Bleach ulquiorra and orihime relationship

Did Ulquiorra love Orihime? : bleach

bleach ulquiorra and orihime relationship

Ulquiorra didn't actually care about Orihime as he carried a cold demeanor which was very contrasting compared to Orihime who was pretty expressive. What is the relationship between Aizen and Orihime like in Bleach?. Kubo confirmed Ulquiorra did develop feelings of love for Orihime on the Bleach 10th Anniversary Relationships Chart. So, argue with Kubo if. Ulquiorra first considered Orihime as trash, but when he first sees Orihime's powers he becomes impressed by them. Later he kidnaps her and brings her to.

Though unfortunately he keeps getting interrupted, poor guy Alright, now the Espada all represent an aspect of death such as despair, sacrifice and destruction.

Character Analysis – Ulquiorra Schiffer (BLEACH)

I think that this clearly explains his characteristic well, from his personality, his behaviour and even his views and opinions. I mean look at the guy, he is one of the most stoic characters I know. His manner of speaking is also always stoic, logical and harshly blunt.

He also has a narrow view on the world, or even life itself. He views attachments to others as an unnecessary burden, or as my friend called it, a complication that can trap people. He wanted to show them that these attachments are weak. To Orihime he kept on trying to show her that her hope on her friends are futile and that they will die. To Ichigo on the other hand, he tried to show that even at his fullest power and no matter how strong his will, Ulquiorra will crush it.

You challenge an opponent whose strength terrifies you and think that you can win. It is beyond my comprehension.

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The fact that he disregards the existance of something complicated and fragile such as attachments, shows how he represented emptiness. He also has a quote from Bleach: In my opinion this was because of his absence of a heart. For example when he was born as an Arrancar, he felt that he was different from the others and he was always alone. Damn that scene killed me. At the start, Ulquiorra clearly only viewed her as an important job that has been given to him.

However during her imprisonment, they did interact and many times she had shown her insistence on the importance of her friends and her faith in them. This insistence might be what caused him to be intrigued and somewhat attracted to her. There were also two times where he asked whether she was afraid of him or not. The second time was just before his death as he asked whether his 2nd release form frightened her. So initially to Ulquiorra, he needed a physical proof of a heart.

Ulquiorra's relationships Roleplay characters may be added: Initially, he referred to Ichigo as "trash" and considered him unworthy of being killed, mostly because he believed that his unstable spiritual pressure would eventually destroy him in the long run. The first time they fought in Hueco Mundo, Ulquiorra was able to provoke and in turn, defeat him at full power without even unsheathing his blade; he also impaled Ichigo's chest with his hand, leaving a hole resembling his own Hollow hole.

Grimmjow stated he only does this to prey he finds particularly interesting.

bleach ulquiorra and orihime relationship

In their second fight, Ulquiorra acknowledged Ichigo as an opponent worthy of killing, finally unsheathing his blade. Later, when Yammy interrupts their fight, Ulquiorra repeatedly reminds Ichigo that if he wants to fight anybody else, he would have to kill him first. Presumably, Ulquiorra's ulterior motive was to draw out Ichigo's full potential, but this seems to have backfired on him.

bleach ulquiorra and orihime relationship

He was placed in charge of abducting Orihime, and subsequently, taking care of her well-being until she was needed by Aizen for her powers. His relationship with her appears to be limited to the task of bringing her food and occasionally informing her of her friends' struggles throughout Las Noches.

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She does not need Ichigo to stand up for her. Finally, after Ulquiorra leaves, rambling on that he'll force feed her if she doesn't eat yeah, yeah These four pages are not exactly in a consecutive order but I felt they were the best choice to discuss this scene. Aizen did not give any orders to pursue the invaders. Thus, Ulquiorra had no reason to go after Ichigo.

Why did he go? But what's more astounding is that he is being very blunt about Rukia's death and he is pretty obvious about provoking a fight with Ichigo. After the subject of Rukia does not work, Ulquiorra proceeds to tell Ichigo that it was him who brought Orihime to Hueco Mundo.

Talk about a lack of subtlety and a complete out-of-wack behavior. Ulquiorra does not act on a whim, he does not go around looking for fights, unless Aizen instructs him to. Is this a direct provocation to have Ichigo fight him? The interesting thing is that this scene happens soon after Orihime slaps Ulquiorra when he persuades her to forget her friends. In other words, is this done out of jealousy?

Is Ulquiorra trying to get rid of Ichigo? To prevent him from taking Orihime away? Have you found a reason to fight me? This proved to me that Ulquiorra was absolutely adamant about fighting Ichigo. He certainly didn't do it for Aizen, who did not issue any such orders.

