Draupadi and krishna relationship quizzes

Yajnaseni: The Story of Draupadi by Pratibha Ray

draupadi and krishna relationship quizzes

Long before Pandavas were into the picture, Draupadi sought Krishna. She wanted to marry him as Krishna was known to be the finest among. Q5. Who was the second wife of Pandu? A. Gandhari B. Madri C. Draupadi D. Sumitra Q6. What was relation between Arjun and Krishna?. And if we suspect their relationship because Krishna robed Draupadi when she was being disgraced by Dusshasana; I think it just shows how.

As to the observation Krishna had 16, wives please refer my post under the same name. Tardily she made approach, blushing with increasing loveliness, and appeared in the presence of the princes.

Mighty and high-born men were there. The Pandavas beheld in the galleries their enemies Duryodhana, Karna, and all the great Kauravas, and they p. Now the Pandavas were still disguised as Brahmans, and stood among the holy men.

draupadi and krishna relationship quizzes

An aged and white-haired Brahman, clad in white, approached the high altar, chanting mantras. He spread the holy grass and poured out oil; then he kindled the sacred fire, and the offering to the gods was blessed. Thereafter the thousand trumpets were sounded, and a tense silence fell upon the buzzing crowd. Whosoever can bend this bow, and strike with an arrow yonder whirling target set on high, may, if his lineage is noble, claim Draupadi for his bride. My words are truth! Their hearts were filled with love for the maiden and with hate for one another.

Rivals frowned upon rivals. Those who had been close friends became of a sudden angry enemies because that Draupadi was so beautiful.

draupadi and krishna relationship quizzes

Each of the love-sick monarchs gazed upon the mighty bow and upon the whirling target on high, and for a time no man sought to lift the bow lest he should be unable to bend it and then be put to shame. At length a rajah, more bold than the others, picked it up and tried his strength without avail; another followed and another, but failed to string it. Soon many rajahs strained their arms in vain, and some fell upon the ground and groaned, while the laughter of the people pealed around the barriers.

The gods had assembled in mid-air and looked down with steadfast eyes. At length proud Karna strode forward; he took the bow and bent it and fixed the bowstring.

Then he seized an arrow. Drupada and his son were alarmed, fearing he might succeed and claim the bride. Suddenly Draupadi intervened, for she would not have the son of a charioteer for her lord. She said, speaking loudly: He cast down the bow and walked away, gazing towards the sun. A buzz of merry voices arose from beyond the barriers. Meanwhile the Pandava brethren, disguised as Brahmans, looked on with the others.

Then suddenly silence fell upon everyone, for Arjuna p. The Brahmans applauded him, shaking their deerskins. He would not go forward if he were not confident of success. He strode forward like to a stately elephant and bared his broad shoulders and ample chest. He was nimble as a lion, and calm and self-possessed. Ere he lifted the bow, he walked round it; then he addressed a prayer to the gods.

He stood up unmoved and serene as a mountain peak, and he bent the bow and fixed an arrow in it. All eyes watched him.

Quiz on Mahabharat – The Indian Mythology

Historical accounts are subject to frequent disagreement and most of the disagreement are due to the fact that accurate history is difficult to obtain, for a variety of reasons.

Much information regarding the past has been lost. Many cultures have a rich oral history, but lack written documentations. A man cannot marry or love every woman whom he protects to save her from humiliation. We make friendship cheaper by comparing it to other relationships.

Quiz on Mahabharat

The principles of good relationships are universal. They apply not only to romantic relationships, but also to platonic friendship and business relationships. You can love a friend as a friend just as much as you would love your life partner as a life partner.

Krishna and Draupadi shared a great rapport; both of them were beautiful, talented, ambitious and capable humans. They shared the same ideals, morals and ideas and hence made great friends. Like great friends, they shared their hopes, fears and dreams together.

Clearly such a strong bondage needs to be unconditional. It is something which does not exactly fit into a stereotype of traditional and age-old companionship.

Like Krishna did — that unending supply of sari to Draupadi in the cheerharan. To me, Krishna and Draupadi symbolize this spirit of unconditional man-woman friendship. There are many versions described by many historians in which a sexual overtone is used to describe their camaraderie, but it is a fallacy.

Their friendship did not ever rise above their trust in each other.