Bigby and snow relationship quotes

bigby and snow relationship quotes

I don't think Bigby would be too happy with the Prohibition Act. . he may somehow interfere with Bigby and Snow's growing relationship, and complicated the. (SPOILERIFFIC) The relationship between Bigby and Snow is the big thing you're missing here. The choice to burn the tree or kill one of the. A full character profile for Snow White as she appears in the Fables comic books. Pictures, biography, skills, powers, personality, quotes, etc. This put a strain on their relationship, and may be what ultimately undid it. . Snow and Bigby returned to Fabletown to discover Prince Charming had killed Bluebeard in a duel.

Only a Flesh Wound: Not only does this not kill him, all it really does is piss him off and he ends up fully changing into his wolf-man form. Our Werewolves Are Different: Bigby is actually a wolf-human, since his natural form is a gigantic wolf.

Before he came to America, he allowed Snow to cut him with a lycanthropy-stained knife for the express purpose of allowing him to assume a human shape. Unfortunately, that also made him vulnerable to silver bullets. In contrast to The Atoner route, players can make him act like a total douchebag, unrepentant about the past and just doing his duties as Sheriff because it's his job.

bigby and snow relationship quotes

Like in The Walking Deadsilence is an option in the conversation trees, although in general Bigby tends to be a little wordier than Lee.

No matter how nice you try to play Bigby, lots of Fables still won't see him as anything other than The Big Bad Wolf who ate hundreds of people.

Screw the Rules, I Make Them! If you choose to go against the rules in certain decisions, Bigby can come across as this to other characters. Is shirtless while Dr. Swineheart treats his buckshot wounds caused by the Tweedles in Episode 3. The man is definitely in shape. Snow is noticeably uncomfortable and distracted when talking to him. And at the beginning of Episode 4, too.

bigby and snow relationship quotes

It's not quite as much fun as before, though, since he's bloody and bandaged and suffering a very painful-looking fracture. He's not above dropping f-bombs when frustrated.

Inherited from his father, The North Wind.

He uses it to great effect against Bloody Mary in Episode 5. Bigby and Snow clearly have feelings for each other, but they never make a move because they're colleagues and there's a crisis on their hands.

Nevertheless, their mutual attraction is the worst kept secret in Fabletown. Hulks out into his Big Bad Wolf form when facing off against Mary.

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What Bigby is accused of being - and is. He can't even stand quietly near a funeral without something bad going down. What the Hell, Hero? A lot of the other characters will treat him like this, usually because of who he used to be and not what he's doing. When sufficiently pissed off he starts to revert to his wolf form, and when Dee and Dum fill him full of bullets he goes more wolf, less man, and hands them their asses.

In Episode Five he fully reverts to his wolf form to kill Bloody Mary. As the true Big Bad Wolf, he's obviously the single most powerful fantasy creature to ever live save for Dragonswith Bloody Mary in second place. And he still curbstomps her! Those yellow eyes turn crimson red. Those claws become longer and sharper.

Those thick mutton chops and hairy forearms are fully covered in fur. Mostly-human goes mostly-beast, and you probably won't get the chance to run away. Those eyes are now totally yellow, he's considerably grown in size, now sitting at eight-feet tall, and now he's taken on the full appearance of a wolf. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Chuck Kourouklis and Melissa Hutchinson "I'm tired of feeling trivial, mate. A lot of us are.

He can appear to be a jerk to his son Toad Jr. Bigby's quickly able to poke a hundred holes through Toad's cover story when Bigby questions him about why his place looks ransacked in "Faith". Though everyone in Fabletown is getting screwed one way or the other, Toad seems to be the one that loses the most across the first season of the game. His abrasive personality does little to garner sympathy for him with each encounter he has with Bigby, though it's really hard not to feel sorry for him at the end when he and TJ are sent to the Farm.

Toad's car bears a strong resemblance to the Ford Mustang, which would have been brand new inwhen the story apparently takes place. Unfortunately, it ends up getting wrecked during Bigby's fight with The Woodsman. TJ hasn't been having a good time throughout these games.

First the Tweedles threaten to hurt him should Toad sell them out, then he witnesses Lily's headless body being dumped in the river while out for a swim. Toad is far less of a dick than he appears to be.

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More accurately, a slumlord, but not really that bad of a guy. There's been no mention of what happened to TJ's mom.

