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Revolution's Tracy Spiridakos Talks Charlie and Monroe 'Weirdness,' Tracy Spiridakos about the future of “Charloe” and her relationship with. Author has written 2 stories for Revolution, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Pen Name: RevolutionNCISLALover What do you think of this quiz? S2/E4 right after those morons drug Charlie and Monroe swoops in to save her. . Bass has re united with Miles, Charlie has finally gotten together with Jason, together they are. Sneak peek of Revolution episode "The Stand. Find out with our quiz >>. Monroe almost takes out Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and the rest of the rebels the Miles and Rachel relationship, given that Rachel was married to.

It also allows for Revolution to try and offer some insight into what the survivors of the blackout have been going through for the last 15 years. Nevertheless, Aaron and Maggie at least have a purpose now that exists beyond simply tagging along and staring in awe as Miles slays half a dozen men while in handcuffs. Charlie however, isn't so lucky; she's stuck playing No. As it turns out, the chain gang to which Nora's been sentenced is actually all part of her plan to retrieve a sniper rifle carried by the warden who's like a little homage to Boss Godfrey from Cool Hand Luke.

After Miles' rescue efforts actually stymie Nora's attempt to secure the weapon, it's up to Charlie to step up to the plate and become a more active member of the group beyond telling her uncle he can't kill all the guys he wants to kill.

In getting a hold of the sniper rifle, the trio manages to free the rest of the militia's chain gang, and in doing so, further illustrate the scope of the ongoing conflict between the Monroe Militia and the rebellion hoping to restore the United States. It's in the reaction of Neville Giancarlo Esposito to the presence of the American flag in the home of the gun owner's that the series' larger, more interesting narrative thread is revealed. After a while and possibly already the question of how the lights went out and whywill not be enough to fuel interest in the show and its characters' quest.

But the idea of a larger conflict set against the mystery of the blackout gives hope that any resolution of current plotlines — like rescuing Danny Graham Rogers — will give rise to a more sustainable, involving story that gives characters like the Matheson siblings a reason to make more of an impact within the group and the overall Revolution storyline.

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Though he's only seen a little in 'Chained Heat,' Danny manages to help provide a better understanding of his captor, Capt. As he was in the premiere, Giancarlo Esposito is exciting to watch, and makes Neville's diligence in carrying out the search and seizure of a man's house and weapons, and later assisting in the death of his own wounded soldier to be something that's a pleasure to watch, instead of a mere distraction from the body count Miles is racking up.

The episode makes sure to tack on plenty of forced intrigue as it draws to a close, doubling up on last-minute cliffhangers by introducing Randall, a faceless, cattle prod-wielding nemesis for necklace-owner Grace Maria Howelland revealing that Rachel is actually still alive.

And that I will stop at nothing until he's crawling at my feet, three arrows piercing his chest. I think that sums up our relationship pretty well, don't you think? Rachel has been keeping a secret for far too long but will she reveal the truth? And after a mission to take out a high priority target Charlie gets into some trouble, will Miles be able to save her in time and how will they handle Rachel's bombshell?

The Unexpected by CaptainSparrow09 reviews After a surprising discovery in Philadelphia, Miles makes a decision that will change the group for good and causes Nora and Rachel to struggle with each other on the road to North Carolina. Meanwhile, Nora indulges Charlie by explaining her history with Miles. Unidentified package reviews So I'm not going to upload on this story for a while, I just can't come up with the next chapter, I will finish it I just don't know when.

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Coulson's team are sent on a mission to receive a package. What they didn't know is that the package is a child.

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Why does Ward come out bloody and beaten from a simple mission and what secrets does this child have. T - English - Chapters: Simmons, OC Revolution my story reviews Bass has re united with Miles, Charlie has finally gotten together with Jason, together they are fighting to stop Tom and the Militia.

What will happen when Charlie's life is on the line and an unexpected person comes to save her?