11x06 meredith and derek relationship

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11x06 meredith and derek relationship

Read 11x Pain is a Spiral (Part 1) from the story Tools of Passion by Y3LL0WH3RR1NG (YellowHerring) GREY'S ANATOMY ALTERNATIVE FANFICTION!!. Grey’s Anatomy: 15 Things Only True Fans Know About Meredith And Derek’s Relationship. Grey's Anatomy has been a staple of American television since it first debuted on March 27, From the very beginning of the series, two characters stood out: Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) relationship is one of the most iconic in the Grey's Anatomy universe. Their romance.

Izzie had been helping Meredith plan her wedding from her hospital bed, even going so far as to create a website for them. Unfortunately, Izzie's condition worsened and it became necessary to perform a risky operation to remove a new tumor found in her brain - which was causing her to see Denny, the man she fell in love with prior to Alex. It was yet another setback for Meredith and Derek, but they didn't let it keep them from marrying for long. Even after they had a wedding planned, they ended up just giving it away to their friends so it didn't look great for their ever tying the knot.

Fortunately, they finally did make their vows, but not in what could ever be considered a traditional ceremony. If you think about what a wedding is, it's a ceremony that places two people across from one another where they make certain promises to one another in the form of vows.

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That's the document the state needs to find a couple "legally married" and, without it, it can become difficult to do things like insuring one another or open a bank account. As far as they were concerned, from that point forward, they were married and nobody in the world could tell them otherwise. Whenever they would fight or have a serious issue with one another, which happened fairly often for a couple as in love as they were, they would call "Post-It" and that would effectively stop the argument.

Calling "Post-It" made the other person recall what was written on their note, especially the first part, which was, "Love each other even when we hate each other. Reading the rest of the note, you can see it says that they will "Take care when old senile and smelly and it's forever.

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Even until the very end, they both relied on the note whenever they were fighting. When Derek moved away for a job in D.

11x06 meredith and derek relationship

In a lot of ways, the Post-It Note was the physical embodiment of their marriage. Instead, he begins to show increased disregard for his own safety in what can only be described as a search for more adrenaline in his life. At this point in their relationship, Derek and Meredith are married via Post-It Note and they are about as serious a couple as they can be, but Meredith is constantly worried about him. His behavior is so destructive, she doesn't know how to handle it and when it lands him in police lock-up, she has two options: Meredith opts to keep Derek in jail for the simple fact that she will know where he is, he is safe, and isn't "wrapped around a telephone pole somewhere.

For the most part, this wasn't a big problem for the couple in their jobs or their personal lives. Their friends respected their rather unorthodox "wedding" and they certainly didn't have any problems at work, but there came a time when they decided it would be a good idea to really get married. A requirement to trot on over to City Hall and make their marriage official arose when it came time to adopt their first child, Zola.

Zola had been a patient at the hospital who was flown to the States for treatment in a program at the hospital. Meredith and Derek fell in love with the little girl and decided to adopt her, but without a legal marriage, the State wouldn't entertain the idea.

She moved one of her hands to the side of the shower and grasped on to it as he moved to the other nipple. He backed her up against the wall of the shower and moved up and looked into her eye.

11x06 meredith and derek relationship

They stared into each others eyes for what felt like forever but it was only a few seconds before he reached around and grasp on to her ass and she let out a gasp which turned into a giggle. He smiled and lifted her up, holding on to her ass cheeks and held her body against the wall with his. Their lips met again and Derek pressed his tongue into her mouth, gliding his tongue against hers.

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She moved her hand down in between them and she grabbed the shaft of his erection and started to stroke then she pushed it into her opening. He pumped into her slowly and moved a little faster and harder with each pump, moving deeper into her and he bumped against her g-spot.

11x06 meredith and derek relationship

He did as she asked and pumped, faster and harder each time and moved his lips down to her neck and found her spot and kept nibbling and sucking that exact spot.

She had shivers going down her spine and she grasped on to his shoulder with one hand while the other made its way doing to her clitoris and she massaged her with her trembling fingers.

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He felt his orgasm move closer but he wanted to make her go first so he pumped harder and faster, making sure to move against her g-spot and she moaned loudly and her walls tightened against his shaft and he moved it deep into her once more and her body trembled as the orgasm hit.

She found herself moaning and screaming his name as the orgasm was the best one she had in months, no years. They both stood they, weak and trembling.

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They finally caught their breath and he pulled himself out of her and collapsed to the ground. Her head was still fuzzy from the intense orgasm she had just experienced.

He sat next to her and the mist from the shower head sprayed their bodies and he has his arm around her. I am so glad we did this.

11x06 meredith and derek relationship

I love you so much.