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If you really want to know, the movie was fantastic. I told him that if he tried any funny stuff that I would find empty cups and throw them at his head. I mean, you nearly scared Dexter away when he came over for dinner. I was surprised he still wanted to go out with me after you chased him around our complex for an hour. Maybe I liked kissing him in the hallway. Oh yeah, and there was the time that we were about to go to bed in Cali and you grabbed his shoulder and said something about how I could go to sleep by myself.

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You had a fit because I was wearing a bikini. I was mad because Suzuki was wearing one. I'd know, I'm a guy.

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You said I could go when hell froze over. I'm just trying to protect her. For a moment, Jack thought about her question She didn't tell you? It's just that she's been so busy that I've just been letting her rest.

I mean, this is what she wanted to do and I don't want to take this away from her. It did bum him out that his fiance was always busy and spent most of her days off resting and getting ready to leave again. Akiza's mother is coming into town in a few days and the last even that Akiza has is the fashion show for breast cancer tomorrow.

After that, you'll be able to spend as much time with her as you want. When were on vacay she told Akiza that she would spend the four weeks before the wedding with her. The guys need to talk. Don't you flip me off, unless you want that finger chopped off. How long would we have until whomever cuts the lights back on?

The following morning, the gang all headed to the bridal and tuxedo shop for fittings. Akiza was excited to finally see her dress and the bridesmaid dresses. They decided on the colors a long time ago but never got to see them. Akiza's cousins, Demi and Sam, along with Kalin and Crow came as well. Demi had dark brown hair that was on the edge of black, blue-green eyes, and had a bit smaller figure compared to her cousins. Yusei noticed that Crow was staring at Demi for the last minute and smiled to himself.

Once the guys headed next door, Luna greeted the manager of the store. She's not really good at meeting people because she used to be picked on a lot. I still like guys. While Natasha went to find the dresses, Luna found it an opportunity to try and get to know Demi and Sam. Do you think he's cute? I'm not really good at talking to guys.

My advice is to always be yourself. Don't change who you are just to impress someone. Also, if you want to strike up a conversation, try to find a common interest. No guy would stare at a girl for more than a second if he didn't like her.

She couldn't tell what they looked like from them being in the plastic wrap, but she couldn't wait to see them. It was strapless and it came down to just above the knees. It had a black paisley thread as the design. It was strapless with a lavender paisley design on the corset and the bottom wasn't huge and poofy like all the other dresses in the store, but it also had a paisley design on it with a sparkly layer on top. I just can't believe that's my dress.

Let's go try it on. After stripping into her underwear, everyone helped Akiza get into her dress. For the finishing touch, Luna zipped up her dress. At the moment, Yusei was fixing his lavender colored tie while the other guys were still changing. He was the only one who remembered that they had to act civil. Even though the city and the Satellite were connected again, Yusei knew that they still had to act like they had some sense and manners.

I mean, I never knew I looked so good in purple and lavender. I don't know what you're talking about. That's when he gave himself away. Out of all the girls waiting outside, he kept staring at Demi. He was so infatuated with her beauty that he didn't realize that the other guys kept calling his name over and over. Our Crow's got a crush on Demi. She's probably like the rest of the city, they don't like people who have marks on them. Akiza knew this part of the city well. It's where she used to grow up when she was little She remembered that her parents would go to parties around the neighborhood they lived in and she would play with some of the kids.

As soon as the limo turned the corner, Akiza could see that there were tons of people surrounding a pink carpet, leading into a theatre looking complex. The paparazzi were taking pictures of all the fans at the event.

My first fashion show. As they all walked through the door, Akiza was shocked at how busy it was backstage. People were sitting in makeup chairs, making sure their dresses were fine, trying on shoes, and so on. I didn't know you were here," Akiza replied, happily hugging her, "Gosh, your baby bump is bigger. How far along are you? The greatest male actor of all time?

He paid the paparazzi not to publish pictures of the wedding. Sam and Cedric were waiting there and their expressions brightened. Geez, girl, you move like a fat kid. She was just talking to Misty. While Suzuki and Cedric worked on her hair, Akiza started having a conversation with Misty about things that were happening in their lives.

Are you two excited for the wedding? He really grew on me as we started dating. Have you been preparing for the baby? He's been trying to help me prepare for the baby too. He's set aside time before the delivery to spend time with me and him, along with my sister planned the baby shower.

I can't open my eyes. It's a Sara Kelley dress. After getting into her dress and shoes, Akiza heard more people coming into the audience. She assumed that the show was about to start.

Not that she realized it until that moment, she was incredibly nervous. This was her very first fashion show. Even though she constantly practiced walking during her freetime, she was scared she might fall at the end. Come on, you can do this, Akiza thought, while people were putting models in a line. Every year, some women die of this disease and this charity will allow us to give money to those who need treatment.

Let the show begin. While other models started taking off down the runway, Akiza continued to mentally calm herself down. Everything would be okay she kept reminding herself. Here goes nothing, Akiza thought, starting to strut. While she walked, she felt pretty good, nothing was nerve-wrecking.

She could hear Luna and the others cheering for her on the side. That made her even more happier. When she really thought about it, Akiza kind of liked striking poses while people snapped photos of her.

