Assertion of the heart honeyworks relationship

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assertion of the heart honeyworks relationship

年11月14日 English: Assertion of Heart HoneyWorks (arrangements) kakushita haato no takanari ga, The violent throbbing of my heart, which I've been. If you didn't know, Honeyworks or Haniwa is a group mainly composed of Gom . A good example of this is "The assertion of the Heart". I'll fall in love then Senpai then I thought I hated it" is abiut Hina's love relationships. Assertion of the Heart - introduction + preparation 1 + 2 Takamizawa Arisa is eager to make friends and fit into Please support Honeyworks by purchasing the novel here! .. I wonder what kind of relationship they have?.

The tone of the song overall is pretty catchy epsecially the chorus and we can also tell the feeling of the character even though I still don't like the vocaloid voices.

Nonetheless, the music was executed greatly, giving the audience a peek of the character's feelings to her crush, emphasizing the maning of the song to her. The use of guitar and drums mixed perfectly well making this song catchy and up beat and not hurting to the ears of the viewers.

I really have no concern when it comes to the music Honeyworks produces because it is one of the best japanese songs out there. We can tell how much experience they have with making music because of how they produce high quality music.

Mean Encounter (ENG SUB/Nico chorus)

A lot of people adore Honeyworks because of their music and it is no wonder why they love it. The visuals they mostly do is the form of a manga. At first, I really though it was a manga and was added with music in youtube you know, fanmade amvs and such. They really thought of a unique idea to represent their music with and the quality of the videos they make are like real manga pages they also add convos of the characters and background effects similar to mangas.

The videos have different styles of mangas: A good example of this is from " I want to be cute" with the portrayal of a new kind of visuals from honeyworks which is fully colored.

The colors in the video, however, is full of vibrant ones emphasizing the message of the song of the girl wanting tk be cute for her crush. The vibrant colors show the essence of her trying a lot of things to become cute and it also gives a new vibe from honeyworks. The visuals are still like a manga, not much animations and the character designs sre drawn chibi like no nose and not much details which make the mv much cuter which is a good portrayal of the song "Tokyo Summer Session " Another good visual example of Honeyworks is the Tokyo Summer Session mv which displays a new level of visuals from Honeyworks.

It is far different from the usual character designs of honeyworks which gives out a fresher look of the characters. They also emphasize the use of watercolors not only in the background but also in the design of the characters as well. It is much detailed compared to the usual Honeyworks design. The detail in the background, yukatas and fireworks are what I love in this music video because of how much detail they out into the whole mv, something that is different from what they are used to draw.

Honeyworks has this distinguishing Art style that you can easily tell apart from different art styles used. Because of this distinguishing style, fans love to see it become better than when it first started and how much they have improved over time.

assertion of the heart honeyworks relationship

The use of manga as a medium for their songs make Honeyworks so much interesting than others. They make stories in the point of view of the character telling it, making us know better the characters feelings and the reason behind their choices.

This aspect is something that most fans adore Honeyworks, the way they let us know better the characters by using their feelings as the lyrics of the songs. Almost all of their songs are about the point of views of the characters they have, which makes them more unique and stand out. A promise that doesn't need words is a good example of this aspect. The song is about the pov of a boy who wants to befriend this other kid but end up hurting each other in the process and became enemies instead.

But they soon form a bond and become friends due to some other kid who talked behind their back. The PV for "Blooming Into the Color of Love"is pretty much this, going back and forth with scenes already shown up to that point and previewing scenes from later PVs, before giving up new material in introducing Hiyori and Yuujirou.

assertion of the heart honeyworks relationship

Akechi Saku, who is apparently liked by all his students, and occasionally gives personal advice for his troubled students. Yujiro repped Melody, while Aizo did the same for Kuromi. A Day in the Limelight: For Mona, "My Idol Declaration" serves as her small peek into her world, following her through two of her live performances and how she handles herself for them.

assertion of the heart honeyworks relationship

Midori's musical performance in "Sunday's Secret" appears to be one to Sena, given that the image displayed on screen while he's performing is of her.

As Souta absentmindedly looks at Akari, his "in love" train of thought spills out into the open and he tells her that he's going to "fall in love all over again" just looking at her. The song shows how Natsuki and Yuu's relationship is still going strong despite many minor squabbles, how Akari is beginning to reciprocate Souta's feelings for her, and how Mio and Haruki still can't move forward with their relationship because of their UST.

