Emblem3 meet and greet tumblr love

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emblem3 meet and greet tumblr love

hey hey if anyone would like an emblem3 vip meet and greet pass for the selena is loving life and keaton is just being awkward keaton. this is who i fell in love. My Emblem3 Meet and Greet. meet and greet goals. Reblog all your goals/ ideas with your fave. Posts · Ask · Submit Your Goals! Archive. Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Emblem3, Little Mix, C. I'm a fangirl. .. From Harmonize America MALL Tour (First Picture). To 5th Times A Charm Tour.

When they announced a few weeks later that were coming to the east coast, I screamed and ran around my house, it was great. I was trying for their Boston show. I was on my computer 2 hours before the tickets went on sale waiting and waiting.

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The day before the concert I was on stub hub and I ended up buying two tickets to the Boston show and I was ecstatic. My sister and I waited in line for 5 hours before the concert started but it was all worth it. Once we got in there and they came on, everything was perfect. They put on the best show.

When it ended, I waited around the venue hoping to meet them but apparently they already left. I was sad but grateful to have gone to their concert. Then Kiss Concert came along, it was announced that they were going and I cried on the way to school because I was so happy. My mom bought my sister and me tickets and we were like in the first 20 rows. I was pissed so my dad let my sister and I stay at the hotel until they came out.

We went around to the back of the hotel and their van was there. We waited there and then they came out and Wes said that we were awesome, Keaton gave us the peace sign and Drew smiled at us. So once they got into their van, we followed them to the venue. I was literally right behind them on the highway for a good 20 minutes and I was freaking out.

Emblem3 Concert Experience! +How We Met Drew & Jackson!!!!!

So when they came on stage, they were perfect as usual. Then when they announced their summer tour I was literally so excited. They were coming to New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Then they announced album signings so I went with my friend and to get the wristbands for the MA album signing.

When the New Hampshire concert came, my sister and I waited in line there for a while to. While we were waiting in line, Drew happened to skateboard by and my sister was the only that noticed him so everyone was wondering why we were chasing him.


When he noticed we were chasing him, he smiled at us. We chased him to a restaurant and once everyone realized it was him, everyone came. I tapped his arm and he turned around and smiled. I asked him for a picture and he said yeah! He was super nice. I took the picture and then my sister and I walked away. I felt bad because everyone was all over him. I guess me and one other girl only got pictures.

Drew literally skateboarded by the venue 10 times and girls were chasing him back and forth.

emblem3 meet and greet tumblr love

When the concert came, my sister and I went to the merch table to buy the album and get wristbands for the album signing after the concert. She got us like the second row. I was pissed, but then a really nice girl asked me if I wanted to switch places so we did and then I could see again. These girls in front of me left to get in line for the album signing so then I got front row and it was amazing. After dinner you helped Wes put the dishes away in the dishwasher and then smiled as he carried your overnight bag into his bedroom.

You reached into your bag right away to grab your toothbrush, and he raised an eyebrow.


It was a little awkward but you wanted that night to be perfect. Your body was buzzing with the prospect of what was coming next. True to his word, Wesley kept the shades pulled closed and the lights off in his bedroom. It made both of you feel more comfortable. Slowly he began to kiss you, the taste of mint and each other just mingling together on your lips. His hands explored your body and gently peeled away each piece of clothing, both from your body and his, and when you fully realized you were naked you got a bit nervous.

emblem3 meet and greet tumblr love

He gently helped you onto the bed, both of you sandwiched between the sheets to keep it dark because you were both a bit insecure. Your legs were parted and wrapped around his waist and your heart was pounding hard. It was your first time with anyone, and you hoped Wes could make it good for you. He touched your breasts gently, and he let one hand slide down to touch between your legs. You were warm and wet and you knew what was coming next.

You bit your lip as he fingered you a little until you were shaking and your legs began to clench.

emblem3 meet and greet tumblr love