to his horror, ends up developing feelings for Syaoran regardless. Justified because they had already formed intense emotional bonds before and after they started to sleep together. Syaoran and Kurogane start having sex with each other to deal with their friends' rejection of them. Kurogane does this when he realizes that he's extremely angry at Syaoran for kissing him and horrified that he's attracted to the latter.

Single Guy Seeks Good Man: Kurogane likes that Syaoran is better person than him and admits that it's one of his most attractive qualities. I love you because when you vow to protect someone, you don't screw it up every five minutes like I do. Because when the people you care about treat you like shit,you still love them. You could be ugly, or incompetent, or stupid, and I would still love you because you're a good person Sleep Cute Slipping a Mickey: A benign variant, when Kurogane laces Syaoran's food with pain medication to force the latter to take his medicine.

Healer Hinata also does this to Kurogane by lacing his food and tea with sedatives. Kurogane gets very angry at this. Stranger in a Familiar Land: When Syaoran finally returns to Clow, he realizes that his house no longer feels like home because his friends are his home.

Sakura is extremely cold and distant to Syaoran and can seem downright emotionless at times because of her hurt over Clone! Her sweeter side starts to resurface when Syaoran begins making an effort to connect with the rest of the group, and when Syaoran is kidnapped and tortured, Sakura is horrified to realize she could have permanently lost him. Fai's vampirism gives him super-hearing and an enhanced sense of smell, which become very important when Syaoran is kidnapped.

A good part of Kurogane's Character Development is him trying to learn how to control his Hair-Trigger Temper as he realizes that having anger as a first response to something bad hurts more than helps. Syaoran tempts it when he thinks nothing will go wrong in the final chess match. Syaoran and Kurogane get engaged in Nihon.

Syaoran wakes up in one and it becomes a very long night for him. Syaoran exhibits this when Kurogane apologizes to him for actions. Kurogane can be abrasive and belligerent but slowly develops a gentle side which he only shows to Syaoran. Jet and Cassie are gang leaders that torture and kill their victims together. Syaoran notes that both his love interests are of high status: Kurogane is nobility and Sakura is royalty. Syaoran tries to overcome his shut-in behavior and make an effort to interact with Fai and Sakura to gain Kurogane's approval.

Syaoran even lampshades it. The female gang member, Cassie sarcastically welcomes Syaoran to her Torture Cellar. Kurogane begins to realize that they had taken their relation ship too far when Syaoran confesses to him: I thought that you might love me a little. First, it starts out with Fai's attempts to bond with Syaoran to make up for being a bad friend, and Syaoran hating it the entire time, to point of ditching him the first chance he gets in the bookstore.

Then Syaoran is jumped by the gang that attacked him earlier in the story and kidnapped. The gang's leaders turn out to be a pair of serial killers who nearly torture him to death while Fai and Kurogane frantically search for him.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Directly said by Syaoran, "It's only another chess match. What could possibly go wrong. What the Hell, Hero? Everyone gets called out for their bad behaviors.

He is called for not telling Sakura about his relationship with Kurogane. Kurogane later calls him out in Nihon for putting off his decision to stay with Kurogane or to continue pursuing Sakura. He is called out by Fai for pursing a sexual relationship with Syaoran while the latter was emotionally vulnerable. He is called for his Brutal Honesty when he turns down Syaoran's affections. I can see why Tomoyo cast you out.

You're incapable of mercy. Syaoran and Fai let him have it after he brutalizes Syaoran during sex when the latter tries to defuse an argument with Kurogane and a Jerkass nobleman. He gets called out for shunning Syaoran. He gets called for emotionally blackmailing Syaoran into ending his rekindled relationship with Kurogane by trying to get him to tell Sakura. Kurogane and Syaoran are pissed when they find out he was going backstab them the entire time. She gets called out by Kurogane for not treating Syaoran as a non-entity.

If that was the case, did the fact that this particular Fai had feelings for another him mean that the Fai he knew also cherished similar sentiments? That had seemed to be the case for Sorata and Arashi and Touya and Yukito, although the Fai he was saddled with wasn't as straightforward as they were. Emotional relationships were something he avoided, aside from his fatherly feelings for the kid and princess. Kurogane got the sense that Fai did not wish him to venture too close or ask too many questions, and he somewhat doubted that love could exist in a heart that had closed itself off to connection.

He knew it was a stab in the dark, but there was no way he would admit to being a 'Kurogane idol' or get out of the conversation with the feeble excuse of his supposed burn healing miraculously in the past few hours. Fai liked to pretend to be stupid, but he was obviously much more intelligent than he let on, and his twin, this Yui character, didn't even look like the type to bother masking his smarts.

Yuuko-sensei talks about them all the time. She says that in another world, she keeps Watanuki-kun as a slave and has met alternate versions of nearly everyone at Horitsuba, including me and Kurorin. She says the Kuroin her other self met hates her even more than the one in this world does. Did she give you the power to travel between worlds? If the Yuuko in this world had already admitted to knowing about her other self, the secret was most likely already fairly well known by the people in the Horitsuba place Fai was rattling on about.

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They apparently had little concern about the existence of dimension travelers, and weren't disturbed by the use of magic. Is Fai-sama here at the moment? So you aren't cosplaying?

These are your real clothes? Other me is so lucky. I'll have to get Kuro-tan-sensei to wear these fun outfits, too. He never lets me have any fun at all.

He and I can exchange love advice about our relationship with Kuro-sama! And there is no 'relationship' in the first place. There is a Kuro-tan in this universe who doesn't care about me? There's a good chance that there's something in his past he's still suffering from, and it makes it hard for him to want to invest his heart in people. Is there someone in this world named Ashura? One is my sempai in the science department, and the other is his son I can't quite tell, to be honest.

He or she is a popular student at Horitsuba, and is dating the captain of the fencing team, Yasha. Ashura-sempai has this weird habit of foretelling when bad things are going to happen and then going through odd lengths to prevent them, but it hasn't really effected me yet. Well, there's a chance that it may have effected the mage.

And he's the sort of person who prefers to shoulder his own burdens rather than trust in the people who want to shoulder them with him. But if you don't remain a part of his life, I doubt he will ever be able to feel the fullness in his heart that comes with being one with his most important person.

Kuro-sama is the only man for me, and I'm sure it's that way for him, too. So please continue to get along with him, all right?

I've never sworn anything I didn't intend to see through to the end, even if the person I wish to protect does not wish to protect himself. Yui leaned over and whispered, "See, you're still being loved properly, even in the other worlds.

The other me must be about ready to die of frustration. Traveling around the world with sexy-ninja Kuro-tan, but not being able to have him as a lover? Maybe we should go looking for him, Yui. I can share all the tips I've uncovered about the best way to get Kuro-sensei into bed. And now you're telling me that we haven't even had sex yet? Even if something is troubling me, I don't understand how I could possibly resist the temptation.

The Kuro-tan in this world and I started sleeping together only a month after we got our jobs. Things just sort of happened.