Enjolras and marius relationship

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enjolras and marius relationship

Marius Pontmercy is a fictional character, one of the protagonists of Victor Hugo's novel . In the musical, he appears to be closer to Enjolras, though he participates in friendly interactions with others. Marius' political opinions play a. Together with Courfeyrac and Marius, Enjolras leads the insurrection at the Tholomyès is a wealthy student who thinks much less of his relationship with. What Enjolras thought when Marius started talking to him about Cosette.

And boy do they make Marius important to Enjolras: The interesting thing is: Having grown up on the book and the musical, there is no end to the measure of the hate we bore for Marius coming into the movie particularly on my end, since I read the book at a formative age and Marius was pretty much the villain of my childhoodand never once in a million years would we have dreamed we would walk out shipping this.

The observations and analysis here take the content of the movie, including effects induced by editing, as the intended diegectic narrative and proceed accordingly. The most obvious thing is how much Enjolras looks to Marius. This is also the main way they let you know Marius is the co-leader of the Les Amis.

Marius is his Combeferre sounding board, his main conspirator, his validation - even if Marius hardly ever says anything back, he usually looks back and that seems to be enough. Even at the First Attack, right after subduing Javert, Enjolras and Marius react to the sound of advancing troops by locking eyes - or so editing would have you believe. This decision to turn the general phrase into a pointed - but private - call-out: And that would be that, but Marius just has to push the betrayal - and there is nothing Enjolras wants better than to escape his adulation of some lady distracting him uncharacteristically from…the work at hand, but Marius is keeping him there and he hates it and when he finally lets him break away, he does…but - now, look.

And when he capitulates to the chorus, all is well again…until. Double-fun when you consider that later, when Eponine comes to get Marius, Enjolras watches them converse - and an arguable theory comes into play: There are reasons why he might not: Eponine has undoubtedly hung around Marius often enough that the Les Amis should probably know of her in some vague way.

Either way, he sees this, and thus we get one of the most interesting filmic entries of their relationship to me, anywayto wit… 5.

enjolras and marius relationship

And it is a sentiment he commits to, within the space of his return, completely: He sought his acknowledgement departing, he seeks his affection returning. And of course the roses work he grants it: The revolution begins with the reminder that Marius is the co-leader, with Enjolras constantly reaffirming the plan with their patented held-gazes, although Marius is not actually much use here. When they launch into the fray, one of the only bits present in the nomination script demonstrates the continuity of action between the rebel leaders, with Enjolras dropping the horseman that Marius replaces, bearing the flag that Enjolras had just been more on the flag later.

This scene is the happiest that either Marius or Enjolras is and will ever be in the entire film. She also tells him she has a letter for him. She asks Marius to promise to kiss her on the forehead after she dies, which he agrees. The letter she had concealed is from Cosette, and reveals her whereabouts and when she will leave for England. Marius writes a letter back to Cosette, saying since she left again with no forwarding address, he would fulfill his promise and die for her.

Marius Pontmercy

He gives the letter to Gavrocheto deliver; however, Gavroche delivers the letter to Valjean. Valjean goes to the barricade to find Marius, disguised as a volunteer. When Valjean is tasked with executing Javert, Marius assumes that he has done so, and is a murderer. Rescue[ edit ] As the barricade falls, Marius has multiple head wounds and is shot in the collarbone.

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Jean Valjean rescues him, and they escape through the sewer. Valjean convinces Javert to help him bear Marius home to his grandfather. The wedding and afterwards[ edit ] After six months of raging fever, Marius regains full consciousness.

enjolras and marius relationship

Gillenormand gives Marius permission to marry Cosette and the two men reconcile. Marius and Cosette are married on 16 Februaryand the wedding day is a happy one. After the wedding, Valjean visits Marius and reveals his past. Marius, horrified, agrees with Valjean that it would be best if Valjean never sees Cosette again.

Valjean wishes not to be permanently separated from Cosette, so Marius grants him one visit per evening. Marius thinks of Valjean as a criminal, and slowly pushes Valjean out of Cosette's life.

While Marius quietly searches for the real origin of Cosette's money, Valjean loses the will to live. Pulling out the old bloodied coat that he had been saving in a safe, Marius accurately matches the piece of cloth to that of the coat he wore in the barricades, and announces that he is the man who Valjean supposedly murdered.

enjolras and marius relationship

Realizing that Valjean is an honest man who saved Marius' life, Marius and Cosette rush to reconcile with Valjean. They arrive at Valjean's and apologize; Valjean forgives them.

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Having been very ill, he wanted to see Cosette one last time before he dies just minutes later. Leadership Enjolras leading the people in rebellion. He is unequivocally the leader of the Friends of the ABC and on the barricade; what he says is obeyed. But one of the things that is missing from adaptations is the leadership of other members of the Friends of the ABC. They often advise Enjolras or take their own leadership initiative.

Enjolras encourages Marius to step into a leadership position in the barricade. In adaptations, I always get a sense that Enjolras is much more cocksure and self-sufficient leader, wheras in the book, he is the leader of a Republic, bowing to the will of the people He also looses his ability to stratigize in adaptations, making him a weaker leader.

enjolras and marius relationship

Part of his leadership is the fact that he knows who to send where, when to conserve bullets, when to build up the fortress in the Corinth also, for some reason, adaptations tend to favor the Cafe de Musainwhen to close off the last exit with another barricade, when to send those with wives and children home. Adaptations don't have him do any stratigizing besides shouting "Fire!

enjolras and marius relationship

His only family is democracy, republicanism, France and humanity. His sole and only focus in on liberty, and by not expressing his virginity, the adaptations are loosing that aspect of him. Death Aaron Tveit as Enjolras in the screen adaptation. I've already spoken on how the musical kills the beautiful Enjolras See Waving the Flag above. In the most recent movie, Enjolras is the very last remaining revolutionary, and is cornered by the guards.

Grantaire stumbles to join him and Enjolras proudly holds up a red flag.