5 things you love and hate relationship

5 things you love and hate relationship

Samsung 5. OnePlus 6. Do you want to learn more about a current relationship ? Originally Answered: What are ten things you love and ten things you hate?. The thing with relationships is that when they are good, they are really good, but when the sh*t hits the fan, there's often no coming back from it. Sure, there were plenty of things I didn't like about myself. But there are also plenty of things that I love about myself. It all depended on the time.

So this is something that you definitely struggle with. You don't think that's too nuts since most people say they hate this season. For one thing, it's absolutely freezing most of the time, and for another, it goes on way too long. Whenever you think that winter is finally over and that spring is going to come around, there's another snowfall. OMG, you can't even when it snows in April even though people love to remind you that yes, this happens sometimes and yes, it even happened last year.

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You love wearing cute and cozy sweaters and scarves, but you hate your bulky winter coat. But it's the only thing that really keeps you warm so you wear it. You also hate your winter boots but they're the only ones that don't totally soak your feet when you step outside your apartment or office building. You have to wear your comfiest, coziest outfit, drink coffee to your heart's content, and watch TV or read. You can't leave your apartment except maybe to get said coffee You feel like you should have gotten more done yesterday and been productive so Monday wasn't such a harsh day.

You get that you won't be too happy down the line if you survive on potato chips and zero green vegetables. But while you know that, that doesn't mean that you completely love eating healthy.

5 things you love and hate relationship

You always crave bacon cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries and you rarely crave anything that could be considered good for you. You wish this wasn't the case, but it's just the way that it is, and you can't seem to shake this attitude. No, you don't want to try to love kale, no matter how popular and trendy it is.

But you love how you feel when you eat well. Yes, you really, really do. You totally get that eating the right protein, carbs, and healthy fats hey avocados, you're the best are the key to health and happiness.

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But the thing is that your inbox is your greatest enemy. You miss out on important stuff and you had no idea. You feel the need to check it every five seconds. Seriously, it's a sickness or something. But you love getting new emails.

15 Things We Have A Love-Hate Relationship With

It's the best kind of high. Your partner Men will be men. No matter what happens, their jealousy is not going any where. Sometimes their jealousy is so adorable and sometimes it drives us up the wall. Adorable jealousy has it's perks. Cricket When India is winning, cricket is the best game on this planet.

Junk food Junk food is so lovable when it is served on the plate but we hate it the minute we finish our meal.

15 Things We Have A Love-Hate Relationship With

Heavy rains Rains are beautiful and lovely till we step out of the house and get stuck in a massive traffic jam. Online shopping The most awesome thing on the first day of the month and the most annoying thing towards the end of the month when you see ads of things you want but don't have money to buy.

High heels The love for these last only for the first five minutes after they have been worn. The rest of the time we hate them so much, that we swear never to put ourselves through the pain and torture again.


Sundays Sundays are fun-days only till the evening. As soon as the sun sets, the Monday morning blues start to set in.

5 things you love and hate relationship

Cocktails Love the cocktails at the party, hate them the next day. Delhi roads Delhi boasts of the widest roads in the country.

While driving on a Sunday evening is like a dream come true, driving on a Monday morning is close to a nightmare! All relationships are special, especially the love-hate ones!