Alan ryan interview and meet

alan ryan interview and meet

When did ye first meet and how was it that you hit it off? DD: I met him . They were waiting for the Real IRA's retaliation for Alan Ryan's murder. Alan Ryan [“The Power of Positive Thinking,” NYR, January 16] draws In his Paulskirche speech and a recent interview, his suspicion of the We meet here the vintage Habermas who in times of crisis speaks truth to power. Finglas shootingWATCH: Shock footage shows Vincent Ryan murder 'getaway car' burning moments after hit squad torched vehicle and.

I met him at a house party in London. People on the rob! So I just stayed in the kitchen keeping an eye on the beers. John was in the kitchen cooking up food and we just got chatting away. He said to me: It was in his bedroom. He came down and, afterwards, I asked him what he thought of the show. So the same night, the Flowers were staying at the Columbia Hotel, so we all went down there.

I remember John Hurt and all was there and a few other heads.

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I heard this cockney accent on the phone and thought…what the fuck? I had nothing else going on, so I went over, stayed for a week and just put stuff down- whatever good songs I had at that time. And how where the songs coming along at that time: I had a glut of songs- about 26, 27 in all. I stuck down my strongest songs, he thought they were brilliant and he went mad over them.

I left the songs with him and he said: And the voice, too; John really brought my voice up. The voice on the first album is a bit dull and muffled.

Interview: Damien Dempsey

So a lot things that got done on that first record kind of just went over my head for the sake of getting it done. I had so little say in anything because I was so nervous. Where did that come from?

alan ryan interview and meet

It was always reggae on the ghetto blasters in the parks, in the fields. Bob Marley was similar to Luke Kelly: They were singing for the downtrodden, I suppose. The war up the north was raging at that time, too, and you had people fighting for their civil rights. Lifestyle Wednesday 2 January Murdered gangland boss Alan Ryan is being portrayed as a 'martyr' to lure a new generation of gullible kids, writes Paul Williams January 27 6: When two drug dealers sent a hitman to execute the Real IRA boss on a sunny September afternoon, they inadvertently breathed new life into the 'cause' of a more dangerous form of militant republicanism.

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The picture published on our front page of Ryan laid out in his coffin in his family home in Dublin, watched over by his masked comrades in paramilitary attire, is a defining icon of the imaginary struggle. The criminal gang responsible for his death gave the shadowy leaders of a new dissident republican alliance an opportunity to transform the extortionist and murderer into a martyr for the cause. The gangster is now painted as a patriot who gave his life for the downtrodden underclass — a modern-day equivalent of Bobby Sands.

The hunger striker, who died before Ryan's first birthday, even makes a special guest appearance in the iconic photo, smiling from behind a candle on the mantelpiece. The striking image is classic republican propaganda, which the leaders are using in their efforts to galvanise dissidents everywhere into action.

It also proves attractive to the young impressionable kids now being lured into the ranks of an organisation hell-bent on driving us all back into the Dark Ages. Ryan's high-profile killing could not have come at a better time for the godfathers of terror: One of the most worrying developments in terrorism on this island since the beginning of the peace process occurred with little fanfare just a month before Ryan's death. It was the decision of the disparate republican gangs to amalgamate in a new alliance calling itself simply the IRA.

  • They've arrested more people for the funeral of Alan Ryan than his murder.. it's harassment

The hardened terrorist chiefs sped to Dublin as soon as they heard that their dangerous comrade had been gunned down on a street near his home at Grange Abbey Drive last Monday week. They met with Ryan's lieutenants that evening and made it clear that they would be taking control of the situation and, quite literally, calling the shots. This was a situation which would require careful management.

Alan Ryan Commemoration.

The cynical godfathers had just two items on their agenda: They would turn Alan Ryan, extortionist and killer, into a martyr who died fighting the drug barons on behalf of the downtrodden working classes. The man on the slab could now be elevated from low-life hoodlum to fearless volunteer.

alan ryan interview and meet

Just over a week earlier, the same bosses had met Ryan in Drogheda and admonished him about his increasingly erratic behaviour. Apart from the various crime gangs he had targeted, the Dublin RIRA leader had also fallen out with his former terror boss, a Cork man known by the nickname 'The Beast'.

He was becoming a liability. But the warning was too late -- Ryan's fate had been sealed and the crime gangs had already plotted his brutal demise. It was money badly spent. By the time the northern bosses had arrived in Dublin, veteran criminals were already describing the murder as a catastrophic miscalculation with the potential to plunge the underworld into a state of war.

In the 48 hours following the murder, Ryan's henchmen and the southern-based 32 County Sovereignty Committee membership were tutored on what to say publicly to media outlets.

The truth about Alan Ryan and his funeral

Everyone was to be "on message" with the phoney spin. Individuals were "selected" to go on the airwaves to trot out the party line. The late-night radio chat shows in Dublin were inundated with texts and emails condemning Ryan and his mob -- but only a few dared speak on the air for fear of being recognised. Ryan's friends and comrades were not so bashful: In the statements issued by the dissidents, Ryan was a brave man fighting for his community.