Charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship goals

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charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship goals

Erik Lensherr - shows the relationship he had with Charles Xavier. This Pin was discovered by Dandré Faurestur. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Professor X and Magneto have a long and storied past that makes their relationship a difficult one to define. They've known each other for decades and began.

Charles helps Erik overcome a lot of his past anger and pain by using his telepathy. Notably, Charles waits for Erik to give him permission before accessing sensitive memories, after which both men are in tears and Erik manages to exude more power than he thought possible. It is quite likely the most intimate scene between the two men in the film, and they even show some physical affection afterward although nothing that would cross any eyebrow-raising lines, unfortunately.

This is usually the case in cinema where there are two close male characters — and no, this kind of physical contact is not always gay. There are several scenes of Charles and Erik working together and speaking together in intimate environments.

They play chess in a sequestered room — a scene that is potently that of as romantic. Obvious, but hilariously brilliant.

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship goals

Watching the relationship between Erik and Charles bloom is interesting. Charles further rejects a potential sexual relationship with her when she confronts him, nude in her natural blue form and he reacts with disgust.

Erik Lehnsherr (Earth-295)

Of course the strip club scenario normalizes the scene, but why was having Erik and Charles in bed with one another whilst sharing a sexual experience necessary? It seems to be a technique of displacement of their transparent desire for one another. It is also important in this scene that neither Charles nor Erik is interested in Angel in a sexual capacity.

Later in the film, Erik violently ties Emma Frost to a bedframe after pursuing her and finding her in a sexual situation with a Russian officer, and although the scene itself is incredibly sexual just as Emma Frost is another idealized female characterErik ends up nearly killing her.

This aligns her as more or less a female alternative to Charles, which Erik still rejects. Charles rejects the advances of Raven, as well. This is a tricky one since he and Raven essentially operate as siblings. It is alluded to that Erik may have slept with Raven, but when he gets to his room to find her in his bed, he engages in a brief conversation with her and then the scene is cut. In the end when Charles suffers the accident that will leave him partially paralyzed, it is worth noting that Erik immediately blames the female CIA agent who operates with them as a secondary character throughout the filmMoira.

He is, in short, attacking the very idea of desirable femininity and the pressure to be in a heterosexual relationship. Ultimately, Erik and Charles have somewhat divergent goals and completely divergent philosophies. Erik is jaded, cynical understandably so — his character is fantastically sympathetic in this regard throughout the film, and I was left championing his viewwhile Charles is a young idealist, untouched by the same persecution and abuse that Erik suffered.

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship goals

I can only tell you that I - that we - cannot create this better place without you. At first Erik calling himself Magnus at the time came to have many discussions with Charles about the future of mutants on Earth and the coming conflict between them and baseline humans.

However, history would take a different turn thanks to the time travelling David HallerXavier's future son on Earth Haller attempted to change his own world's history by trying to kill Magnus before he would become the mutant terrorist he was on his world.

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In travelling back in time, David also inadvertently brought a group of X-Men creating the divergence between Earth and Earth [2]and destabilizing all existence.

Haller and the X-Men were struck with amnesia, with David being placed in the hospital that Charles and Magnus worked at. In the final battle, Legion attempted to slay Magnus but Xavier jumped in the way, getting killed by his own son.

X- Men: Erste Entscheidung

This caused Legion and the X-Men except for the previously time displaced Bishop to be erased from existence. With his best friend dead, Magnus vowed to follow Xavier's dream of creating peace between humans and mutants.

In the aftermath of the battle, Magneto's future foe Apocalypse was inspired by the televised battle between Legion and the X-Men to begin his quest to cull the weak from the world.

Building a massive headquarters located on Wundagore MountainMagneto took in many mutants and taught them how to use their powers and trained them to be his soldiers to battle against Apocalypse. Magneto also took in the young Rogue from Mystiquea young mutant who's absorption powers endowed her with magnetic powers similar to his own.

Apocalypse soon showed his hand by accompanying his Horsemen in attacking Cape Citadel for the purposes of unleashing it's nuclear weapons on the human population. Magneto led his fellow X-Men in preventing the capture of Cape Citadel. With all his most experienced students gone, Magneto's base was open for attack by Apocalypse's son Nemesis who decimated the complex and killed many including the Scarlet Witch.

Magneto and the others prevented Apocalypse from succeeding in capturing Cape Citadel, Magneto being able to force the eternal mutant into retreat. The victory proved to be a hollow one as he returned home to the ruins of his headquarters to find his daughter dead.

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Along the way Magneto avenged his daughter by critically wounding Nemesis, stripping away all his flesh and forcing him to live in a life containment armor, Nemesis then change his name to Holocaust. Magneto developed a strong relationship with Rogue and an equally strong friendship with Gambit.

What we also see in X-Men: First Class is the clash of opinions on how mutantkind should fall in the social hierarchy of the world. For example, Charles believes that mutants should coexist peacefully alongside humans, despite the abuses that they have suffered from humans in the past. Erik has already been at the mercy of other human men, as he was a survivor of a Nazi death camp, and believes that the only way for mutantkind to prosper is to dominate the human race with their natural born gifts.

Quite a bloody one, in fact. In their battles against each other, Magneto and Professor X do not hold back on account of past alliances. In the movie X2, when Charles is captured, Erik joins forces with the X-Men to go and rescue the professor only to turn on them all in the end.