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The two mains of steamed pink snapper and wagyu beef rib-eye with Paris mash belonged to Andy Allen and Ben Milbourne. Then the dessert. Cute couple, Masterchef winner Andy Allen and Puberty Blues actress Charlotte each other, spring racing tips and who does the cooking in their household. Andy: Andy & Ben Eat the World, my own TV show with Ben Milbourne. Travel · Style · Health · Money · Food · Home · Garden · Relationships · Parenting · Games · Horoscopes MasterChef winner Andy Allen joined by pals for special Rosebery banquet. Ben Hayden Quinn, Ben Milbourne, Kylie Millar, Sam Goodwin and Elena And his advice to the current contestants?.

It was the first time either of us had been on a proper date so we were a bit awkward at first but then we actually ran into my best mates at Barrio Chino. We got along really well and were pretty much inseparable that summer.

Or is this your first? This is definitely our first shoot together. Obviously there isn't much of a cross over between our jobs but we are really comfy together so it's fun. It's my first 'fashion' anything So yes, this will be my first with Charlotte.

Luckily she can give me the tips I need to Blue Steel it. What will you be wearing to the races this year? I love a good excuse to release my inner girly girl so probably something uber feminine. Maybe my favourite designer Alice McCall.

I'm not a huge fan of fascinators but perhaps I'll wear nice big hat this year. My skills have developed so much since leaving the show, I want to go back and do it again. Andy and Ben have continued to work together after MasterChef. It was amazing to learn from so many other people.

Ben & BFF!!

Yep the list of unknowns is huge! I was more about having a good time with family and friends. I had no idea what he was all about.

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I found out and felt like an idiot, but by the end of that show, Marco and I respected each other. He could see the enjoyment I was having cooking, and we were both enjoying what we were doing.

Andy Allen won MasterChef Australia in They do create challenges that are just not meant to be achievable. There were long days with a lot of waiting around, but the 60 minute cooks you see on-screen do go for 60 minutes. There were certain challenges where the food had to be served cold, but what no one saw on TV was that the judges are constantly going around and tasting food.

Andy Allen on foraging, bromance and the great Australian food road trip : SBS Food

They do get a pretty good idea from doing that about whether it will taste good or not. But I think very little down time is a good thing, because it distracts you from missing home. Within minutes of dropping a line in and trailing the open blue water we got a hit.

Ten minutes later after a bit of weight training I pulled in our first fish, a 2m sailfish, which our skipper called a baby. Next up Benny pulled in an 8kg Mahi Mahi, then to finish off the day we had a double hook up where we both reeled in a couple more dolphin fish. All this in the space of half an hour and we were home by That never happens with Dad. We visited the small town of Chamula, about 30 minutes drive from the larger, creative and bustling town of San Cristobal del las Casas.

The main church sits in the town square surrounded by families and market stalls, with tourists few and far between.