A goofy movie roxanne and max relationship

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a goofy movie roxanne and max relationship

Roxanne appears in the move A Goofy Movie as Max's main love difficulties of a long distance relationship in the 90s without internet. Then he never saw the animated shorts where Goofy was married and had a son Roxanne was the main storyline and the love of Max's life in 'a Goofy movie'. First one is the obvious Goofy Movie one she was seen and max had a to different colleges and long term relationships never really work out.

The new rivals then make a bet. The loser of the finals will become the towel boy for the winner! Meanwhile, Goofy misses his son so much that it's hard for him to concentrate on his work, causing a major accident in the factory and costing him his job!

He learns that he will need a college degree in order to get another well paying job, so he decides to go to the college where his son has enrolled, which means that they're together again and Max is in for more embarrassment! One of the things that helps "A Goofy Movie" entertain its audience is the humour, and that's definitely something that's missing for most of this sequel. I didn't keep a straight face all the time while watching "An Extremely Goofy Movie", but certainly did for the majority of it.

For some reason, although Goofy still has his charm here, he's certainly not as funny. I can't describe how he's not that funny this time, but he isn't, and neither are any other characters in this sequel. In the part where Goofy suddenly enters the college classroom, his son's reaction is pretty funny, but the rest of the class laughing and Goofy's presence giving Max's punk rival something to make fun of him about, is not.

There's also a lame gross-out moment with the three friends stuffing their faces with nachos, getting cheese smeared around their mouths. In addition to the lack of laughs, the story certainly isn't very interesting, either. This sequel introduces some new characters, such as Bradley Uppercrust III and his fraternity, and Sylvia Marpole, the college librarian and Goofy's new love interest. None of them really do much for the film.

a goofy movie roxanne and max relationship

This "Beret Girl" appears in more than one scene after that, and is a poorly crafted character. These direct-to-video sequels from Disney often disappoint many fans of their theatrical predecessors, and this particular one certainly didn't turn out to be an exception. Roxanne tries to get Max's attention by first clearing her throat before tapping his shoulder, which startles him into accidentally knocking her books and papers out of her hands.

After a somewhat awkward talk between the of them, they are able to better talk as Max asks her to go with him to a party that Stacey is hosting, where everyone will see a live TV broadcast of Powerline in concert, and Roxanne happily agrees.

She is then escorted out the office by Stacey after she and max proceed to ramble on in their talk. Unfortunately for Max, his earlier antics were reported by Principal Mazur in an over-exaggerated detail to his father, causing Goofy to fear the worst about Max's path and decide to take Max on an impromptu father-son road trip. Later that afternoon, Max goes to Roxanne's house to cancel their date. When Max arrives, he meets Roxanne's father and nearly leaves out of fear before Roxanne appears to stop him and has her father step away.

She nervously offers Max a seat on her porch before she notices her father spying and has him leave as she promises that her father will be better behaved when he picks her up for the party. However, Max tries to explain to her how he can't go with her to the party, which leaves Roxanne heartbroken. After she sadly states she can find another date, Max impulsively lies to her.

He also tells her that they will be on stage with Powerline during the final number. Roxanne is suitably impressed and excitedly tells Max that she will see him on TV and kisses him on the cheek after he states that he wouldn't cancel their date for nothing. As he happily leaves, she wishes him luck at the concert, to his joy. Near the end of the film, Roxanne is seen at Stacey's party watching the concert on TV with all the other party guest, but is worried as, so far, Max has not appeared onstage with Powerline.

Stacey tries to reassure her, and indeed Max and Goofy soon appear onstage and perform with Powerline, to Roxanne's joy and amazement. Later, she is seen copying Max's dance with Stacey, and getting sprayed with cheese whiz by Bobby. Max kisses Roxanne at the end of the movie.

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At the end of the film, Max goes back to Roxanne's house to tell her the truth. Roxanne congratulates him on his appearance at the concert, he is happy but has to confesses his lie to her, as she is somewhat confused at him making that up. When Max explains that his actions were meant to get Roxanne to like him, she is surprised by this but surprises him back by revealing that she had already liked him, ever since the first time she heard his "Ah-hyuck!

She forgives Max's lie as it was in the right place and offers to get together with him later that night. Max cannot, as he has plans with Goofy, to which she is initially jokingly skeptical until he confirms it true.

Instead, he offers to get together with her the next day and Roxanne accepts.

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When she offers her hand to make it a deal, Max instead steals a kiss, calling back to her own prior kiss given to him.

She is surprised by this but happy, and they both laugh. They then notice Goofy, who is working on his car.

a goofy movie roxanne and max relationship

The car explodes from damage it sustained during Goofy's and Max's trip, and Goofy is blown into the air; he falls right through the roof of Roxanne's porch. Max then takes the opportunity to introduce Roxanne to Goofy.

Roxanne does not appear in the sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie. It is not known what happened to her between films, but it is possible that she and Max may no longer be together by that film's point since, in that movie, Max is seen giving a flirtatious look to a girl at a clothes shop, and both attempts to give yet another girl the seat next to him in class but Goofy ends up taking, leaving the girl to instead sit next to Bradley Uppercrust III when he offers her the seat next to him and later accepts an offer to dance with this girl at a night club.

Both of these girls reappear throughout the film in the background as fans of Max at the College X-Games, cheering him on along with several other girls. Eventually, Roxanne would evidently return to Max's love life as she appears in the House of Mouse episode " Max's Embarrassing Date ", wherein she goes on a date with Max at the titular House of Mouse see below.

On Max's night off from work, he takes Roxanne on a date to the House of Mouse.

a goofy movie roxanne and max relationship

The actions of Mickey and his friends serve to embarrass them both until Goofy intervenes to let the couple have some privacy. At the end of their date, Roxanne says that despite all of the commotion and embarrassments, she had the time of her life, and could not wait to come back again. Impressed by the hero's actions, Roxanne wishes to herself that she could meet a guy like him, which Max overhears and, assisted by P.

But, Max instead ends up saving first Stacey and then Bobby in each of his attempts to do so. Then, on his third attempt, when Max tries to save Roxanne from a fake python but is startled by a real python, leaving it to Roxanne to be Max's heroine instead.

Roxanne's other appearance in the Disney Adventures comics was in what was notably the magazine's final Goof Troop comic, "Gorilla in Our Midst" in the April issue. In the story, a gorilla named Mr. Kong moves next door to Goofy and Max. Kong is a monster, and his constant snoring prevents Max from getting any sleep at night. The next day, when Max shows up late for his movie date with Roxanne and explains his problem to her, Roxanne goes over to Mr. Kong's house and tells him that he needs to stop making the loud snoring noises.

Upon hearing Roxanne telling him this, Mr.

a goofy movie roxanne and max relationship

Kong politely apologizes for the inconvenience, thus revealing to Max that he's actually a nice guy. When Max follows the pair to spy on them, he is further mortified to see the couple having their photo taken at the children's photo studio in the mall where his dad works, with said photo taken by none other than Goofy himself!

That night, Max has a nightmare in which Roxanne runs past Max into the embracing arms of "Jimmy", the other guy from earlier. The next day, Max learns from P. Overjoyed to learn that Roxanne really hasn't fallen for another guy after all, Max's relief is short-lived as he then spots Roxanne crying.

Stacey explains that Hubert got sick and won't be able to perform in the play, leaving Roxanne devastated that the play may have to be canceled, after all their hard work.