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  • Yu Setoguchi
  • Tropes applying to the various adaptations:

The conversation Kotarou and Koyuki have while they're watering plants in "Understand This Youth" is also implicitly a conversation about their love lives, with Koyuki unknowingly giving Kotarou some advice both on nurturing his plants and his budding love. Dude Looks Like a Lady: A lot of Koyuki's classmates often tease him for looking so girly, especially before he had a makeover.

Koyuki shows up in "Diagnosis: Lovesickness" and "Embarrassment-Hiding Adolescence" before his song proper. Hiyori and Yuujirou appear at the tail end of "Blooming into the Color of Love" before their feature in "Romeo" and its corresponding vomic. Yuujirou also appears with Aizou this time during one of Sena's photo shoots in "Sunday's Secret", and "Romeo" blares through a fast food joint with corresponding advertisements during the second movie. In the first couple of videos for "First Love Picture Book", Mio is drawn to resemble Gumi a lot more, and even had green hair in a colored picture.

This is before the universe and song list got expanded, so this is understandable. In addition, "First Love's Picture Book" and "Confession Rehearsal" didn't have any of the main six interact with each other and kept the videos self-contained, which is especially strange considering how important their friendship was.

This is Retconned in later installments of the franchise, which have the characters interact more during their respective arcs especially in Haruki and Mio's case, since their arc takes place throughout all of high school. The meat of the story is about a group of students and their relationships with each other.

All together, the main focus centers around 14 students, with each character getting at least one song explaining their sides of the story. Everyone Can See It: Because of their closeness, pretty much everyone not in the focus group of 14 thinks that Haruki and Mio are already dating, or at least preparing to. Kotaro's crush on Hina is well known to everyone in his friendship circle, and when Hina starts developing feelings for him, everyone notices that just as easily.

Arisa puts her hair into twintails after finding some inspiration in Sena, and keeps it that way throughout high school. They exist as a group in real life, providing songs for other projects and series, but they are always referred to as Yuujirou and Aizou instead of their seiyuu.

Even after Koyuki leaves after graduation, Hina remarks that Koyuki still has and always will have a place in her heart. Hina is often associated with tulips. The motif gets repeated in "The Red Thread on Flowers" at that video's end, but she's seen in a red tulip first. Red tulips often signify a "perfect love", but this one wilts in favor of the white, signifying Hina and Koyuki not getting together, and her growing feelings for Kotarou after Koyuki leaves.

Kotarou is seen next to some poppies in "Understand This Youth". Poppies can also symbolize an "idle love", which is a perfect fit for his relationship with Hina, and an even bigger fit with Hina's ultimate relationship with Koyuki, as it lingers on a set of poppies in the opening of the second movie. We already know from "First Love Picture Book" the very first song in the series that Mio and Haruki aren't getting together during high school, so all we can do is watch them try and fail at reaching the other's heart.

The last chorus of "Diagnosis: Lovesickness" shows Natsuki as a bride chasing Yu as a groom around. In the novels, the Distant Finale takes place around the time of their actual wedding. They also show Akari's cheek being touched by Souta and her reaction to it. The MV also shows scenes from "Senpai. Take note that the video as it's shown only has Aizou in it while Ken's passing by, establishing a connection between the two boys.

The series later reveals Aizou to be a Shibasaki. Yamamoto is the quiet and serious bookworm SuperegoShibaken is the attention-seeking playboy Idwhile Kotaro is the somewhat insecure idiot who tries to be both Ego. As mentioned in Shout-Out below, Makishima can be seen wildly biking up a hill while Koyuki goes to the barber's in "Confession Rival Declaration". While Midori is practicing his "good mornings" for Sena in the boys' bathroom, one can spot Koyuki coming out of a stall freaked out by Midori's repetitions.

The backgrounds featured in the photo montage in "Sunday's Secret's" PV are very obviously shopped in compared to the characters. The Glasses Gotta Go: Koyuki becomes popular with girls after removing his glasses and getting a new hairdo.

It's clear he felt lost without him growing up, and asks him if he's watching over him throughout the song. He Is All Grown Up: Kotaro hits a major growth spurt in his second year of high school and grows out his hair, and throughout the year Hina has been finding herself staring at him more often.

He calls her out alone asks if there's someone she likes. She's still not over Koyuki at that point, and says yes. Except she's starting to like Kotarou now too.

