Big love ben and margene relationship

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big love ben and margene relationship "Big Love" is in the middle of a really rich season. the show than it seems: The relationship between Margie and her "son" Ben. I don't know if the writers dropped as much as that's what Margene's character I didn't think the "ben & margene" thing would be completely pushed . their own childhood and that is spilling over into their adult relationships. What does the future hold for Ben and Margene on Big Love? Action between the sheets, it sounds like.

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Among other things, Ginnifer Goodwin Margene told us, "This season we'll answer the very question that people most often stop me on the street to ask, which is what is your relationship to your stepson? What other reveals can we expect to see? Read on for a tip sheet of the top five secrets of the season: How far will Nicki go for her father?

According to Jeanne Tripplehorn, "Nicki gets into a lot of trouble this year.

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She tries to get some information about the trial from the district attorney's office, and she gets in a little over her head There's a lot of ups and downs, a lot more secrets and lies. What killed Bill and Joey's sister Maggie? Yes, the mystery of what happened to Lois and Frank's long-lost daughter Maggie will finally be revealed. Grace Zabriskie Bill's mom, Lois tells me, "We're finding out what it means to Lois, and Bill is finding out a couple of things about it that he didn't know.

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Where do the Henricksons come from? Ben never went to the compound the first two seasons. You'll definitely see the younger, teenage Big Love castmembers at Juniper Creek.

big love ben and margene relationship

Can Heather and Sarah's friendship survive long-term? Biography[ edit ] Like most teenagers, Ben is full of raging hormoneswhich he struggles to control in keeping with the views on sexuality in his religion ; he desires to be chaste but finds little support for this desire among his friends or from his older girlfriend, Brynn. Ben and Brynn were steadily dating, but she felt that the Mormon views on chastity and sexuality amounted to brainwashing and saw no reason to reserve sexual relations for marriage.

This led to conflict between her and Ben until she eventually made it known to him that she would have nothing to do with him unless he would be willing to sleep with her. After struggling for a few weeks without her, Ben came to Brynn's house and acceded to her demand, initiating a sexual relationship that eventually becomes public to the entire Henrickson clan. He proposes marriage to her, both to satisfy his own conscience and to render their relationship acceptable; when his parents refuse to accept the union, he says that if his marriage to Brynn doesn't work out, he can take on a second wife.

This disturbs Barb, who doesn't want to see Ben become a polygamist, and she invites Brynn over, telling her the advantages and disadvantages of a polygamous relationship.

What does the Big Love big moment mean for the Henricksons?

Brynn, who was not told about Ben's plans of taking more wives after her, breaks up with Ben. Afterward, Bill, happy about his son's interest in polygamy, anoints him priesthood holder.

big love ben and margene relationship

He is very close to his father's young third wife Margene Heffman. Ben is especially close to Margene because of their closeness in age, which makes her more of an older sister than a mother to him. Telling him that she wishes she had waited for marriage and had known, as he does, that sex is "a sacred thing," she encourages him in his struggle to remain pure rather than only castigating him when he fails. Recently, however, it is implied that the friendship may have turned into a one-sided crush.