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Houston Texans DE J.J. Watt played with 5 torn muscles

Now it's up to the Redskins () and Eagles () to make their case on Monday Night He also boasts just two playoff appearances, which left one former Cowboys star Josh Gordon (quad) returns to Browns practice August 14, Watt required surgery for 5 torn muscles. HOUSTON -- It's been termed a "groin" injury, but the full truth about the injury that ended reigning defensive player of the year J.J. By season's end, Watt had five partially or fully torn muscles in his torso, groin and upper legs. NFL Power Rankings: Training Camp Edition 10, Kansas City Chiefs, 5 of Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch to meet that low standard. track record of success looming over the decision-making process. Community Guidelines · Privacy · Terms Of Use · Tickets; AdChoices.

It's an ugly time of year for embattl Colts coach Frank Reich announced that the veteran tight end is being shipped to season-ending injured reserve after suffering a kidney injury during Sunday's win o Jaguars coach Doug Marrone announced Monday that the veteran passer has been benched in favor of backup Cody Kessler.

The switch comes on the heels of the team's ugly loss to Buffalo, Seven days after the greatest Monday Night Football tilt of all time, the Titans and Texans are being asked to hop on stage and top what we received from the Rams and Chiefs.

  • Texans' J.J. Watt required surgery for 5 torn muscles
  • No. 1 OU Hosts Quad Meet for Senior Night

Good luck with that. That's not how coach John Harbaugh sees them, though, telling scribes and media types on Monday that removing his team from the playoff conversation is a vas Colts; Pees doing well November 19, The hot-and-cold Titans came out of Sunday's ugly loss to the Colts black-and-blue and back to. One week after lashing the Patriots, Sunday's setback left Tennessee with fresh questions about their legitimacy in the AFC -- and a concerni The rookie quarterback was nowhere to be seen at the start of Monday's practice before finally appearing in street clothes to observe the session from afar, per the team's Amari Cooper, Andrew Luck and more November 16, For a handful of teams on the outside looking in, Sunday looms as a day of reckoning.

If Philly falls at home Bears, Ravens barrel upward October 02, While Patrick Mahomes dominates the sport talk Tuesday morning, even he can't stop the Rams from topping this conversation. Sean McVay's group won't slow down. The Rams didn't stop throwing late, despite being up two scores on that Monday nighter Pats over Dolphins; Browns win again!

Packers travel to take on the Raiders

September 27, It's the quarter mark of the season this weekend, and already, too many teams are at less-than-full power.

But hopefully, this weekend marks the beginning of that trend's reversal. Sure, the 49ers are without Jimmy Garoppolo for the rest of th Rams, Chiefs rise above chaos September 25, The Power Rankings are in, with one theme that keeps popping up: That's what I keep hearing, but I will simply say everybody is beating everybody. The Lions beat the Patriotsbut were beaten by the 49erswho lo Falcons top Saints; Steelers edge Bucs September 20, The relevance of wins and losses truly begins Thursday night, and continues on through the weekend.

Week 3 really means something, at least if past trends are to be valued. With quite a few teams still searching for their first W of the season, Rams, Jaguars take top two spots September 18, Trying to sort it all out What do you make of Week 2?

The Bucs' Ryan Fitzpatrick is making out like a bandit, the Chiefs are proving that defense matters little one week at a time, and we all received an early Christmas present: Both were hallmarks of Week 1 and, frankly, will remain topical in weeks to come. With the current CBA limiting practice time throughout the year -- and many coaches avoiding ev A green-and-gold one, that is. After an opening week that featured the defending champs holding on late against a certifiable challenger, an upset worth a million Bucs and a Monday night double-header, the main takeaway was the Haven't been able to say that for a while, huh?

The Falcons and Eagles tee it up Thursday night for the first time since one of the quality games of the postseason -- a Divisional Round affair that was almost immediately overshadowe Khalil Mack trade boosts Bears September 04, Almost there Two words down, two days to go.

The start of the regular season means no more Aaron Donald contract chatter.

Packers travel to take on the Raiders

No more Andrew Luck speculation. No more preseason games with zero starters. This past offseason truly comes to a clos Well, as in, after the NFL season wraps? You're in luck; they're all below.

Of course, The AP changed its position parameters two years ago, and it's still hard to get used to. There's one RB and a flex, The AP changed its position parameters a couple years ago, and it's still hard to get used to.

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Especially on the D-line, with categories The Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony is complete. As for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's enshrinement ceremony Yep, that's where we're at in the football world today. What better time to start talking about this process for next year than immediately after another highly emotional Canton weekend? Dawkins spoke at length a Well, because they all played on defense.

That's an article for another day. How high is Pederson after title? Where does McVay stand?