Describe antonio and bassanios relationship test

describe antonio and bassanios relationship test

At the beginning of the play, we learn that Bassanio is eagerly desirous of going to Belmont, Portia's home. In his conversation with Antonio in Act 1, Scene 1. That Antonio and Bassanio are very good friends gets clear right from the initial scenes. So, he asks him to borrow from any one in Venice in his name and go and see Portia. Another proof of Antonio and Bassanio’s deep friendship comes in scene 3 of Act 1 when the two are before. Start studying ENGLISH// the merchant of Venice test. Learn vocabulary, terms How would you describe Antonio and bassanios relationship? Dedicated and.

She promises to provide Bassanio with as much wealth that he can repay twenty times the debt. The debt of the friend is really big and Bassanio postpones his marriage.

Things turn around when Portia intervenes. It gets clear that both the friends are really loyal to each other. It is not like Antonio is making all the sacrifices and Bassanio is using him to find his love.

describe antonio and bassanios relationship test

Had it been so, Bassanio would not have postponed his marriage to return and see Antonio. Antonio is a honest young gentleman who believes in fair business and is equally kind hearted.

describe antonio and bassanios relationship test

Bassanio is also a true friend whose conscience is being weighed down with guilt. He remains honest in his friendship with Antonio and stands by his side till the end when things take a comic turn and the friends win the case against Shylock.

Their friendship reveals that both are honest and honorable characters, true to their word. He compares himself with Jason and his quest for the Golden Fleece.

describe antonio and bassanios relationship test

He beseeches Antonio to back this venture knowing he is not likely to be refused by his generous benefactor. Indeed, Antonio, despite the fact that his capital is already at risk elsewhere, gives him a letter of credit and wishes him well.

Later Antonio enters the rialto to assure Shylock that he will be bound for the 3, ducats Bassanio wishes to borrow.

Antonio has belittled and harassed Shylock in public, and he loathes him because when Christian friends of his owed money to the Jews he paid off the debts, thus depriving them of their interest. Act 2 Antonio makes a brief appearance in this act in scene 6 when he runs into Gratiano and tells him he has twenty people out looking for him.

He goes on to say there will be no masque and that Bassanio is at that moment preparing to leave for Belmont to woo Portia. Act 3 We hear no more from Antonio until after Bassanio wins the hand of the wealthy Portia by correctly guessing which of three caskets holds her portrait. Gratiano proposes to Nerissa, Portia's maid in waiting and friend. In the midst of his merrymaking he receives a letter detailing Antonio's misfortune.

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None of the ships have returned to port and as such he has no funds to pay the bond with. His flesh is forfeit to the Jew who is intent on having it.

describe antonio and bassanios relationship test

He insists he does not regret helping Bassanio and even does not wish him to feel guilty. He only asks him to come and attend his death so that he can see him one last time.

describe antonio and bassanios relationship test

Bassanio, along with Gratiano, rushes off with three times the amount owed and his wife's blessing. The gentlemen leave in such a rush that they cannot consummate their marriages. Antonio, with Solanio and the jailer in attendance, tries to reason with Shylock and convince him to stop pursuing payment of the flesh, but to no avail.

Further angered by the elopement and conversion of his daughter Jessica to one of Antonio's Christian friends, Shylock is more determined than ever on revenge. Shylock looks to the law to allow him to fulfill in a legal manner his murderous intent.

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Antonio is not optimistic about his chances remarking that "The Duke cannot deny the course of law. The Prince of Morocco calls her "the fairest creature northward born". She is bound by her father's will to marry the man who chooses correctly between a gold, silver and lead casket - one contains her portrait. Our first impressions of Portia, as she describes her suitors to Nerissa, show that she is witty and quick-thinking.

What does Antonio and Bassanio’s friendship reveal about their characters?

However, she also shows a racist attitude in her comments: Remember, however, that this attitude would probably not have shocked Shakespeare's original audiences. He boasts of having received "fair speechless messages" from her eyes, which hints of her feelings for him. She is nervous when as he chooses a casket, fearing to lose him. She tells him "I stand for sacrifice".

Is she joking, or is this another way of showing her love for Bassanio?

She is delighted when he chooses the right casket and appears worried that she will not come up to Bassanio's expectations: