Burke and cristina meet again someday

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burke and cristina meet again someday

Cristina still had her back towards dr. Burke. And dr. Burke, Owen noticed, was There, standing in front of him, was the woman he had never met but that he could now see. .. Maybe someday she would walk down the aisle and say I do. Since the title of this episode is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back board meeting – minus Jackson – at which he encourages Cristina .. I think this a great exit for Christina and leaves the door open for her tor return one day. Meredith kept in touch with Cristina but never got to see her, Owen tried t. Cristina: It's Teddy's heart transplant, okay honey I'll see you later, bye girls. Dr. Hunt.

Today if you become frightened instead become inspired. Put me to sleep. I wore a diaper yesterday, yes - and I will wear one today. If it helps Dr. Shepherd get through the surgery, I will wear a diaper.

My diaper is awesome. My diaper is hard-core. You wish you had the balls to wear my diaper. I'm gonna wear it, and I'm gonna wear it with pride.

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And if I have to pee in it? Because I am a surgeon. And I will do what needs to be done. So you can kiss my hard-core, diaper wearing ass. No, no, whoa whoa whoa whoa! Even the most minor disturbance could cause him to make a mistake on that patient - a patient who happens to work here, and whose life I personally would like to see Dr.

burke and cristina meet again someday

Not today chief, not on my watch. The high, the rush, the thrill of the cut. For me it was the quiet. It exists in moments. Gone before we even knew it was there.

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Everyday we all experience these moments of peace. And finally let them go. Invest in Love [6. Your heart starts to race.

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Your fingers go numb. Responsible for whether or not that child survives, has a future. This is not general surgery on a miniature scale. These are the tiny humans. They believe in magic. There is fairy dust in their IV bags.

burke and cristina meet again someday

They hope, and they cross their fingers, and they make wishes, and that makes them more resilient than adults. They recover faster, survive worse. Maybe I can help.

No, no you can't. Because as long as you're standing there breathing over my shoulder, I feel like I'm operating on a stack of dollar bills, 25 million dollar bills, and what I need to be invested in right now is this kid, so please, get the hell out of my O. I love you too. But you have to be willing to take a chance. You have to understand, you might lose it all. But if you take that chance, if you invest wisely, the payoff might just surprise you.

Stand still for a second, and you'll be left behind. But as hard as we try to move forward, as tempting as it is to never look back, the past always comes back to bite us in the ass. And as history shows us again and again, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

He needs a spinal tap. His falling could have burst an aneurysm and some bleeds show up on a spinal tap that don't on the CT. And some doctors enjoy torturing patients because they messed up and don't know what they're gonna do with the rest of their lives. You are the one that got me fired. You owe me this, you little bitch.

burke and cristina meet again someday

Unless of course you want me to find that snotty Reed, what's her name? Tell her how much you love her. Oh I'm so sorry, I sent the Chief into surgery. Do you want me to- Adele: What I want is for you to tell me the truth. Are you having an affair with my husband? I am not having an affair with your husband! I saw the way you handled him just now. You spend every waking moment together, you finish each others sentences, you read each others minds. You're more married to that man than I am.

Yeah, but that's just because they're husband and work-wife. The Chief's your work-husband and you're his work-wife. You look out for each other, you take care of each other, there's nothing wrong with it, it's like me and Sloan.

Nobody's talking to you. He's my work-husband but he has a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend, but nothing going on between us. I mean, there was at one point Neither one of you are helping. Adele, I promise you there is nothing going on.

Something is going on because he hasn't been in his bed all week. The last time he acted like this, disappearing, sleeping at the hospital every night, he was with Ellis Grey. He may not be having an affair with you- Bailey: He's not, I promise you.

I promise you, he's not. But wife-wife to work-wife, someone in this hospital is sleeping with our husband. So are you back or Oh did you want me to come back? Cause you told the Chief you had serious doubts about my abilities to be here. You went behind my back and told the Chief I wasn't ready to be here. He was making cuts, I was protecting you. You got me fired Alex.

Is that what you think? This job was the one thing I had left, the one thing, and you took that away from me. You interfered and got me fired. I have forgiven you for a lot Alex. I've had to forgive you for a lot, but I cannot forgive you for this.

You made an assumption. You decided I did something. You didn't hang around to talk. I am your husband and you didn't give me the benefit of the doubt. So you know what? I can't forgive you either. And sometimes the past is something we'll do anything to forget. And sometimes we learn something new about the past that changes everything we know about the present.

I used it until my fingers bled, and then I tried to use it to stitch up my fingers. It put me on the path to becoming a surgeon. My point is sometimes the best gifts come in really surprising packages. I'll split it with you. I have a teenager at home. What if she wants to go to college? Have you met her? All right I'm in. How did Kelsey do? Er, girl with no heart.

I had to do a laparoscopic bowel repair while the poor thing was awake on the table. Miranda, mind your manners. I'm kind of with her when she says it's because she doesn't want to work for him -- she wants to be him. But as this episode and the last have already established, Cristina has definitely reached the limits of what she's going to be able to achieve back at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Is she likely to get other offers based on her research, even though she didn't win the award? But this offer is now, and if she really wants to be Burke someday, maybe working for him is the way to get there, eventually, regardless of their personal issues?

burke and cristina meet again someday

Burke says he could never work with Cristina again either. Let's backtrack for a second: Cristina does get a line disputing this, but just on the basis that he doesn't know her or her needs anymore and not, for example, that maybe Burke is only speaking for himself, and that there are lots of high achievers who are happy to be married to other high achievers who choose to remain in their jobs even after they have kids, and isn't this kind of bullshit attitude maybe part of what made him decide not to marry Cristina?

Burke says he couldn't work with Cristina because he'd just fall in love with her again and wreck his family.

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Maybe if we found out this was coming from Mrs. Burke because she is not a character but an abstract idea: The Opposite Of Cristina, a.

Burke's actually offering Cristina his job.