Buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

Here, as Buffy and Angel make out in graveyards and Xander and fun, and Xander's spontaneous declaration that “I'm gonna marry that girl” while he watches Anya do her dance of capitalist superiority is one of that relationship's most .. Still, it's fun to watch this as a sort of alternate-history version of the. Buffy/Angel vs Buffy/Spike is just the beginning. The worst thing about Buffy and Riley's relationship was the way it diminished Buffy. stopped feeling that way, right up until their wedding day when he left her at the altar. The history between them is palpable when Spike shows up in Sunnydale, and all. "Sanctuary" is episode 19 of season 1 in the television show Angel. Co-written by Tim Minear and series creator Joss Whedon and directed by Michael Lange, it was originally broadcast on May 2, , on the WB network. In "Sanctuary", guest star Sarah Michelle Gellar returns as Buffy, who has and unlike her relationship with Angel, she can trust her new boyfriend.

Though Faith is genuinely sorry for what she has done, Buffy is unwilling to forgive her. One of the Council members attacks Buffy and Faith as another hovers above the roof in a helicopter. Inside the apartment, Wesley stabs Weatherby with the syringe while Angel runs upstairs and as the two Slayers seek cover against their attackers, Angel bursts through the roof skylight and gets inside the helicopter.

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

Detective Kate Lockley, guided by Lindsey's information, arrests Angel for harboring the fugitive Faith. When Angel and Kate, with Wesley and Buffy in tow, arrive at the police station, they are surprised to see Faith is voluntarily confessing to her crimes. Later, Buffy admits to Angel how hard it was for her to see Faith with him.

Angel counters by saying it was not about Buffy, it was about saving Faith's soul. Buffy proceeds to explain that she had come because he was in danger, but Angel knows that she was merely using this as an excuse to get revenge on Faith, which she does not deny. Buffy lashes out by telling Angel she has someone else in her life, and unlike her relationship with Angel, she can trust her new boyfriend.

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

In response, a furious Angel launches a tirade against Buffy, reminding her that, while it's great that she has moved on, he himself cannot and has no one to share his pain, climaxing when he informs Buffy that they lead their own separate lives now and that she has no right to just show up with her "great new life" and tell him how to do things before harshly ordering her to go back to Sunnydale.

Buffy complies after a slight hesitation, complaining that "Faith wins again". As soon as she is gone Angel regrets his harsh words and decides to head to Sunnydale to make his own amends. Meanwhile, Faith manages to find peace in her jail cell.

15 Secrets Only True Fans Know About Buffy And Angel’s Relationship

Production details[ edit ] Production designer Stuart Blatt said that filming this episode was challenging due to scheduling problems with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Just a few days before shooting, they learned Gellar would not be available to work outside on the night the scene was supposed to be filmed.

Sunnydale The Slayer arrives in Sunnydale. She moves to her new school, Sunnydalehigh. Buffy makes new friends, Willow and Xander. Buffy meets Angel, who helps her fight evil. Buffy and Angel fall in love with each other. Buffy gets her new watcher, Giles. Sunnydale Darla, Angel's ex, tries to kill Buffy with a gun, since she was jeleaous of Buffy and Angel's relationship. Angel stakes Darla on the back, and saves Buffy.

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

Sunnydale The Master has risen from underneath the Hellmouth. Buffy fights The Master. The Master uses his powers to control her. He drinks her blood, and drowns her in the water. Buffy's companions Xander and Angel find her.


When Buffy was dead, Kendra, the next slayer was called to take her place. Buffy fights The Master, and defeats him. Jamaica Kendra's watcher sends Kendra to Sunnydale, to investigate the mystic happenings in The Hellmouth.

Sunnydale Spike and Drusilla arrive to find a cure for Dru. Spike tries to kill Buffy, but is defeated many times. Sunnydale Kendra arrives to Sunnydale. Kendra spots Buffy and Angel kissing. Kendra tries to kill Angel, since he was a vampire. Buffy corrects Kendra, and later the two save him.

Buffy and Kendra start to mock each other. At the end, Kendra and Buffy become great friends. Kendra moves back to Jamaica. Angel rarely showed up on Buffy, reprising his role for the series finale and one other dramatic moment but Buffy never made her back to Angel. The reason for keeping the two apart was about as boring as it can be imagined-- contract negotiations.

For its first five seasons Buffy was on one network, The WB. When Angel launched as a spin-off during Buffy season 4, it obviously called the same network home. Yet after Buffy season 5, the flagship series moved to new network UPN. Even though Buffy and Angel were still taking place in the same universe, it became a huge headache to negotiate between the rival networks about which actors could appear on what series. Angel and Buffy would only crossover when it was deemed "necessary. Angel relied on Buffy a little heavily in the early offing.

This reunion happens off-camera, on both series. Angel and Buffy have a phone conversation, on their respective series. Ultimately, the characters are left in just as much dark as the audience. In all honesty, this is superior to what likely happened-- lots of tears.

There were two great loves for Buffy and both were vampires. The debate of who was better for Buffy continues to rage. Even though Buffy inexplicably decided that she was in love with Riley right after they broke up, no one counts Riley as a serious love interest.

In the comics, that extended the story of Buffy and Angel outside the TV shows, Buffy has had several serious and meaningful relationships. Buffy had a brief fling with another slayer, named Satsu. Satsu was one of the Slayers activated by Willow in the Buffy season 7 finale. The more surprising comic relationship is the one that was never consummated.