Eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship problems

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eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship problems

Oct 15, RELATED: Robert Redford: The Sundance Kid Rides Again . The only problem is he was so successful that Hollywood decided to devour "That's the kind of relationship we had. cabin, and run into Eric Schlosser, Redford's son-in-law and the author of 'Fast Food Nation' and 'Command and Control.'. Jan 23, Van Wagenen is the ex-wife of actor/director Robert Redford, took a back seat to marriage to Redford and subsequent parenthood. Her children are grown: Now 41, Shauna lives in New York with husband Eric Schlosser, author of the The Kindness of Strangers was his look at the issue of organ. Nov 20, Charles Robert Redford, Jr. was born on August 18, , in Santa Monica, , is a painter who married Eric Schlosser on October 5, , in Provo, UT. think anyone would believe Redford would have trouble getting "the girl". . [ on his relationship with Paul Newman] When we made the movies.

But the road stretching from the Rockies of her native Utah to the Green Mountains of Vermont is an interesting one, even without the Redford intersection. She was a delegate to the convention that nominated Franklin Delano Roosevelt for president. Inshe worked in the anti-war movement, specifically with Another Mother for Peace.

I had taken some classes, but could never put a whole program together.

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship problems

So, I dropped everything else to do it. I was driven to do it. The Mormon culture puts a lot of emphasis on education. Peace activist Dave Dellinger, of Chicago Seven fame, was her senior advisor. By the mids, Van Wagenen was dividing her time between an Upper East Side apartment and a lakeside home on the Charlotte-Shelburne town line that she had owned for more than a decade. Her children are grown: Amy, 30, is an actress married to a photographer, also based in the Big Apple.

James, 39, is a California filmmaker.

Eric Schlosser

The Kindness of Strangers was his look at the issue of organ transplants. When I thought about teaching, I was overwhelmed by the notion of what an incredible commitment that would be. I have so much respect for teachers, but I began looking for ways to use history that better suited my skills. Future films will explore women photographers, dancers, comediennes and blues and country musicians.

They offer their perspectives on the often-turbulent beauty pageant that began as a promotional gimmick to keep tourists in Atlantic City after Labor Day.

Ades credits UVM, which she attended from towith introducing her to film.

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship problems

Miss America has an additional Vermont connection: Sarah Kramer, the associate producer, is a Middlebury College graduate.

After graduation, she found a job as producer of public-affairs shows at a PBS station in Manhattan. I always thought Miss California would win, though. She was usually blonde, with blue eyes. I figured this must be what the ideal American woman should look like.

That allowed the filmmakers crucial access to the archives and permission to shoot the pageant in Atlantic City, the New Jersey resort town that has always hosted the event. That would be mean-spirited.

That's when I will sign autographs. But not when you're going about your normal business.

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship problems

I have to be human, of course, to be flattered by attention from the public. How could you not be? But it gets pretty intense when people are going after your clothes, and mobbing you in the streets, and you have to hide. That's kind of amusing, and kind of mind-boggling when it happens - you kind of go with it and have fun with it. Then it gets tiring, and then it gets worse when you realize you're being robbed of a vital part of your life, which is your privacy.

And you also know what's coming your way is artificial, because those people are reacting to something they saw on the screen, not you as a person. Nobody used the word "bonding". I got a review when I was starting in live television. This guy Jack O'Brian called me "hammy and overwrought". Now I'm looking back on it, I'd like to hold on to those reviews. It keeps you in perspective. Part of you says, "You know, I never ever really got over that.

Because you're your own tough critic. If you focus on doing the work, you'll get to a place of refinement where those reviews which are often hyped up too much to the negative or the positive fall away. I've bought hundreds of acres around my home. That's why I moved here from the coast. There's plenty of room to roam and be alone with nature.

The city life is merely existing. I often feel I'll just opt out of this rat race and buy another hunk of Utah. A lot of what acting is, is paying attention. All my life I've been dogged by guilt because I feel there is this difference between the way I look and the way I feel inside. I think we're owed a big, massive apology. We had a fantastic rapport shooting [ Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ]. It was one of the happiest experiences of my life. They throw that word "star" at you loosely, and they take it away equally loosely.

You take the responsibility for their crappy movie, that's what that means. My life--and this country--is better for his being in it. But we don't focus on any one theme or another. We don't take any ideological stance. Our work tries to transcend politics.

eric schlosser and shauna redford relationship problems

Whatever side you're on, we try to show stories from every part of the country, and so 'red state, blue state' doesn't mean a whole lot to us.

I am political about my country, about what it is, how strong it is, how strong it remains. I am not a left-wing person. I'm just a person interested in the sustainability of my country. Storytellers broaden our minds: President Obama has just rejected a permit for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline - a project that promised riches for the oil giants and an environmental disaster for the rest of us. His decision represents a victory of historic proportions for people from throughout the pipeline path and all across America.

I believe history has a habit of repeating itself, that's for sure, but one of things I'm critical of my country on is that we don't seem to take note of the lessons that history teaches us. My country is pretty prone to everything wanting to be black and white, or red, white and blue.

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And in my experience of life, nothing was ever that simple. No one was dealing with the grey areas. So I decided to become a filmmaker so I could deal with that.

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Scarlett Johansson was a kid when we did The Horse Whispererand I was concerned if a child looked like they were acting it would be like fingernails on a blackboard. So I'm depressed and I go back to my room and I do something I don't usually do and that's surf.


And suddenly I'm skipping across these channels and there's this angelic face. And there's a close-up and I think: It was stripped to the bone and I found that very appealing. Being wet all day was the hardest thing.