Chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

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chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

Author's Note: Alright, so I'm a huge Chucky and Tiffany fan and seriously wishing that Chucky and Tiffany's first meeting (heck, their whole. Chucky and Tiff. A/N: This is my first Chucky and Tiffany fic. It's about how they met and may to when she found out about his death. Chapter. Lately Tiffany wanted to spend more time with him which, he didn't mind. cleaned up, Chucky and Eddie drove to the Diner to meet Tiffany.

The sick bastard was probably down at the local bar, drinking away his guilt as he always did each day. Oh how Tiffany Valentine hated her father and all the things he put her through; making young Tiffany's life filled with pain and fear.

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She was only ten years old. A child her age shouldn't have to worry about such things, but she did.

Seed Of Chucky; Impregnation to Birth

Although, she was pretty use to it by now though. It was just the same endless day to day routine of her life.

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

But that still didn't take the fear and hatred away, no matter how much she was use to it. It wasn't fair; her older sister never had to deal with such pain.

Sure, her parents didn't treat Jessica like a princess or anything close to it, but it always seemed like they favored her over Tiffany, as if Jessica was their angel child. Their mother would always say, 'Once is a blessing, twice is a curse. Tiffany sighed as she finally got out of bed and got dressed. Today was her first day at a new school, and Tiffany didn't want to be late, though she hated everything about school.

She never had any real friends before, but she figured she'd rather go to school than to spend another second in her own Hell she was forced to call her home. As she trudged her way downstairs, she saw her mother, sitting on the living room couch; smoking a cigarette and drinking down another bottle of vodka, as always. The woman's lips formed into a hateful sneer, revealing her rotten yellowed teeth, which matched the same color of the dirty stains that were on her old nightgown. She slowly put out her cigarette in the ashtray beside her as she glared at her youngest daughter, "I don't think so.

You're going to run down to the store and get more drinks before you even think about going anywhere! Tiffany sighed, "But mom, today's my first day at a new school, I can't be late! Besides, I can't buy alcohol anyway, I'm only ten! I swear, once is a blessing, twice is a curse.

I have to go to school," Tiffany said as she tried to hastily make her over to the front door, only to be stopped by her mother's voice again. The woman growled harshly. A woman spends all day slaving over a hot stove for her man, the least he can do is the dishes!

I'll do them as soon as I get back home from school, mom. I promise," Tiffany answered quickly, trying desperately to leave the house. Just as Tiffany was about to open the front door, her mother stopped her again. The young child slowly turned towards her mother, "Yes, mom?

Her mother would always tell her that same, meaningless sentence every time she stepped out of their old trailer house.

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

Tiffany didn't believe in love; hell, she was only ten years old. The only love she was given was the unwanted love from her father. Love would never set her free from this ongoing madness. This is Tiffany Valentine. I trust you all will make her feel welcomed. It was a 6 hour journey from her hometown, Cherryville, to Hackensack. But since it had been so uncomfortable, it felt like a lot longer.

But it was all worth it to get her fresh start. She'd just turned 22 a week before, and decided she was sick of living with her judgmental family mother in particular. They suspected her of being "not right in the head" because she was interested in serial killers, goth and the occult, though she thought they were perfectly normal interests. Tiffany limps around, looking for any sign of her friend Michelle St. She and Michelle had worked together at a department store in Cherryville for a few years, and kept in touch after Michelle moved to Hackensack.

A few months ago over the phone, Michelle mentioned how her landlord was raising the rent-yet again- and wasn't sure how she was going to keep up with it. And since Tiffany wanted to leave home, she came up with the idea of them being roommates so they could split the cost of rent. So here they were. A woman with wavy brown hair, wearing a floral print shirt tied at the waist and high waisted pants, is standing on her tip toes waving her arms around. Michelle sees her struggling and zigzags through people until she reaches her.

How was your trip? Well, at least it's over now. But her mother would never approve. Hair dyeing, excessive amounts of make up, piercings, tattoos, anything like that was off limits in the Valentine household. Nothing was ever good enough for her. But here in Hackensack, Tiffany knew she could be herself.

No more hiding who she was. It was weird for Michelle, because "dolled up" was the only way she'd ever seen Tiffany.

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

I figured, 'what am I getting all dressed up for when all I'm doing is getting on a bus? There are already large differences between Cherryville and Hackensack, from the size, to the people, everything.

A large burst of flame followed by thick black smoke erupts from the hood of the van. Michelle stomps on the brake, bringing everything to a sudden, screeching halt.

She gets out and lifts the hood, unleashing more smoke. Using their purses, they frantically wave the smoke away. I just took this thing to the shop last month! At least they were on a side road, so they weren't blocking traffic.

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

He's a friend of mine I'll be right back! Hopefully this Eddie guy could pull through. All she wanted to do was get in a tub full of warm water and bubble bath, and just soak for a really long time.

It's not long at all before a shiny red Ford Mustang pulls up. A guy with a five o'clock shadow and curly brown hair gets out.

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Your engine is burnt out. Looks like it overheated. Okay fine, we just need to help Tiffany get her stuff back to my place. This was a van, but Eddie only had the Ford Mustang.

chucky and tiffany meet fanfiction

Eddie shakes his head. Somebody might come along and steal it. We're gonna need some help anyway movin' my van off this road. What about that friend of yours, Charles? But he really had nothing to worry about. Tiffany was intrigued now. This Chucky sounds like a real bad boy He's the biggest asshole I've ever met in my life. You can do a lot better than him, he's not worth the time or the trouble. But he's got a Dodge, don't he? What makes you think he'll do somethin' for you and some stranger?

Where the fuck are you? What the heck is a good game without beer n' pork rinds?! The friend's got a shit ton o' luggage and I can't fit it all in my car. You know I've been wantin' to get back with Shells for a while now! Plus she needs help movin' her car!

This could score me some big points! Eddie tries desperately to come up with something that will make Chucky want to help. Her friend's cute," Eddie offers, knowing it's been a while since the last time Chucky had a date. Well, it ain't a total lie I mean she ain't blonde like Chucky likes 'em, but That's chump change, I got more than that off the homeless guy I sliced up the other night Did you say we're moving Michelle's car too?

Just get your ass down here. Don't give it to him, Tiffany. He knows what he was about to say would hurt.