Sena's little sister, Mona, is also one. In "Mean Encounter", Shibaken falls for Arisa because she's not swayed by his charms.

assertion of the heart honeyworks relationship

Most of Natsuki's friends call her Nacchan, while Souta's friends usually call him Mochita. Shibasaki is usually called Shibaken by his pals. The point of Akechi sitting Haruki down in detention was to have him reflect on what he's done. In "A Teacher, Detained", this instead happens to himself, as he's now reflecting on what might have put a rift in between their friendship, with Haruki asking all the tough questions.

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Reminder, this all in Haruki's detention session. Koyuki likes Natsuki, and was willing to change himself to appeal to her more. But when he saw her get together with Yuu, he decided to cheer for them anyway. The first time Natsuki confesses to Yuu, she chickens out at the last minute, saying that she was just trying to make his heart race. It also shows that they're in their high school uniforms in the image for the song, so we all know how that one turned out.

It's also the only Perspective Flip song that even gets this treatment. Everyone gives everyone else one of these.

Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~ (Music) - TV Tropes

It is a romance story, after all. Like any good romance story, this one comes with one on the series' main webpage. It's the name of the series, after all. So far, there have been five of them, and only two were successful— Sota gives one to Akari in "A Solution for Jealousy" but was turned down; Ken gives one to Arisa in "Mean Encounter", but she brushes him off initially and may have worked if not for overhearing the wrong statements at the wrong time; and Hina blurts out one to Koyuki during "Right Now, I'll Fall in Love" but was mistaken.

Lovesickness is all about Natsuki coming to realize that she's in love with her good friend Yuu. Hina realizes she's in love with Koyuki after he comes over to check on her in the hallway, coupled with herself piecing together why she's feeling the way she feels inside.

She has another one in "It Was Supposed to be Hate" when she finds herself furiously blushing at Kotaro's confession. Ken has his when he sees Arisa smile after offering his textbook in a totally unplanned, uncool, and genuine moment. Three of them, involving one of the same people even: Natsuki falls in love with Yuu, but Koyuki is in love with her as well. Finally settles itself out when Natsuki rejects Koyuki's feelings and confesses to Yuu, who reciprocates.

It gets expanded upon in the first novel, where Koyuki plays a more aggressive role in winning over Natsuki and butts heads with Yuu. Hina is in love with Koyuki, but her childhood friend Kotaro is in love with her as well. Instead, "It Was Supposed to be Hate. The comic and arc make it so that Hiyori's set up to be the third angle, and the song proper has a fictional one between two princes of opposing kingdoms and a princess played by Sena as part of their music video's plot.

nameless shounen shoujo, Assertion of the Heart - HoneyWorks feat. CHiCO /

The first thing Haruki does when he runs into Miou again in "Ippun Ichibyou Kimi to Boku no" is hold out his hand for them to join again. In the beginning of the music video for "Senpai. Behind her was a male student by the name of Enomoto Kotarou and who was also her classmate. Kotarou hummed at her reply and looked towards the classroom. Her back was pushed with a clap and Arisa entered the classroom staggering.

Kotarou laughed slightly, then entered the classroom. Arisa followed him with her eyes while walking towards her seat. My goal is to become a regular and go to nationals! After declaring his self-confidence, he had smiled widely and did a peace sign. Though Kotarou sat in the seat directly behind Arisa, they have never had a direct conversation.

The other boys gathered around Kotarou in no time and it became lively to the point it was noisy. Kotarou likely also only knew a few people from the same elementary school. Despite that, by the third day after starting school, he brazenly secured his position as one of the popular boys. Even though they started from the same place with few friends, it felt like a huge gap had widened between them before they had even reached halfway through the track.

Arisa looked at Kotarou with a sharp, challenging expression in her eyes while quietly pumping herself up with a sense of rivalry. Wha, why, was I being glared at? It was usual for girls to be in a bad mood, so it was no use for him to pay any mind to it, but… Kotarou scratched his head and remembered the kinds of girls he was usually around. He had never once seen her talking with other girls. Kotarou became curious as he ignored the conversation of the boys around him and looked at Arisa once more.

Kotarou casually averted his gaze since he was definitely being glared at. Classmates and friends with Ken. Silent and loves books. Hit the nail on the head with those words. It was lunch break. Hey, do you have anything interesting to talk about? Rather, why are you using my name without honorifics? You can skip the honorifics with me, too. In reply, Koudai pushed his glasses up and returned to reading.