Balthier and fran relationship quiz

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Top from left: Larsa, Ashe, Basch, Balthier and Fran. and other characters suggest a teacher/student relationship between them, though Balthier denies this . While Fran and Balthier keep their relationship professional, at times a romantic interest is hinted at. In Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Fran states Balthier's. Fran is very much a no nonsense kind of Viera, and Balthier likes his freedom. I think Here's my take on the Bal x Fran relationship mrgreen.

And then she ended up being involved with the creation of Sephiroth. Vincent deserved better and he is just too good for Lucrecia.

balthier and fran relationship quiz

However, one girl managed to get closer to him and her name is Rinoa. Before Final Fantasy X, this couple left an impact on fans for a long time.

Their relationship is believable and strong, and it is no wonder why a lot of fans love Rinoa and Squall. From the two dancing, Rinoa hugging Squall on the flower field, to them kissing at the end of the game, these two helped pave the way for more romance in the Final Fantasy series.

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Hearts Growing Fonder via: Despite the limited screen time we see of Noctis and Luna together, there is chemistry between the two. Once Noctis makes it to Altissia, seeing him and Luna reunite felt genuine and not sappy at all. Thanks to Ardyn ruining everything, it was satisfying to see Noctis finally defeat him after his ten-year slumber. The ending to this long-awaited game pulled at our heartstrings and seeing the two kiss made us sigh while tearing up.

Torn Apart For So Long via: Some love the game and its characters while others hate it with a burning passion. This game does get some things right, but it also gets stuff very wrong. The romance in this game is subdued, but as much as we think Serah and Snow are sweet for each other, they do not have the strongest writing. If you recall the ending, you probably know what we mean. Maybe in the end of Lightning Returns, the two can finally get the happy ending they deserve.

Unlike any typical romance, Tidus and Yuna do not start off falling for each other, because that would be too easy. Their romance defines Final Fantasy X. Say what you want about Final Fantasy X-2, but those who manage to get the true ending will be very happy to see the two reunite in a sweet embrace.

A Tragic End via: Both he and Cloud end up falling in love with the sweet flower girl and who can blame them?

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It was Aerith who managed to give Cloud happiness and hope. This couple is just adorable, but sadly tragic as well. It was even devastating that Cloud stood there witnessing her slowly perishing. Where are the tissues? Together Through It All via: Personality "I have discarded Wood and village.

balthier and fran relationship quiz

I won my freedom. Yet my past has been cut away forever. No longer can my ears hear the Green Word. This solitude, you want, Mjrn?

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Having left her homeland, Fran has lost many of the viera's natural talents, such as the ability to "speak" with the wood in Golmore Jungle, which has lead to the viera in her home of Eruyt Village to no longer consider Fran a true viera and view her as an outcast. She is reserved more among people of other races and as Fran rarely displays emotion, surprising her comrades when she loses her temper in Mist Frenzy.

Fran speaks in a calm tone with a distinct accent, but rarely speaks to people she doesn't know; when she first meets Vaan she lets her sky pirate partner Balthier do the talking.

When offended, she will act expressionlessly cold, such as when Vaan inappropriately asks her about her age. Fran's goals and dreams in life are largely shrouded in mystery, but it is known she left her homeland to live a life of freedom. Although Fran likes to keep her distance, she is loyal to her friends and family. She cares deeply for her sisters in her homeland despite claiming to be their sister no longer, having abandoned the viera way of life.

It is implied that Fran feels lonely and sorrowful for having left her family behind, as she warns her sister of following in her path, explaining it only leads to a life of solitude.