Discipler and disciple relationship

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discipler and disciple relationship

Discipler-Disciple Relationship. I think it is about time to share my experience as a Discipler. Well the term 'Discipler' is not really a known. DISCIPLE-DISCIPLER RELATIONSHIP JESUS AND HIS DISCIPLES MATTHEW INTRODUCTION Jesus our ultimate discipler, is the one. There are only two kinds of people who cannot disciple, and that is one who is not through the Word, prayer, spiritual disciplines, and our Godly relationships.

As I always say, it will be hard for someone to teach something that is not true in his personal life. As Paul said in the book of 2 Timothy, to be an overseer or a deacon, one has to live an above reproach life. This means that a discipler should not be seen with anything that is spiritually unhealthy.

Though some people may accuse a discipler of doing something wrong, such thing can be proven by way of living. A discipler is to be a good example to the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. These are the things that disciples should see to his discipler. A Discipler Reproduce Himself 2 Timothy 2: We already have discussed earlier that a discipler reproduces himself by being imitated by his disciples.

While it is still a challenge, Paul made it clear as he wrote to Timothy, that he should be teaching reliable men who are able to teach others what he has received from Paul.

The Role of Disciplers and Disciples In Discipleship Process

This simply means that it is mandatory to all disciplers to pass on what they have learned. They need to teach people who are competent to teach others as well. And this is where the great challenge of discipleship lies. Though we all know these things, in reality, there are only very few people who commits themselves for discipleship.

Discipleship-Do-Nots: 10 Things a Discipleship Relationship Shouldn’t Be

Many of them refuse to do what their discipler is doing. But as discipler, we need to be consistent and focus on the things that Christ mandated us as his disciple. We need to be reproducing. I think the best way to resolve this issue is to go back again to the passage. We need to look for competent people who can also teach others. In Summary A discipler is someone who is involved in teaching, praying, modeling and reproducing.

He is someone who is a disciple of Christ and is actively participating in sharing the gospel to others. He is someone who teaches others to obey everything Christ Jesus has commanded.

He is someone who takes heed of the Great Commission. From the woman dawdling by the well to the tax collector dangling from a tree. Jesus called out and mentored the individual. He turned the beleaguered into the beautiful, the meager into the mighty, by pointing them to God and spotlighting their potential. I met with Matthew studying the book of Hebrews. New members came and some from the old group returned. Our group now meets with regular attendees although most of them as still absent but I still consider them part of the group.

But this contradicts the original definition of a disciple. Here comes the challenge. Discipleship's goal is to teach what the Bible is saying and guide each person to pursue Christ-likeness and have a godly lifestyle.

The Practices of Discipleship

This is however only possible if the disciple is present. It is difficult and almost impossible to develop this relationship if they or you do not spend time together. It was a lot easier for me to spend time with them when I attend Jzone now called Elevate every Saturday.

discipler and disciple relationship

As a discipler I invested my Time, Talents and Treasure for my group. Spending time is the best way to influence them. As a discipler your life should be these young people's model. They need to see that you apply what the Bible teach [Note: You don't need to be cool, hip, or be in so that your disciples will follow you]. What every discipler needs to do is to life a genuine christian's lifestyle.

If your main purpose is to glorify God and hate sin, because it offends God, then you don't need to be to conscious with your life. A discipler cannot fake his spiritual life. As a discipler, I needed to extend my hand to reach out to every individual. It was my responsibilities and should be my initiative to care for them. A discipler needs to know their disciples just like a shepherd who knows, understands his flock.

We typically try to come up with some type of short cut for success.

The Role of Disciplers and Disciples In Discipleship Process

However, in Him, there are no shortcuts. Maturity and discipleship are lifelong pursuits, and we are to always be growing and bettering ourselves through the Word, prayer, spiritual disciplines, and our Godly relationships. These are the tools. He is the means. You may ask, Why should I be willing to give up riches, comfort, fun and even friends to follow Christ as His disciple? When we read the gospels, especially Luke, we are given a very compelling motivation--the salvation and blessings that Jesus gives us.

These things are eternal, while what we give up are very limited and temporary. Giving up a smaller benefit for a superior one is smart and practical, both in business and in being a disciple of Christ!

If you are a church leader and feel this is just too much and you are feeling overwhelmed, remember it does not happen overnight, it takes a lifetime. If you are still unsure, then consider this. One of the main reasons people leave their church is they have no real relationships there!

Discipleship is the means for relationship building! We are designed for something more in life than just pursuing pleasures. That is why people who "have it all" still feel empty. God did not create any Lone Ranger Christians. He created us to be in community, in relationships with one another, and discipleship is the key to that community.

discipler and disciple relationship