So that means that he did it for no other than himself. The oddest thing about Ulquiorra's behavior here, is that he previously criticized Nnoitra for being an idiot and rushing into battle without first receiving orders from Aizen.

And here he is doing exactly the same. What happened to the attitude about strictly following orders? At the end, Ulquiorra impales Ichigo in the chest telling him that he cannot win.

bleach ulquiorra and orihime relationship

But he doesn't kill him. He tells him to leave because there is no chance for victory, or die where he is without any further fruitless struggles. This further proves that Ulquiorra doesn't go around looking for death matches and has no desire to kill just because, this was personal.

And perhaps, the reason why he didn't finish off Ichigo is because of Orihime. After Ulquiorra learns that it was Grimmjow who kidnapped Orihime, he finds them instantaneously in the next scene. Although he doesn't like to rush now we know that he does when it has to do with Orihimehe certainly doesn't think twice before using sonido and almost gives poor Grimm a heart attack. That's what you get for taking his woman.

And here we go again with the painfully obvious closeups. He looks at her, he expects an explanation. He scowls, she looks guilty. It could be my imagination, but his expression softens after he looks at her. Surprisingly, the girl doesn't get angry or defiant. Not even a little bit after learning that the big bad Ulquiorra nearly killed Strawberry-kun?

Anime: Ulquiorra x Orihime - they are "it" [Bleach]

She looks guiltily away. Tsk, tsk, tsk, no fraternizing with the other boy Espada while your man is away. Orihime's really surprised me. It looks like she feels guilty for going against Ulquiorra.

Why would she feel guilty even though Grimmjow took her by force? Can it be that she developed some sort of loyalty towards him or maybe she kinda likes him She certainly never looked like she was ever afraid of him. Defiance, climatic slap, refusing to eat The plot thickens.

bleach ulquiorra and orihime relationship

No one other than Orihime-chan. And, of course, they have to be alone with more manga closeups. All of these little nuances cannot be a coincidence. Why did Ulquiorra have to appear in the throne room and nowhere else? He already proved to be a fast traveler when he found Grimmjow with Orihime.

bleach ulquiorra and orihime relationship

Sounds like Kubo purposely gave them the alone moments to emphasize that there is something going on between them. Come, Kurosaki Ichigo, and try to take my woman away from me. I'll kick your ass. Ok, maybe not like that, but initially Ulquiorra had no beef with Ichigo. Even before their first "Rukia is dead" rumble, they had no conflict.

Ulquiorra even prevented Grimmjow from finishing the fight with Ichigo after the kidnapping scene, saying that the mission is over. And now it is an all out war. Sounds more like a personal grudge than anything else.

But Ulquiorra is not the type to act on a whim and hold grudges! Can Espada-san be any more obvious? Looks like Ulquiorra is back to his old tricks of psychological domination and mind games. But didn't Aizen-sama just say that Orihime is of no use to him anymore and she is free for the taking by her friends? He was even kind enough to give directions of her whereabouts. So why wouldn't Ulquiorra just kill her then?

Instead he becomes chatty again. Why does he care if Orihime is scared? Why does he tell her that she would die alone? But he doesn't say anything about whether he'll kill her or not. He just insists to know whether she is scared.

It sounds like he wants her to feel completely vulnerable. And, since they are alone together, she will have to rely on HIM. The tension is building and the closeups are back in action.

They are standing close to each other, he stares, she has a peaceful look on her face. Can it get any more intimate than this? In this scene Ulquiorra is trying to understand the idea of a "heart". But since he is a materialist and still hasn't grasped the concept of feelings, it's hard for him to comprehend what a "heart" is.

He believes what he sees. This "heart" is not an organ that pumps blood. It's human feelings, emotions, resolve. It's something that cannot be seen.

I don't think he is really threatening Orihime by telling her about ripping her chest and cracking her skull. He is just struggling to understand that logic does no apply to understanding feelings. And perhaps he is frustrated that he can't understand something that comes so naturally to humans. Him touching her chest is unexpected and oh so out of character. You aren't obvious at all, Espada-san. This scene just cracks me up. Espada-san is dangerously out of excuses.

Aizen's direct orders are: I'll leave Las Noches to you, Ulquiorra. So why would Ulquiorra want to fight Ichigo? Disobeying orders again there, aren't ya, No. I can't find any possible explanation for Ulquiorra's desire to fight Ichigo. Ichigo is not interested in destroying Las Noches, he just wants to take Orihime and the rest of his friends home.

If Ulquiorra did not stop him, Ichigo would mostly likely take the girl and leave. He is not a threat to Las Noches, No.