Before she had time to blink, it had been the finale of the show. Akiza had fun walking down the runway one last time with a whole bunch of female celebrities and models. As everyone got backstage, Akiza sat down in the same chair to rest her feet. She remembered at that moment that she wasn't used to wearing above a two inch heel. I mean, pink carpet party in twenty minutes. After the got into the limo to head to the after party, Akiza picked up her phone and called Yusei.

She knew she would be back home around nine that evening, but it didn't hurt to call him and tell him how she was doing. How was the show? Don't worry, you'll be back home soon. Don't go to the dark side! Today, I haven't had any food all day.

He's had like at least calories during breakfast and lunch. I just eat when I'm hungry, but then again I have high metabolism. As Akiza walked out the limo, she could see people screaming and waving their hands everywhere, cheering for their favorite celebrities. She could also hear the press and what not saying her name and taking pictures for the magazines. Before she knew it, there was a small woman, who stood about five feet who was wearing a little black dress and five inch heels, but had a huge microphone with her.

The last time she had been interviewed is when she was applying for college. Her grades were really high that they put her on the dean's list. Thank you for your time. After being interviewed and posing for the camera a few more times, Akiza and the others walked into the party. Inside there were so many different shades of pink. Some were light and soft, others were bright and noticeable. I mean, you pretty much are the only kids here.

You guys have fun. Suzuki and I will be riding around in the limo. If a girl was hitting on my boyfriend, I would totally lose it. Oh yeah, why isn't your guy here? I'm not all up his ass. Ignoring Jack's inconsiderate comment, Akiza took a bite into a piece of sushi.

She wished that Yusei was there. It kind of made her feel like a third wheel since Carly and Jack were busy cuddling with each other. I wish Yusei were here I was trying to find you but I kept getting mobbed by love-sick fans.

They just wrinkled my shirt a little, but nothing too drastic. I'll drive you to the station now. You can get the train back to London. And you can come and collect your car at the weekend, if you're sober by then. Perhaps you'll be able to talk sensibly to your mother then, too.

And he wouldn't talk to him on the way to the station. But as Dexter was getting out of the car, the older man held his arm. And now she's very upset. She hasn't long to live, you must know that. If you come here drunk again, I won't let you into the house to see her. Do you understand me? I won't open the door to you. When he was waiting for the train he tried to phone Emma.

He left a message on her answer phone. He asked if they could meet later that evening. He said he'd call again. When he got back to his flat and called again, Dexter still got the answer phone. I'll try again later. Emma didn't get any of Dexter's phone messages that evening because she wasn't at home.

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She was walking to the nearby Underground station. She was on her way to an Italian restaurant in Covent Garden where she was going to meet Ian Whitehead.

Emma had only seen Ian a few times since she had left Loco Caliente to train as a teacher, but they were still friends. They sometimes talked on the phone. And tonight he had invited her to meet him for dinner. They had been friends for three years, but Emma had never slept with Ian.

She knew that he wanted to sleep with her. She liked him, but did she want to sleep with him too? She didn't know and she wondered now how the evening was going to end. At the station, Emma bought a ticket and waited for her train. Soon, it arrived and Emma boarded it. She sat and thought about how her life had changed since she had met Ian.

She no longer shared a flat with Tilly Killick. Now she lived on her own in the small rented flat in Earls Court. And now she was ready for a new career. Tomorrow she was going to an interview for a job as a teacher of English and Drama. The job was in a comprehensive school in Leytonstone, in a poor part of East London. Emma was very confident about this job.

She had enjoyed her year at teacher training college and she knew that she was going to be a brilliant teacher. Yes, her life had changed. But Emma knew that her character had changed too. She no longer had a strong opinion about everything that happened in the world. Sometimes, she could even see that there were two sides to any argument. Perhaps I'm ready to compromise. She hoped that this was the beginning of a pleasant evening.

Later, she'd decide about what was going to happen next. They ordered food and wine and Ian started to talk. He seemed very nervous and Emma tried to help him to relax. But an hour later - at about the time Dexter was leaving his second message on her answer phone - Emma was feeling desperate. Ian had been trying much too hard to make her laugh. She guessed that he was practising his stand-up comedy act on her. The problem was that everything he said was a joke and it was impossible to have a conversation with him.

This was driving her crazy. She guessed that Ian was feeling desperate too. Everything he said made the evening worse. In part of her mind Emma wanted to leave and go home. But in another part of her mind she felt terribly sorry for Ian.

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It was clear to her that he wasn't a good comedian and that his ambition to have a career in stand-up was just a dream.

At last, she couldn't listen to any more bad jokes. Will you just shut up! After a few minutes of silence, he asked quietly, 'Do you see your friend Dexter much these days?

He's busy with his TV career and his girlfriends - you know what Dexter's like. He's always been a bit crazy and now he's a bit more crazy, I think. His mother is seriously ill and he's drinking far too much. Then, after a pause, he said, 'To be honest I never liked him much. I always thought that he took you for granted. Then Ian spoke again. Outside the restaurant, Emma turned to Ian and kissed him.

She had decided that tonight, she was ready to compromise. And when Dexter phoned Emma's number again at midnight, there still wasn't anyone at home. Emma was at Ian Whitehead's and she was going to stay there until morning.

Dexter was now feeling desperate. So he called another number. I need you tonight. Can you find a taxi and come to my flat?