Anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship questions

MP Governor Anandiben Patel goes wrong, declares PM unmarried

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship questions

AHMEDABAD: Revenue minister Anandiben Patel’s husband Mafatlal Patel flew to US recently, after writing two letters to chief minister Narendra Modi seeking his intervention in a long-standing domestic feud. Mafatbhai (75), as he is known in academic and political circles, wanted. Narendra Modi yesterday, on the BJP party campaign trail (AP) This week, the issue of the Narendra Modi's estranged wife and their arranged marriage 45 Yet Mr Modi, who seldom takes any questions from the media. Less than a month after Prime Minister Narendra Modi told 'pravasi bharatiyas' or non-resident Indians how Mahatma Gandhi returned to India.

National issues interested him even when he was a VHP worker. He maintains a daily diary and records his thoughts. During an election in the s, Shah, while sitting in a small restaurant near the Ahmedabad railway station, told Modi: He has never lost an election he has contested. He is known to be in direct touch with cadres and district leaders — critics say he gets to know who criticises him.

Until he became party president, he used to take calls on his mobile phone: He says the jail term changed his life.

Why Anandiben Patel has been appointed governor of Madhya Pradesh

Reciting the Bhagvad Gita before jail inmates, he took a vow to defeat the Congress. And he chose Uttar Pradesh to keep his promise. A qualified share broker, he is a hard bargainer, quite stingy in frittering away a political advantage. But he has a weakness — a tendency to exaggerate facts and figures he wants to highlight.

So did the jail term and court cases create a negative image? He believes his rough phase will end after June Nothing is going to change that.

What Anandiben Patel is really like

Then, why make an effort to improve my image? My work for my party matters to me. It will speak one day. He looks after his six sisters and their children. Often, in the middle of serious political talk, he takes calls from his sisters. His mother Kusumba was a Gandhian and a voracious reader. His parents left behind huge assets in Mansa, shares of blue chip companies and a library with hundreds of books, including books on religion and the Quran and Bible. When Shah won Uttar Pradesh for the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls, the rich and famous of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata queued up, hoping to strike a matrimonial alliance with the man they realised was going to wield considerable power in the new dispensation.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship questions

Shah and he have shared many a vegetarian meal. He has several Muslim friends but he does not talk about it in public.

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In this photo, Shah is seen addressing a rally in Kolkata. If Modi had selected Ganpat Vasava or Bhupindersngh Chudasama instead of Anandiben or any other Patel minister, it would have hurt the Congress deeply. In the tribal areas of Gujarat, the Congress definitely has its strong presence. But for the last three decades with or without Modi, the Patel lobby has dominated the power set-up in Gandhinagar.

Profile: Anandiben Patel - BBC News

Their social and economical upward mobility allows them to dictate political decisions. In that sense Anandiben's appointment will turn out to be a smooth decision. There have been negative reports about her handling of the education department. Under her tenure Gujarat's education has not only become costly, even its quality has deteriorated. The self-financing schools have become a menace to society and corruption is taking its toll on the management of schools and colleges.

On Modi's instructions, for the last two years Anandiben has been travelling widely in the state to get a sense of the district-level political and administrative scenario.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship questions

She has met Collectors and various important government officials to get a grip on issues. She trusts Modi and would not do anything without his knowledge or consulting him.

Modi too has complete faith in her. Emphasis should be placed on the word 'complete'. People who know her temper say she is a "Patlani", meaning she has in her what all goes with the womenfolk of the Patel community. In Gujarati folk tales, Mrs Patel is usually a sturdy woman, has more grit than the men of the family, they dominate without showing off, and run for a long course in life. Above all, they have tremendous tolerance.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship questions

Anyone who has studied Indian-American success stories in business and in general would know how the Patels have made it big. It is actually Mrs Patel Power. The power to toil, to dream big and to accumulate wealth to shape their children's future has had a tremendous impact on America. Anandiben is no different from what Gujarat social legends says about Patel woman power.