Drizzt and catti brie relationship questions

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drizzt and catti brie relationship questions

Every tiny detail about their relationship is fresh in my mind, for in First, the stares the deep, locked stares that Drizzt and Catti-brie . He returned with some issues, yes, but the old Wulfgar was merely buried inside him. Catti-brie comes to Drizzt for an experience between friends. I felt it; a connection that I had never experienced with any living creature before. I got the impression Salvatore never knew how to write Cattie-brie beyond "token girl" But I've had some issues with Dahlia. . Cattle Brie was written by Salvatore to acknowledge biracial relationships and how children of.

She saturated his senses. And still Drizzt wanted more, to taste more, to touch more. Slowly, ever so slowly, having to hold himself and his trembling hands back from the passion for her, Drizzt pulled at the shift she wore, careful not to tear the thing, until it was in a pool on the floor. Catti-brie's skin was soft as Drizzt had imagined it would be, when he'd dared to imagine. Made even more beautiful with the flush that rose in her skin at being naked with her ranger friend.

With nimble, gentle fingers he caressed everywhere he could reach; her hips, her back, her thighs, her face, her shoulders. The tiny sounds she let escape as Drizzt's fingertips stroked her skin were a music he wanted to hear again and again.

Drizzt stroked around the lily white skin of Catti-brie's breast, pausing only to brush a thumb over her tightened, rosy nipple and he was rewarded with a sweet moan that made his body tremble fiercely.

That sound, Drizzt decided then and there, would be his teacher in this. It would guide the ranger in finding Catti-brie's pleasure. He would compare all other pleasures to that sound. Catti-brie flushed, having never been naked with anyone but herself before, but the way Drizzt kissed her then, so deeply and with such passion, chased away any chagrin she might have felt and replaced it with a searing need that bolstered her confidence.

Catti-brie's fingers traveled down from the drow's hair, across his firm shoulders, down the slope of his chest, feeling every finely toned muscle as it played beneath the obsidian skin.

She found a few of the many scars her friend carried, and touched them with reverence.

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She'd been present for more than a few of them. She felt also the bulge of his manhood against her hip and the fire in her flared, her body arching against that hardness and making Drizzt groan deeply. Catti-brie's fingers danced lower, over the planes of his tight stomach and to the ties at his sleep trousers. Drizzt flinched slightly, stomach muscles quivering at her touch, and Catti-brie looked up into his bright violet eyes, pleading silently, but also looking for any doubt hidden there.

If Drizzt showed any sign of not wanting this as much as she, Catti-brie would surely stop. Drizzt took a settling breath and found her eyes, nodding slightly. Drizzt's sleep trousers joined Catti-brie's shift on the floor. Catti-brie's delicate fingers resumed their course down the drow's stomach, pausing only for a moment before finding Drizzt's member in the flesh.

Drizzt let out a shuddering moan and his lavender eyes drifted shut as she stroked her fingers along his length, exploring so softly yet bringing such a profound reaction from the ranger.

Difficult Decisions: A Drizzt and Catti-Brie Fic

She felt it growing harder beneath her touch, and pulsing that matched Drizzt's heartbeat. Catti-brie smiled inwardly to be the cause of such pleasure in her long-suffering friend. Suddenly, Drizzt turned and lifted himself in one light and graceful motion, surprising a gasp from Catti-brie as he settled over her, hips resting between her thighs.

He kissed her fiercely, tongue pushing between her lips, and grinding his member against her thigh at the same time. Cattie-brie's shock wore off quickly and she wrapped her arms and one leg around Drizzt, returning the kiss tenfold.

Cattie-brie melted beneath him. Drizzt kissed his way down her neck, past her collarbone. He was rewarded with another moan as he flickered his tongue over each pert nipple in turn.

Timeless (The Legend of Drizzt, #31) by R.A. Salvatore

Cattie-brie was writhing in his arms. Curious, he closed his eyes and allowed them to slip into the infravision of his heritage. She was beautiful in the infrared spectrum as well, he noted, her heat creating a soft aura of red and orange about her; at her center was a white-hot core.

Drizzt closed his eyes again, switching back to the normal spectrum and went about kissing his way down the woman's body, across her breasts, soft lips trailing down across her ribs and stomach. All the while, Catti-brie thought her world was falling down, so wonderful did his hands and lips and body feel.

Finally she could take no more. The sound of his name dripping from Catti-brie's lips made Drizzt shudder.

The Companions

He lifted himself back up her body, kissing her languidly, but Catti-brie noticed his member poised right at the edge of her most secret self. Drizzt caught the feeling at the same moment and paused. Catti-brie peered into Drizzt's eyes. The question burned in both blue and lavender; Are we certain?

drizzt and catti brie relationship questions

Both exhaled the same word at the same moment: Yet the stretch was not all that uncomfortable, and the groan that thundered from Drizzt's chest told her that it was not uncomfortable for the ranger either. Feeling as though something was trying to resist him, Catti-brie pushed her hips up a little, and then came a sudden burst of pain that nearly stole her breath. Catti-brie whimpered and Drizzt wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. He started to withdraw, but Catti-brie stopped him with a word.

The pain was lessening by the moment. She nodded for him to continue, and slowly, ever so slowly, he did. Knowing it would hurt, instead Catti-brie thrust up once and buried him inside her. Cattie-brie, too, questions the meaning of all that came before, and endeavors to explore options closed to her in her previous life.

Wulfgar the barbarian takes a completely different tack. In his first life, he was good and honorable. Now, he just wants to have fun. If it's fun, he's going to do it, whether it's fighting or making love.

He figures he's on borrowed time. He already paid his dues, so this is his reward. Then, with The Companions, the sun rose and shone all the brighter. Then it became grim after the Spellplague. Very dark, nihilistic, and gritty -- I hate that word -- which seems to be the trend in fantasy. I hate that trend. I want fantasy to be enjoyable.

drizzt and catti brie relationship questions

Unfortunately, I don't get to be told more. We get character conflict, but the amount of time these characters get to be explored is much less than the time spent on fight scenes and drow politics. I felt there were minor character inconsistencies as well, but who knows.

I might be missing out on some character development from books before. All in all, it was an alright read. I finished it in one day if that says anything though I did skim pages of fight scenes halfway through.

Any fan of Drizzt or Zaknafein and Jarlaxle should definitely give this one a look. This is everything I wanted and more.