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Not surprising, coming from a character voiced by the same actress as Clementine from The Walking Dead. For anyone who's read The Wind in the Willowsthis isn't the first time his car's been wrecked. Messing with his son is one of the fastest ways to piss Toad off. For the amount a screen time he gets, he's one of the characters who swears the most. He confiscates things left behind by his tenants. After the first episode, TJ's voice becomes deeper and he loses his accent.

The Woodsman The Woodsman Voiced by: Adam Harrington "Everyone knows you. Now I'm the bad guy and you're Sheriff. What kinda fuckin' world is that, huh? He's got a short fuse and is very resentful of Bigby's official role. He goes through quite a bit of Character Development in the first few episodes alone, and becomes much quieter and more sedate after learning that he's a prime suspect for Faith's murder. He ended up saving the day, but was annoyed that, not only did he not get a reward, everyone thought he was something he wasn't.

If he's not there already, he's well on his way.


He was the hero of his story, but has been in a downward spiral ever since. Variant; he feels guilty because everyone remembers him saving Red Riding Hood, when he was really just planning to rob her and stumbled into the rescue. Which makes him look like, well, a woodsman. An antagonistic version with Bigby; when he at one point notes that he's tired of fighting, Bigby can agree with him.

When fighting with the Jersey Devil, he decides that Bigby was more of an ally than Jersey. He certainly doesn't take it well when Faith doesn't know who he is.

Seems to consider himself a 'hero', and becomes very depressed when he realizes how far he's fallen. Starts off the game still angry at Bigby and ignores his authority as Sheriff to fight him.

By the end of the first episode, he's mellowed out considerably. Being accused of murder will do that to a guy. When he panics upon realizing that his assaulting Faith makes him the logical number one suspect for her murder.

Seems to have crossed it after recovering from his and Bigby's fight. He's a regular at the troll-run Trip Trap Bar. Book of fables describes his axe as being empowered by druids. He also has an emotional bond with the weapon and gets distressed when away from it.

Every Body Calls Him Barkeep: Something that thoroughly pisses him off is that nobody, not even himself, remembers his name. He's only ever called the Woodsman, except by friends who call him Woody. When Bigby is grilling him in "Faith", it initially sounds like he's talking about him and Faith, but he's actually talking about rescuing Red Riding Hood.

At the beginning of the game, even seeing Bigby is enough to set him off, although he was pretty riled up and pretty drunk by that point anyway. As he's quick to remind Bigby, he was once capable of taking him down in his fully transformed Big Bad Wolf form. Nowadays he's a drunken jackass who hires prostitutes and beats them if they don't know his name. However, it is implied in the comics that the reason he was able to defeat Bigby was because he Bigby was still an adolescent during the events of Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs Mood-Swinger: Goes with Drowning His Sorrows.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! While it doesn't come up in the game itself, Woody is actually one reason Bigby became the Big Bad Wolf. Bigby was so ticked off after having his stomach cut open and being tossed into a river, he swore to exclusively eat sentient beings as revenge.

The fight between him and Bigby reduces an already crappy apartment to something a slumlord would reject as too crappy. Gets an axe to the back of the head and is still able to get up and run away. Put on a Bus: Despite having indirectly been a part of Bigby's investigation throughout the entire game, The Woodsman is notably missing from the final episode, in which all the previously introduced characters appear in one way or another. Particularly in the game's beginning.

He mellows out later on. Over the course of Season 1, he and Bigby go from beating the crap out of each other, to talking things out over drinks, to beating up other people together and back again, depending on the moment. One key example is toward the end of his stay in Season 1, when, after beating up the Jersey Devilhe can potentially share a smoke with Bigby, and still says he was having trouble who to hit with his axe during the previous fight.

Would Hit a Girl: You can side with her or not in regards to both Colin and Toad.

bigby and snow relationship quotes

Personally, I thought she was asserting her authority in a fucked up manner - we weren't making enough progress on the Crooked Man case, so she took it out on Toad and Colin. I gave Toad some money and tried to stay in the middle on Colin. She didn't like my choices in either situation. Now granted, this might not be enough for you.

I really like romantic subplots in games. But to say that there are no stakes isn't really quite accurate. Furthermore, there's a strong underlying theme of class.

bigby and snow relationship quotes

The institutionalized class disparity is exacerbated by Crane's chronic mismanagement. What does it mean for Bigby, who is supposed to enforce this degraded and corrupt system? The bigger choice is whether or not you are going to enforce order at the emotional and economic cost of innocents and, as you mentioned, not-so-innocents. As a person who's concerned with these issues in real life, this meant a LOT to me.