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adventure; he has described how he fulfilled the ostensible purpose of .. Alcinous and Arete — and the central couple of Odysseus and Penelope. In this. itself early in Alcinous's and Odysseus's relationship, as rival claims to areté, reach beyond Scheria and pursues this goal with urgency and determination. Everything you ever wanted to know about Arete in The Odyssey, written by She's apparently the one who calls the shots in the marriage, since Nausikaa.

This relationship with the violent Cyclopes is as ominous as the connection with Poseidon, for the sea god hates Odysseus and wishes to make his homecoming painful because he blinded his son, the Cyclops Polyphemus, in Book 9.

Also, Nausicaa warns Odysseus of the unpleasantness of the other Phaeacians. She tells him that they may speak rudely to them if they are seen together, especially since Odysseus is a stranger. Athena keeps Odysseus hidden until he can supplicate the right person Arete with the power and willingness to protect him, and the goddess, in disguise, warns him that these people dislike foreigners. Not only that, but Nausicaa and Alcinous both express the desire for Odysseus to possibly become a husband for Nausicaa: This was indeed precisely what Calypso wanted: Now that the war is over and Odysseus has re-entered the domestic world, he must find a way—as veterans have always had to—of processing the suffering that he experienced and that he caused, and this occurs through an expression of grief and sorrow.

The Phaeacian court is a safe r place for him to recognize and deal with these emotions, but Ithaca—filled with enemies, i.

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Odysseus needs to practice handling his emotions before he continues forward with the difficult task of reclaiming his home from the suitors. His pride and confidence have collapsed, and without them, he can no longer be the great, boasting Homeric hero that he once was. He has lost a key aspect of his own identity. The athletic contests help him to regain his identity as a hero, by granting him the opportunity to demonstrate his strength and experience against the Phaeacians.

He is able to boast proudly of his exploits and revel in the superiority of his abilities, as great heroes in this society are expected to.

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In this way, Odysseus rebuilds his confidence and begins to repair his identity, which had been shattered after years of suffering. Before Odysseus departs from Ogygia, he eats a meal of human food, while Calypso consumes ambrosia and nectar, which are the food and drink of the gods. When Odysseus approaches Nausicaa, he is compared to a fierce lion, driven by its hunger to ravage some livestock.

This suggests the severity of his desperation for sustenance, but even so, he manages to control himself: Alcinous then generously provides Odysseus with the ships that finally bring him home to Ithaca. Homer gives a literary account of love never expressed possibly one of the earliest examples of unrequited love in literature.

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While she is presented as a potential love interest to Odysseus — she says to her friend that she would like her husband to be like him, and her father tells Odysseus he would let him marry her — no romantic relationship takes place between the pair. Some suggest this indicates a deeper level of feeling for the young woman. An asteroid discovered in the yearNausikaais named after her. Friedrich Nietzsche, in Beyond Good and Evil, said: His theory that the Odyssey was written by a woman was further developed in his book The Authoress of the Odyssey.

An episode in James Joyce 's Ulysses echoes the "Nausicaa" story to a degree: Only one song, "Nausikaa", survived from this opera plan. It is a cycle of three miniature tone poems drawing on Greek mythology. Each of the three movements features a female character encountered by Odysseus on his homeward voyage.