Army wives frank and denise relationship

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army wives frank and denise relationship

This Pin was discovered by Kaci Spence. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. We're only a few episodes into Season 3 of Army Wives, but the drama is Denise started making changes with her appearance and Frank was What she's done is not only jeopardize the marriage, but his career as well. In "Army Wives" season 3, Denise breaks up, then gets back Frank is crushed when he learns of Denise's affair and takes on a dangerous mission. Emmalin has a rough time, especially with her relationship with her father.

army wives frank and denise relationship

They soon become friendly, especially after Denise invites the other wives to help plan for the bridal shower. During the party Denise is paid a visit by the casualty notification officer and told of Jeremy's death. Jeremy had been killed in action during a gunfight while in Afghanistan. For the next several episodes she goes into mourning and neglects Frank while "obsessing" over Molly, much to Claudia Joy and Roland's concern.

She and Frank find comfort after reading a letter Jeremy had written in the event of his death and are finally able to move on. Tanya becomes a surrogate daughter to them and Denise would check up on Tanya while the latter would help babysit Molly. She also helps Tanya move on from Jeremy's death and encourages her to attend the banquet in the season finale.

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In season 6, Denise is badly injured in a hurricane and hallucinates a life where Jeremy wasn't killed and grew to a happy married man. She eventually awakens to care for Frank and their baby. When Claudia Joy becomes ill, Denise agrees to donate one of her kidneys to her friend. The two spend time at a beach cabin only to be held hostage by a crazed mind.

Denise ends up shooting him dead to save Claudia Joy.

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Career[ edit ] Denise is an RN registered nurse. She was a nurse when she and Frank met, but when they got married she put her career on hold to start and care for her family.

She went back to get certified in the second season. Denise was fired from Mercer in the third season for having sexual affairs with a patient. After saving Claudia Joy Holden 's life following a car accident, she was inspired to try getting certified as an emergency responder.

She was an emergency responder for a little while then discovered that she was pregnant. Shortly after finding out that, she was moved to being a dispatcher for After she had Molly and there being a change in administration at Mercer, Claudia Joy asked Joan if Denise could possibly get a job again at Mercer. All he knows is she's been terminated from her job and the rest is all rumors. Why do you think Denise, who was once such a doting wife, ended up having an affair?

Denise was kind of denied a young adulthood. She married Frank when she was 19 years old; he was her only lover and her life. She got to a point where she realized there was more and she wanted to experience those things she's been denied before. She wanted to sow these wild oats, and it's a little late to be sowing those oats — not late in terms of her age, but late in that she's married. Could Frank have driven her to commit adultery? I have a hard time with that because I see Frank as rigid and difficult, but you have to read between the lines with him.

Denise started making changes with her appearance and Frank was somewhat taken aback, but went along with it. She started initiating sex, and while Frank was taken aback, he went along with it. Denise wanted to go back to work, and while he's a very traditional man, he went along with it. If you go back and look, Frank has been remarkably flexible with her for a man supposedly so inflexible.

I suppose a case could be made that because Frank is such a black-and-white person, Denise felt somewhat stifled. But I think what's led Denise to have the affair is within Denise. A sharp voice reached her ears just as she thought she was home free, and she froze in her steps. Amanda turned slowly, facing her mother. It was now or never. She was so tired of her parents trying to "protect" her from Jeremy.

She would tell her mother the complete truth. And in case you haven't noticed, Mother, the love of my life has just left me, and I feel like doing nothing but dying right now, so I would really appreciate it if you would just leave me alone. The shock registered on Claudia Joy's face. About how you and Dad pretty much made Jeremy enlist?

About how you're both probably thrilled that Jeremy's hundreds of miles away, and there's a chance that I'll never see him again? Look, Mom, I really don't want to talk, especially to you or to Dad or really to anyone in this family, right now. She slammed the door behind her, as if punctuating what she had just said. In the sanctuary of her room, Amanda finally let herself mourn. The tears rolled down her cheeks, leaving trails in what was left of her make-up from yesterday.

army wives frank and denise relationship

Was she being absolutely stupid, one of those girls who got too attached too quickly to her boyfriend? She hoped not, and she certainly hoped that Jeremy wasn't one of those guys who didn't even think of his girlfriend after getting what he wanted. He was probably thinking about her right that minute, thinking about what their future held in store for them.

But Amanda went back to her father's words. One way or another, he's going to hurt you.

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Whether it be physically, like Denise, or emotionally, or both, he will hurt you. Once a man is capable of hitting his mother, he's capable of anything.

Jeremy loved her, so what if he had made a couple of mistakes in the past? He was well on his way to proving to everybody that he was a changed man, and Amanda was so proud of him, and more in love with him than she ever thought she could be. Nobody could take that away from her.

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She stretched out on her bed, savoring the warmth and comfort as she did so. Now only if Jeremy was by her side, she would be the happiest girl in the world. Downstairs, Claudia Joy was still reeling from the truths her daughter had revealed.

She shook her head, grasping the banister for support, then slowly sank down onto the stairs. She cradled her head in her hands. Amanda was very headstrong, and Claudia Joy had herself mostly to blame for that - stubbornness was definitely a quality she possessed, and apparently, that had been passed onto Amanda.