Divergent tris and four meet

The Divergent Life: NEW: 'Divergent' Book "First Jumper" Scene - From Four's Perspective!

divergent tris and four meet

Divergent Trilogy - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 34, She meets Four after watching them all play Capture the Flag. Jul 8, What if Tris and Tobias became friends in Abnegation? They are the same age and will be going through initiation together. Starts when they. Assignment: I love the movie. I liked it a lot. I thought Tris was played very well. Exactly how I imagined her. I thought Four was going to be hotter and blonde.

I find it hard to fit in here, I'm not selfless enough. When you turn sixteen you take a test. A test that will determine which faction you belong in. The next day there is the choosing ceremony where you chose the faction you want to go to, you can stay in the faction you were raised in, or you can transfer to another faction. But once the choice is made it can't be undone. At the moment I am walking home from school. I'm walking on my own because my brother has a science club that he doesn't want me telling our parents about; he doesn't want them to think he is anything but selfless.

He only told me because I discovered the books hidden in his bedroom, which we, as Abnegation, aren't allowed to have. But he made me promise to keep it a secret. He'd do it for me. I'm walking through the factionless sector, which is for the people who don't belong in any faction, or they were kicked out because of a crime or whatever. I'm nearing the Abnegation sector; there are houses and crates around the place.

As I'm walking I can hear the sounds of someone crying, a child maybe. I walk in the direction of the crying and find myself in an alley way between some crates. At the end of the alley I see a young boy, maybe about my age, curled up in the corner, crying, he is wearing Abnegation clothes. I walk slowly over to him and kneel in front of him.

The boy looks up at me and I see his mesmerising dark blue eyes. Are you Marcus Eaton's son? I won't tell anyone else, I promise. My dad beats me sometimes as well, and my mum. He does it thinking I'll be more selfless, but it doesn't work, I find it hard to be selfless. He beats my mum because she sticks up for me.

divergent tris and four meet

They've always inspired me. But I'm probably too small and weak to do well there. I can help you. I have this secret hide out that no one else knows about where I go to train.

Divergent, Tobias's POV Chapter 6: The Meeting, a divergent trilogy fanfic | FanFiction

Maybe it could be our special place, where we train so we are fit enough for Dauntless initiation. Well, if you want to. Where is this special hideout? He stands up and I stand up to.

Selfless Love Chapter 1: First meeting, a divergent trilogy fanfic | FanFiction

Half an hour later we arrive at hall sort of thing with thick brick walls. The Dauntless used it for a few months whilst their gyms were being repaired and they left all of their equipment so I have been using it to train in secret. I usually come late at night. I leave the house through my bedroom window as there is a tree outside it.

If you want, I'll meet you outside your house, I mean you are Andrew Prior's daughter, right? There's a tree outside my window as well. What time do you want to meet? Everyone in Abnegation will be asleep by then. He's as anti-social as she is, and she's determined to break down his walls. Thanks for reading, and be sure to review! And Christina wants nothing more than her best friend's happiness. Currently a one-shot that is rated T for "minor suggestive adult themes" but might change to M if I add more chapters later.

I never had a chance to say that you saved me too. Set after Allegiant, so contains spoilers - full description inside. What if people thought she was dead though?

She is in the Bureau being tortured by David with her not so dead parents and Uriah. The first person they go to is Tobias. What happens when Tobias finds out everything Tris has been through?

I don't own Divergent. She meets Four after watching them all play Capture the Flag. When the attack on Abnegaton begins, who will Tris be able to trust? And will Four be able to trust her? Love, trust, heartache, and betrayal - it's all here. This is book 1 of a planned trilogy. Due to being raised by boys, she's more comfortable throwing a ball than playing dress-up and everybody knows it, too. When her boyfriend of two years gets sick of her baggy t-shirts and ripped jeans, he breaks it off with her for being too boyish.

Can Tris get some help from an enemy to win him back, or will she fall for someone else?

With Caleb away at school and no one to care for her except her best friend, Christina, Tris manages to get a job at a bar in town to make ends meet until Caleb's graduation. But what happens when she starts falling for a bartender with a troubled past? T - English - Romance - Chapters: I'm stunned by her bravery — she's standing up to Eric when no one else will.

divergent tris and four meet

And she's doing it for me. Al's perspective on the knife-throwing scene in "Divergent. A bunch of one shots done for fun on the different ways Tris and Tobias could possibly meet in the modern day. To be updated in between stories. I wrote this to make myself feel better. Maybe it will make you feel better, too. Updated after a reviewer pointed out an inconsistency in the story thank you, you know you are, Guest! Thank you all so much for the feedback!