Diplo and mia relationship with god

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diplo and mia relationship with god

Earlier today, Diplo hopped off of Twitter and Instagram to get his Reddit AMA ( Ask Me Anything) on, and we learned a lot from the Mad Decent. M.I.A. twists up 30 years of life and tries to spin them positive. What do you hope his relationship with the internet will be like? That's a bit . Coming back after so many years I was like, Oh my god, what does that mean, do I have to become a Hindu or something? Even Wes, Diplo, used to say that. If God really is a DJ, than Diplo must be quite divine. of a very fruitful collaboration and romantic relationship with M.I.A. for about 5 years. Through M.I.A. Diplo met producer Switch, who he ended up creating the Major.

Our continent is on the brink of war indeed, and MIA does not want to go to war against our neighbours to the north.

diplo and mia relationship with god

With the goal of re-establishing peace, here is MIA's position: We reiterate our point of view regarding our trade with TNT. Our honour is important to us, and we are insulted by your continuing accusations that we broke our deal: The original 7 Tiers treaty is not crystal clear as to whether the tech trading portion can be broken independently of the peace portion or not.

KISS sent an official letter to our gmail on January 4 stating clearly that the tech portion was cancelled. This lead us to believe that your interpretation was that the tech trading was independent of peace.

This interpretation of your official correspondence was confirmed in a chat on January 7.

diplo and mia relationship with god

At no time did anyone from KISS tell us that this was not the correct interpretation. If anyone from KISS wanted to disavow the official correspondence of January 4 or the statements made in that chat, there was ample opportunity to do so. It is beyond our control if the text of the chat was not made available for the other member of KISS to read and respond to. Though the 7 Tiers contained different possible interpretations, it was obvious to us which interpretation KISS had chosen because the tech trading portion was cancelled by the leaders of both teams in official correspondence.

We acted completely honourably in pursuing the trade with TNT. We are indeed disappointed about what our relationship has come to.

M.I.A. - Bird Song (Diplo Remix/Audio)

We have no desire to see war on our continent and remain very hopeful that it can be averted, especially since DNUTS now under Kuningas and TNT have declared an end to hostilities. He was bored out of his mind for some reason and I decided to talk to him.

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Zeb or Jahan or whatever looked at me like I was totally nuts and said: Diplo was indeed having intricate conversations with a model looking Asian girl.

Diplo looked up and I yelled in his ear that we met before in Miami and that I wanted to take a Polaroid picture of him. Diplo laughed and then I said that he really needed to come to the other side of the DJ booth because his friend Zeb aka Jahan wanted to go home.

  • Stream MIA's Final Album "AIM"
  • Pull Up the Sound: The Story Behind M.I.A.'s Innovative Producer
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Diplo replied that he would come asap. Then again, I was drunk, so it might have been quite the opposite.

diplo and mia relationship with god

Minutes later Diplo came to give the hotel key and Jahan was relieved he could exit the party. I have to say, it was super arrogant and bossy at the same damn time.

Diplo Is a Dick

I was so caught up with work that I only began working on the story 24h before the concert, which is, of course, extremely late.

I started to mail and contact all the people in my network that might be tied to Diplo.

diplo and mia relationship with god

I told Stijn that my contacts with Warner are not really tight and that I never really ended up working with them for this blog so Stijn was so nice to send a mail in my behalf to Warner and gave me that extra push in the back by kindly urging the label to help me with my request. Only seconds later Warner replied that it would be rather difficult but that they would do their best.

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The contact at Warner also told me that they would not be present at the concert but that a colleague would be on location and that this person would pitch my request to Diplo when they had the chance.

Anyway, I kept looking for angles and created a tiny little buzz on the internet, letting everybody and my readers know that I was on the hunt and Diplo was my prey.

diplo and mia relationship with god

This contact was a former intern at Sony and I remember her telling me that she was leaving Sony to go work for Warner. I quickly asked my contact at Sony to give me the mobile number of her former colleague.