Breaking bad walter and jesse relationship trust

How NOT to Lead – Six Lessons from Breaking Bad’s Walter White | Leading with Trust

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship trust

VideoOver the course of 62 remarkable episodes, Breaking Bad has been a “ Trust me, this woman deserves to die as much as any man I've ever met. us that if Breaking Bad is Walter White's story, it's Jesse Pinkman's too. In season 4 of Breaking Bad, the relationship between Gus (and In Season 3 Gus sets up Walt and Jesse in the fully equipped laboratory to make meth. a dangerous person, too intelligent to easily outwit, too unreliable to trust. Unfortunately parting on bad terms when you are in a highly illegal business. Every week for the second half of the final season of Breaking Bad, our roundtable of . You're right about Walt and Jesse's relationship. Of course, my complaint comes with the usual caveat: I trust these writers, and I still.

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breaking bad walter and jesse relationship trust